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090904 Intimate Note ft Shinhwa Subbed

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

I’ve been busy with uni and what not lately, so haven’t posted much, but THIS is a must post hahaha. Anything with Shinhwa is a must post really <33

So the episode has Minwoo, Andy, Junjin and ….ERIC’S VOICE!! The same deep, manly voice that I love oh so much *__* I was laughing so hard throughout the whole episode, these guys never fail to make me crack up. Their crazy stories, JinDy teaming up on their hyung, Minwoo’s fail x 10000. Lol. Unlike previous episodes, this time, the show wasn’t really about getting awkward members together (Shinhwa has no awkward members except our RicSung haha) but more of a dobbing on eachother thing ^^

Epicly long recap up ahead. You were warned!

The MCs are Lee Kyung Kyu, Kim Gu Ra, Ji Won (Sechskies) and Hee Jun from HOT, so they’re all pretty familiar with the Shinhwa boys especially since Sechskies and HOT were active at the same time as Shinhwa. Old School Kpop <33

When asked about the relationship of MinJinDy, Hee Jun replies “I think..the ones that are close are not here” HAHAHA. (That’s probably cuz touchy feely Eric isn’t here XPP) So in revenge, Minwoo gives him a dig about his relationship with Jang Woo Hyuk which leaves him all flustered lol.

So they had to write notes about eachother and there’s one that says “Lee Minwoo thinks he’s really funny” and they give him shit for his lame sense of humour. The Hyesung and plane story was hilarious. Then there’s Minwoo’s drinking stories. JunJin’s imitation of the “M” made me literally ROFLMAO. Their drinking stories are the best, I swear. Dongwan and Jun Jin has some crazy ones too if I remember correctly XD

They also talk about their ages and Andy and JunJin’s initial awkwardness (whilst Minwoo kills a mosquito haha wtf). Andy is so adorable, no wonder Eric dotes on him so much. Of course, Minwoo mentions this by writing “Andy only takes Eric’s side” hahaha. I think, someone is jealous :PP

Junjin ALWAYS gets paid out on how stingy he is on variety shows. Always. Hahahaha. You’d think Andy would be the spoilt one but nope, JJ’s the one always trying to get out of paying. And he blames it on Hyesung for spoiling him rofl.

They then call Eric, who’s obviously sleeping cuz he sounds so out it hahaha. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I MISS ERIC SO MUCH!!! ;____; Andy’s “we’re filming now so don’t swear or anything” made Eric laugh, I miss his laugh too :3333 He says he’s leaving the army July next year!!!! ^____^

BFF fighter round is next. It’s that game where they throw the big blow up microphone at eachother and continually diss eachother out haha. I love it.

JJ vs Minwoo first. JJ talks about how he tried really hard to do the choreo for “Hey come On” but in the end Minwoo wouldn’t let him and he had to listen cuz Minwoo is the hyung. You’re such a bully Minbong! LOOl at their clothing argument. JunJin apparently has really bad fashion tastes such as wearing a beanie in Summer and wearing a belt with his tracksuit pants hhahahahha wth XDDD Whilst Minwoo dresses up even if he’s just going to the gym.


Now it’s Andy vs Minwoo. AND OMG ANDY THREW THE TOY AND IT HIT MINWOO’S PRIVATE SPOT ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome aiming :p Andy gives Minwoo a dig at how he keeps ripping his clothes off at their concerts XDD True, but hey if you got, flaunt it!

They get some of their friends on as guests and its Jang Young Ran (who recently got married :D), Chaeyeon and Jung Woon Taek (an actor). Young Ran was known as “Shinhwa’s wife” from Love Letter apparently. I miss the old shows, Love Letter and Xman were the bomb!!! <3333

Woon Taek has A LOT of stories to tell about Minwoo. ALOT! Haha. How Minwoo ditches him if he gets drunk or when there’s girls around etc etc. I don’t even know who this guy is but his expressions are funny and he’s obviously really close to Minwoo.

Chaeyeon talks about how Andy ditches her even when he invites her out to do some gaming. She then asks if Minwoo was interested in her cuz he confessed once. M denies it and says all these buttery words.

They then do the BFF fight with the guests and again, Woon Taek has ALOT to say about Minwoo lol. Are you sure, he’s your friend Minwoo? XPPPPP Young Ran talks about her scandal with JunJin and how everyone thinks they use to be a couple. JJ looks pretty hopeless at the situation. Si Young is bought up in the convo and it…sorta gets awkward. (JJ and Si Young were one couple I was completely rooting for and it’s so sad to hear they’ve broken up ;__;)

On the other hand, I think Chaeyeon and Andy make a realllyyyyy cute couple. In one of the parts, he says something and it sounds like he’s calling her “honey” which makes everyone explode hahaha. IT’S SO CUTE. And he looks quite flustered hehehe *__________*

The dancing part at the end was sorta pointless? but it was still pretty funny. Especially cuz Minwoo was being really high and crazy!!! JJ’s “J” was hilarious. And CHAEYEON SAT ON ANDY’S LEGS OMG OMG ALKJLSJFLKSLJF I SHIP THIS SO HARD!!!!!!! (Either this or AnBi, I don’t mind, really). But Andy’s face was super adorable :333

The episode felt really short for me .____________. I wanted more! But then again, I always want more when it comes to Shinhwa. <3333


  1. i was waiting for a post from you on this XD if only this show would last until all of shinhwa’s done w/ military service; imagine the ricsung! *sigh* i’ve only finished the bff fighter fight and i’ve laughed so much!

    • Lol everyone knows me too well XD

      I really hope they do another episode of this when Dongwan and Eric comes out of the army weeeeeeeee RICSUNG <333333333

  2. OMG I SAW THIS TOO!! And ajahdklhskghose;jh;eth!!! I LOLed so hard at Junjin and Minwoo’s fight. I love that Choongjae keeps doing the stupid ‘M’ sign that Minwoo does. WAHAHAHAHA! God I love Shinhwa.

    (I wish the epi was longer. D:)

    • LOOOOOOOOL YEA. Junjin is sooooooooo naughty teasing his hyung’s “M” sign. Especially after Minwoo gets drunk. LMAO XDDD

  3. whoa thanks for the heads up! been waiting for this since you posted the preview! shinhwa forever!!

    • Have you seen it? i hope you liked it :D

  4. Haha, I watched this and was wondering when you were going to do a post on this =D SO MUCH SHINHWA FUN! How sexy did Eric sound when he picked up…that moan/groan “uhh”. Oh yeah…..

    G.O.D. is next! And while I never really followed G.O.D., I think its fun they’re bringing out the old school kpop groups that got me into kpop to begin with. If 4/5 of H.O.T were not in the military, I’d soooo be wanting them to come one, especially after the Old Idol Special of Come To Play last year when HeeJun kept telling Tony stories XD

    • BTW, here’s the preview for the G.O.D. for those interested who are actually reading my comment =p:

      And just because I know there are plenty of 2PM fans here too, even with the whole thing with Jay going on, here’s another clip – sunbae/hoobae relationship!!

      ::sigh:: Son Ho Young is way too hot……*_*

      • I’m waiting for that to be subbed.
        I miss jay ;____________;


      The come to play old school idol special was one of the BEST THINGS I'VE EVER WATCHED. EUGENE, DONGWAN, JIWON etc etc. All my favourites zomg *___*

  5. I really want to cry now! I actually tought i hit jackpot finding this.. but the links dont work.. where can i find this subbed?? someone please tell me!! i LOVED reading ur post! especially seeing as i cant find even a trailer for the spisode!!

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