Posted by: lovediaries | September 6, 2009

090906 SHINee – Minho Filming “Start Dream Team”

I watched these videos before but since annie requested SHINee spam and Kandie kindly linked, I decided to post :D.

Two very short fancams: Part 1, Part 2.

In one clip, he’s doing some dorky little dance and in another he’s high jumping :D. Except it’s not your ordinary, flipping over or scissor-kicking – he launches himself forward and somersaults over and then jumps back up and off.

~*FLAMING CHARISMA*~ IS FLAMING :DD but he is still human after all, so yes there was a springboard T_T … Just in case there are more katsudono‘s out there who assumed he just flew over lmao XD.

Tbh, I have no idea what this Variety Show is about but I do know that Junho (from 2PM) is also on it :D. It’s nice to see the quieter members of SHINee and 2PM be on a variety show ^^. Maybe non-fans will come to see Minho isn’t useless. XD



    • Don’t mention it!

  2. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHINee comeback day after Key’s bday >:D
    well it’s rumoured so, I just copypasted it from dirah9302@yt

    BIG NOTICE!! There are rumors that SHINee will have a comeback on September 24th with a full album called, “Holiday”

    1. 항상 (Always)
    2. Holiday
    3. 친구 (Friends)
    4. 지금의 우리보다 더 좋았던 그 날 (Remorse)
    5. 관계자외 출입금지 (Inhibition)
    6. For You (Dear. Fan)
    7. 반쪽 (Half)
    8. 너의 이름 (Your Name)
    9. 두번째 이야기 (The Second Story) (In my room-後)
    10. About Love (with SHINee World)
    11. 너를 지우다 (Hate You) (Duet. ONEW-KEY)
    12. 사.계.한 (Love Should Go On) (Ballad ver.)


      • Haha I read about that actually, but most tracklists released before news of a Comeback is usually just a rumour. My brain did explode seeing the Onkey duet but I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet :/.

  3. having Junho on this show might make me feel better, hopefully him and Minho do a good job and that people support both of them.

    • I think they’ll gain lots more fans too :)

  4. YAYYy shinee spam haha. [x
    lol im so excited to see shinee members back haha

    • I posted some magazine scans too :)

  5. (Still can’t believe Cath didn’t see the springboard xD) Come on, when someone jumps on something and leaps over a bar obviously there’s something there P:

    AND LOL THEY’RE COMING BACK ON THE 24TH? LOLOLOLOLOL ;D -coughs- oh my, what a special day.


      Is that definite though? Argh, I knew they’d come back when I have to prepare for exams T_T.

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