Posted by: lovediaries | September 5, 2009

Preview DBSK’s Jaejoong & Yoochun – COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~

At first, I read it wrong and thought it was “Been So Long” and I thought DD: it didn’t sound like this last time asldjfsljd?!

{credit: dirah9303 @ youtube}

It’s slow and pretty, but I think I like “Been So Long” a looooooooot more. I like that the recent singles DBSK have been releasing have all been mid-tempo ballads, but I sorta need something dramatic and angst-y now. The last one I got was Bolero and that seemed so long ago lmao XD.

I can’t make out anything Yoochun raps lmao but apparently at 1.49 he said “Keep the faith” ? Oh and since this is a Jaechun post, I’m throwing their tattoos in here.

So appropriate, right? XD.


  1. the song is really nice and relaxing, but I’m not in the greatest moods right now so it made me depressed, I should listen to this song when I’m not feeling emo. lol so different from you, you want dramatic and angsty I want something that’ll make me feel calm, maybe it’s the stress of starting college.

    • OMG HI5. I woke up today and I was all =_____________= so maybe that’s why I’m not too excited about anything.

      And I probably want the dramatic and angsty so that I can somehow let some stuff out because now I’m just feeling all weird and @___@.

      Yep, definitely the stress from uni (for me, since I’ve already started T_T)

  2. Apparently I am not capped, LMAO. SOOOO. -time to frantically use-
    Um, yes, listening to it now and the beginning with the b/g… for some reason it reminds me of the Little Mermaid and all the ocean-y sea-y soundtracks. D:

    But then the singing started, and it sounds pretty good. :)
    I don’t think it actually sounds sad. o___o It’s like a nice little balance and I really like it. :D I especially like Jaejoong’s voice (I think) because it’s really nice and clean and ‘pure’ (yeah, he can be pure with 13 piercings and two tattoos).

    I’m waiting for their CD to come out~ So far their songs have sounded good. :D
    (though this is a bit slow, I’d like something a tiny but more upbeat)


      Jae’s voice…pure? D: Lmao, I probably wouldn’t use that word to describe his voice, but okay :D.

      • IDK, IT’S VERY.. -pop!- and I imagine… yeah, Little Mermaid in the b/g. DO NOT QUESTION MY MIND.

        Fine, fine, don’t take it as pure. ): Idk, it’s… :D I REALLY LIKE HIS VOICE. YOU CAND ESCRIBE IT AS SEXY OR WHATEVER, BUT ITS PURE TO ME.

        • HAHAHAHAH LMFAO. Yes, pure to you is sexy to me. No but his voice sometimes comes out a little hoarse and .. mm , yeah it’s sexy *_*.

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