Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 6, 2009

Fanmade SMTown Seaside MV

Video: yaziz7 @ Youtube

Thanks, Kandie, for linking us to this :Db!

This mv is a lot better than the official one. The official one didn’t exactly set the standard that high… but you can tell that whoever made this mv put in a lot more time and effort ~

It’s basically just footage from various DBSK, Suju and SHINee mvs (and I can quite proudly say that I recognised ALL those mvs XD) and each person got his own solo bit when it was his turn to sing, so it’s really useful if you don’t know who sang what :P


  1. I lol-ed at how synch their mouths are to the lyrics XD


    • o_O it changed again to suju?

  3. DAMN. Fans impress me so much with their skill! This was way better than the official one and actually made me smile instead of grrrr at SM’s fail.

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