Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 6, 2009

JaeJoong and YooChun’s “Colors ~Melody and Harmony~” PV

Video: ZuteGach @ Youtube

I’ll edit this when a clearer video is available.

I like this song, it’s very laid-back and soothing~ But um, tbh, the mv kinda bored me XD Basically it’s just JJ and Yoochun standing amidst some really tall buildings while paint bombs splashes everywhere….and then they paint a wall (ngl, that bit was pretty cute). But yea, the way the stood in between the miniature buildings kinda reminded me of Godzilla…and that just totally ruined the mv for me LOL

This mv reminded me a little of a Tegomass mv…I think it’s cos of the colours?


  1. omg those smiley faces they made me feel less emo-ish, and the looks Jaejoong would shoot to the camera, agh only dbsk and 2pm have the power to keep me calm like this, now I’ll go back to sleep with my emo-ing

  2. pretty song. *______*
    pretty boys. :Q_____
    just that, yes, it is boring. DX

  3. omg! jaechun! they resemble each other.. both damn hot and handsome eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    *waits for the clearer one*

  4. kawaiiii

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