Posted by: beckery | September 8, 2009

090907 f(x) @ Sukira

Look who finally gets to post about f(x) Candychu keeps hogging them all hahaha I kid, I kid. XDDDDDDD

Intro LOOOL I sorta got distracted from their introductions cuz of EunTeuk’s loud voices and clapping T___T Amber sounds like she’s got an accent when talking Korean? And everyone is so smiley XDDDDDDD

f(x) – Lachata The song grows heaps on you doesn’t it? And it’s a good song to listen to on repeat <33 I think we’ve established that their live is pretty impressive for a rookie group. Amber’s adlibs zomg kljaklfjlkajlsjdsf. Loool look at Kim Tae Woo dancing along XD

Luna – I have nothing A cover of Whitney Houston’s song (how appropriate considering that Whitney just released her comeback album last week. The album is pretty darn impressive btw *___*) I LOVE LUNA’S VOICE!!!! Luurrvveee eeetttt. Such a big and powerful voice for such a little girl. And this is probably why she’s one of my favourites. That and the fact that she looks gorgeous in that yellow dress in the MV. Girl crush <3333 Having said all that though, her english is a bit engrish haha. But whatevs, it’s cute. Biased, sue me :p   (THIS is my other bias, isn’t Leader so adorable.)

Amber – rap and random english Candychu will love this. And all that random english with EunTeuk and Tae Woo in the end hahahha.

Ending – Saying goodbyes, taking photos etc etc. Some photos and gifs under the cut :D

For some translations, go *HERE*

Credits: as tagged; bestiz; Mellerz @ soompi


  1. The gifs are all so cute!
    As if she weren’t good looking enough from the front, gosh, Amber looks REALLY pretty from the side. I’m having a girlcrush on her. Idk, I’m confused.
    Vicky is so adorable in the 2nd gif too! That expression when saying hi is <33333
    Luna's restrained smile is gorgeous!
    I'm totally in love with these girls.
    Gotta go watch their singing cuts in Sukira first.
    Thanks a lot for sharing and by the way, candychu, I'm in Australia as well. I'll help you love f(x) from here!!

    • Lol Candychu is harbouring the BIGGEST GIRL CRUSH ON AMBER haha. I’m crushing Luna and Victoria *__________*

      Lol, I’m from australia too so why only the candychu mention huh? .___. haha

  2. I love this girls!
    they girls are all gorgeous!!
    wahh AMBER i’m i having a girl crush on her too?
    I’m confuse!
    Want to see more and more of f(x)

    • Omg another person having a girl crush on Amber. You’re like number 292840928098 XPPP lol

  3. the engrish is forgivable, cause Luna is my bias XD

    random, but the girls look healthy. well at least for now, idk how skinny they can be ._.

    • Totally forgivable. lol cuz Luna is awesome like that.

      They actually look quite skinny too me. :(

  4. Lol at Victoria’s gif. “I’m Pororo and I want to fly the skies!” She’s so adorable. And I think Amber is just a little boyish, she’s feminine when she gets all shy and all.

    • I know, I was reading some Amber stories and couldnt stop laughing at how she covers her eyes when the others change and then peeks through her fingers. HOW ADORABLE <33

  5. Luna’s voice is definitely something we haven’t heard from a girl group yet. I really like it. Amber is really pretty and cute :) Lachata is growing on me… I like the song. And btw, their lives are great.

    • I love Luna’s voice. For someone her age, it’s just awesome. So strong and powerful.

      I have always liked the song :DDD

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