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LAEC ♥s Show and Tell #2

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Hello lovely readers ♥. The reason we didn’t promise to do this post regularly is because … well, we didn’t want to make empty promises haha. Basically, we throw this at you guys when you least expect it~ Seeing as how we’re all so busy with uni at the moment, we figured it was time to post another one of these so you guys can have a spam fest; and hopefully, when we come back we’ll have loads to look forward to.

Just like our our first post – LAEC ♥s Show and Tell #1 – we’ll start off with a couple of questions :).

1. What is your song of the week?

2. Lee Minho & 2NE1’s Dara kissing in their CF – hot or not? (Just wondering if there are jealous fans out there or not, cause I personally think they look really good in the CF :D)

3. If you could choose the colour for f(x)’s fanclub, what would it be? (It’s something like “Pearl Chocolate” right now – which is a pearly gold, btw, something close to the colour of this font ^^).

Anyway, on with the Show and Tell-ing :).


♥ I’m about 15 episodes behind in THJ, so sad and I haven’t really been watching variety shows so I don’t really have any videos to recommend D:

♥ I’ve been in really strange moods recently, but listening to Janice’s English album “Morning” has always helped brighten up my mood. You guys really ought to check it out. My favourite songs are “Please” and “Pretty”.  You can listen to her whole album HERE :).

we♥it – my weheartit account ^^. It’s new, there’s not much on it but I like looking at all the pretty pictures.


★ I’ve been pretty busy lately and have also found fandom pretty boring :/. Since I’m pretty out of the loop atm, I’ll link you to *THIS* Old stuff but definitely good stuff. Hyuk and IU performing “Letter To You” (Original was MC Mong ft Lyn) at Sukira’s open concert. This song has always been on my top Kpop songs of all time and will forever stay there. It is the bomb! I admit, I got pretty jealous especially when Hyuk sang “You are my booooo”, but I don’t blame IU. I blame Hyukjae for being a slutface these days .______.

G.E.M Tang’s “All about you” This girl is one talented dudette. The song was released at the end of July but I didn’t find out about it till like 2 weeks ago. Love the song. Apparently her full album will be released next month or something. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

★ Lastly, Leehom’s concert DVD for “Music Man” has been released. I know you want it so grab your copy today. I’ve already ordered mine and judging by the Promo clip, it’s going to be definitely worth it! <333


♫ So these days imop’s overflowing with f(x) love. Um… I don’t like them XD It’s just personal preference; I’m not going to go to Amber’s myspace (idk if she has one) and dig up her comments from four years ago to use against her, IT’S OK. Besides, Candychu loves them enough for THE WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA so yea :) Oo and I have to say that “pearl chocolate” is kind of a :S colour…GIVE THEM SOMETHING PRETTY LIKE AMETHYST PURPLE :D

♫ I just read that JIN and YAMAPI are rumoured to be doing a new drama together that will air in January 2010! I’M SO EXCITED!! PIN LOVE <3 Imo, Yamapi hasn’t had a fun role since Nobuta, so I’m reaaaally hoping that this drama will be really good. After reading that rumour, I had to go dig out my old Pin videos, and I found a video of Yamapi going up on stage during Kat-tun’s QoP tour last year. He does a really fail imitation of KT, it’s cute :3 He later joined the KT boys for the encore at the end of the concert (and sang a line, haha)

♫ I’ve been contemplating whether to start Miss No Good, Buzzer Beat, or My Fair Lady. So it’s either Wilber Pan, Yamapi or Jung Il Woo. SO HARD ;__; Adivce, anyone?


  1. So, I missed out on the last show and tell post (sad, i know….classes got in the way) and well, I thought I’d give this one a try =D

    Lets see. I’m not yet enamored with f(x) yet. Candychu seems to quite like them young? Haha, KIDDING!! I don’t dislike them…I just haven’t gone crazy over them yet.

    D ramas? I actually haven’t been keeping up. I’ve seriously fallen out of the loop that I wasn’t really secure in to begin with.

    Music? Same…ahhh! I hate classes!! The new semester just started and I am already not doing what needs to be done – in this case, painting, sketching, drawing, etc. BAH! Although, I have still been obsessed with AAA but slowly falling out of that….BUT!!!! I will leave this clip with those who don’t (and probably still won’t) understand my total spazzing about Nishijima Takahiro. Hopefully the embed works…:


    And because I just got their most recent two concerts, here is one of my favorite performances – Everyone actually gets to sing (gasp!) and I loved their costume/suits for this bit. The girls looked good and I've got a girl-crush on Chiaki =D (she's the one who comes out singing first when the girls appear) Nissy and sounded awesome as always and Shinji good looking in a snarky as usual (even though the poor boy still can't sing). And I loved Hidaka's little rap version of his verse instead of the original.

    And as an added AAA bonus (I will stop after this, I swear!!), here is the song that actually got me into this group. It's a slightly condensed version, as they do with most japanese show performances, I suppose. I would have loved to upload the MV but YT won't let me upload due to those pesky copyright issues. Its been 8 months and this song is still at the top of my playlist.

    I find myself having less and less time to keep up with my current groups and getting into new ones is almost impossible -_- Same goes for drama and such.

    Other than that, not much else to show and tell….As it is, I am STRONGLY refraining myself from spamming your comment boxes with more AAA song links (having watched the last 2 concerts this past week does that to me, not to mention their 4th anniversary concert is this month!!). I am waiting for the Kat-tun BTR concert dvd, whenever that comes out, and looking forward to my Leehom "Music Man" concert as well (thank you Beckery for that bit of info!!! I love you!). And now that PAS has mentioned Jin and Pi in a drama together, I will have to keep an eye out for that….Ack, this has become way too long. I apologize!!

    Ahhh…what the heck…here are two more…JUST BECAUSE!!

    She no Jijitsu –

    Yume no Kakera –


    • Sooo…i just realized the video I was trying to embed did not work >< Here's the link:

      And I just realized how long my comment actually was…o_O But since I will disappear for the next 15 weeks, I hope I will be forgiven XD

      • Hahaha Candychu has a youngster fetish cuz she’s a pedo. I think we’ve all figured that out by now *gets bricked by her* hahaha :D

        Omg you sound like you have ALOT of workload? I do too, actually. Well I really don’t if I kept up with classes but I havent so now the workload keeps building and I’m STARTING TO STRESS OUT LIKE CRAZEH ;______________;

        Lol, I’m…not the biggest Jpop fan cuz that’s really PAS’s specialty. But I’m sure she’ll try out the songs when she has time. XDDD

        YES I’VE ORDERED MY LEEHOM MUSIC MAN CONCERT DVD. AND MY RAYMOND LAM CONCERT DVD TOO AND I CAN’T WAIT TO GET THEM OMG. I also finally bought my Dongwan dvd as well so they’ll all be coming back at the same time and I’ll drown in all these lovely voices and handsome faces and just OMG. HAHAHAH XDDDDDDDDD

        We don’t hate you. How could we possibly? <333

        And you're going to disappear again .____. Well goodluck with everything ok. Do come drop us a hi some time *throws cookies at you too*

  2. hey candychu!! Thanks for the we*heart*it link!! I was just browsing my googlereader today and ‘add-star-ring’ a bunch of links! You just made my life easier :D :D Would *heart* you if I could :P

    • I’m glad! I’m following your account, btw, I’m not sure if you noticed but I saw someone favouriting all these pics that *I* really liked and I saw ‘gummydork’ and figured it was you. You have Kyu as your dp, right?


    My heart died. Sorry, can’t think coherently anymore. ><

    • I know. We were all grieving over it that night .______.

  4. Song of the week;—Without-You
    Trax’s Without You. DDD: idk if it’s a cover or something, but I love this and overall, I’m just loving the TRAX for some unknown reason. |:

    CF: Meh, I don’t really care, LOL. It’s their life and it’s a CF and.. even if they were in a relationship or whatever, good for them! :D

    I am refusing to follow f(x) lmao, as candy and PAS both know. |: So I shan’t comment on that.

    Otherwise: ;___; The news about Jay? I hope it’s not true, but if he feels like he should, then okay. I really hope he doesn’t – this is like DBSK disbandment except worse because it’s from some stupid issue that the netizens blew out of proportion. At least DBSK are doing it for their own rights and stuff. :| But I hope they don’t disband either. ;__;

    I hope this is their reply. :’D


    • LOL TRAX fangirl.

      HAHA I wasn’t even implying they were in a relationship LMAO, but you know, if SHINee were to do something like this, I’d flip. Heck, if Amber was to…



        P: Yeahhhhh, sorry for the jumping to conclusions. ^^; but idk, is it really a scandal? D: Maybe for Dara more than Minho since he has to kiss left right and centre for acting. lasknflkasnf. I have to watch that btw, just to see the whole hype about: :|||| it kind of sucks.


        • Too bad you’re like…a year or two behind and only falling for them now when they’re all…broken and apart XD.


  5. The news about Jaebeom sucks =_=

    Korean netizens really need to take a rest.

    I am really sad =(

    • Everyone is sad aswell. :(

  6. song: nothing really stuck in my head atm, except for a few songs in the playlist. I’ve been listening to a whole album lately, like GD, BEG, and 4Minute.

    the kiss between Dara and Minho, I read they had 100 takes?! wow. I’m more anticipating to her song “Kiss” fet CL though :)

    f(x) color, umm gold may be to mature I think? idek XD;


    I’ve hardly follow THJ cause it doesnt likely to end soon, is Yoon JongShin from FO one of the cast? cause I saw a glimpse of him on the Heechul eps. maybe I’ll watch Sunny-Jess cut later.
    and the we♥it site is really pretty :) I get this heartwarming-fuzzy feeling just by looking at the pictures.


    finally some suju stuffs :) I just recently discovered IU and she’s rly cute and has nice voice. Eunhyuk seems to be fond of her and they have that brother-sister aura.
    If I’m not mistaken, she has her own corner in Sukira where the listeners can request an acoustic version of the song by her.


    haha, f(x) is everywhereeeee~ XD
    2NE1 is the one occupying my mind right now.
    the whole myspace thing made me sad, when they just have celebrated their 1st anniv, this problem came ;___; I’m praying for Jay, and 2PM fighting!

    onto the show and tell \:D/

    – Lee Seung Gi is growing on me again after I back watching 1N2D. my friend lend me her Shining Inheritance dvds and I cant wait to watch it! just don’t know when. Uni is taking my life over .____.

    – currently waiting for SHINee comeback! whether it’s 24th sept or october, I cant believe they will have ONKEY duet <333333

    well that's all I can think of rn :D

    • long comment is long. aigoo~ -_-“

    • WOAH! Are you serious about IU’s segment on Sukira?! *goes to search*

    • Awwwwww love letter to all of us *throws cookies at you*. The others all read your parts but we’re all busy so I’ll reply haha <3

      IU is really talented! And cute and adorable. And yea, Eunhyuk seems to like this dongsaeng, cuz honestly who wouldn't? haha. But Hyuk has just been growing so hot lately that I get jealous .___. Lol. But omg that section sounds incredible. Must go search for it too XDD

      OMG I LOVE 1N2D!!!!!!!! Hi5. I think it beats Family outing tbh, because the chemistry between the group is amazingggg~~ I love everyone in the group and the places they go to are amazing. The games they play are just downright crazy and them together is so chaotic. I laugh like crazy every time I watch an episode. But there's also some really really touching episodes that makes me go "awwww"

      P.S did you end up watching the Cass MV/CF feat Dara and Minho. THAT IS SOME HOT STUFF ZOMG

  7. Show and Tell #2? I never know that there is a #1… how did I miss this? =O

    1. Song of the Week: Heartbreaker – GD! It has been this song since last week, lol!

    2. Minho and Dara’s kiss… don’t know, don’t care. I’m not a big fan of either one

    3. Color for F(x)… I can only think of Amber, lol! There is a stone called Amber and it is yellow/orange! I wish that’s gonna be their color ^^

    • Comment on Pinkandsparkly’s link:
      LOL!! KAT-TUN is a bunch of masochists! XD
      That’s the best statement he made :P

      • OMG TRUE. AMBER STONE. That’s soooo smart. They should use that as their colour though then it’d be a bit unfair to the others. haha XD

        Have you been watching GD’s Performances then? liking them?

        • yup! because i’m so Amber-biased :P

          I’ve been watching all of his perf, lol! and dying at his combination of cuteness and hotness every time XD

  8. jaybeom quit 2pm and left korea. i really cant think of anything other than that :(

    • I know. We’ve been depressed about it for a few days too :(

  9. Yeah, me neither. Jaebeom ;_______;
    I miss him so much already. I proper cried XD
    Uhm, ANYWAYS;

    1. Duh! The Heartbreaker album’s been on repeat — I seriously can’t choose >_>
    2. :D (eh eh eh) I don’t like her new song, “Kiss” either. >>
    3. I quite like that colour. However, I think their fancolour should be “Amber”



    • Hahaha another person who thinks the fanclub colour should be Amber XDD Everyone is SO AMBER BIASED rofl.

      If you liked “Kiss”, did you end up watching the Cass MV ft dara and minho? Thoughts? Loved it? Personally, I liked it very much. It was sorta adorable haha

  10. 2pm’s news has gotten me all sadface, but I’m optimistic about him eventually returning, since so many people are supporting him, including the media and of course his 2pm members. It’s a trying time for everyone involved and I hope the boys are alright :(

    1. Song of the week – Er. Right now the only song I keep thinking of is ‘You Might Come Back’ by 2pm, mainly because it’s the Hottest anthem right now XD

    2. Yes I think it was hot! Dara is so pwetty and MinHo looks good too :) Not a fan of either, so not jealous :P

    3. Lol, I know a lot of people have been spazzing about f(x), but I don’t know much about them at all :* So to me, pearl chocolate looks good, sounds odd XD

    • I’m sure he’ll return. We love Jay and Jay loves us, his fans. He’ll come back. We just need to give him some cooling off time and he’ll be back as failure leadja <3

      Yea, "You Might Come Back" makes me sad. Actually everything reminds me of Jay atm .___.

      Bb, you should give f(x) a try. :D

  11. The news about Jaebeom ruined pretty much the whole day for me. I was thinking about him all the time at school too, and didn’t help one bit that I kept running to this guy who reminds me of Taecyeon (don’t know why though, he’s skinnier, nerdier, not-so-hot and not even Asian so… it’s weird how he still reminds me of Taec so much)… I feel so bad for Jay and 2PM, and I miss him already ;___; That suicide petition makes me so angry, how can people do something like that to another person?! >:(

    Okay, sorry for all the negativeness, now to the questions! :D
    1. …LA chA TA by f(x)! Yayy :DD I didn’t really like the song at first but it grew on me… And I’ve been listening to it all the time ^^ I’ve also been listening to 2PM’s version of g.o.d’s Friday Night, I really like it <3 …;___;
    2. Don't really care about the kiss, but they sure do look good together :D
    3. I don't really like that colour, it's like… don't know but still, eww :D I agree with Pinkandsparkly, something like amethyst purple would've been so much better ^^

    • OH and I need to use Jay’s words and say; THIS IS A CONSPIRACY!

    • I was kind of mad at JaeBum has to leave… He’s not my favorite, but I still like him very much. It’s something from 4 years ago… his angriness is understandable! Those antifans are so mean >.<

      I thought of amethyst purple too! But then I thought it's kind of girly for Amber :P (I know! I'm Amber-biased =O)

    • I’m sorry to hear. I was pretty upset myself when I heard especially because I was on my hiatus but I couldn’t keep away and wasted a lot of that night online when I had exams to study for T__T. Ah well, I believe he’ll be back. It might be a few months or possibly a year, but I know he’ll come back :)

      I’m glad Lachata is growing on you <3 I love it and I love f(x) haha!

  12. Jaebeom >w:[

    1. LAchATA :) that song really grows on you. Or Heartbreaker, cause G-dragon is one smexii boi.

    2. I’ve never really cared about either of them.

    3. Purple for sure. Pearl Chocolate is cool, too, even though the name is….unfitting? How in anyway does that resemble pearly? Or chocolate? But the color’s chill. Kinda looks Amberishh? :)

    • YESSS LACHATA <3333333333333333333333333333333

      I never really sorta figured out what Pearl Chocolate is haha. Isn't Chocolate like brown? But the colour I keep seeing is like Gold. So Pearl Chocolate is gold? :/

  13. 1) Can I pop out of the blue and say that I LOVE CHARICE and her song ‘Note to God’? ;_; that girl is so good.

    But if it has to be K-pop then Lachata has been stuck in my head on repeat and is driving me insane. I even thought about it when I was doing my maths test and the question was on functions. f(x). FML.

    AND ALSO U JUST :) awesomest RnB ballad song EVARRRRRRRRRR <3 listened to Ga-In sing it in 2005, she just blows me away.

    2) :O I want to see this! LOL :D :D

    3) ;____: pearl chocolate. PEARL CHOCOLATE. Excuse me while I spew. Can't it just be shimmery dark GOLDEN chocolate? D<

    And amazingly I'm not that affected by Jay or his departure like everyone else is. A certain someone called me heartless but I think he did, in a way, bring it upon himself by not deleting his myspace the first chance he got after he made it as a trainee.

    If you want to succeed in the k-pop industry you have to make a lot of sacrifices, and not leaving anything that can be turned against you is one of the precautions you have to take no matter what. It's quite clear to see how netizens are very clean and thorough with their scandal digging so you have to be so very very careful. I don't think it's that easy to forget posting something of that calibre on a public site under his own name.

    Harsh, but it's the truth :) I hope he has a better time back in America.

    • Charice as in the one who sang with Kyuhyun on Star King?

      Ooh do you have a link for that song? I’ll ask you later tonight on twitter.

      A dark golden chocolate would’ve looked nice but maybe too “old” for them? Idk. No one has purple yet, it really depresses me. I wish they were given a dark purple ._.

  14. 1. I actually haven’t listened to that much music this week except for Super Show cd2 in the car. lol But I guess my #1 song is La Cha Ta b/c I just did a parody of it, so I’ve prob. listened to it about 7147364637 million times by now. Link-

    2. Mm, I haven’t seen it and don’t plan to. Whatever, hope they enjoyed themselves.=D

    3. I was thinking about it myself and I figured all the colors were taken except for purple and gold. Gold is sophisticated, but violet or lavendar balloons would look less tacky.

    Also, why Jaebeom, why?!?!? Stupid netizens….

    • OMG PARODY OF LACHATA?!? I will definitely watch it when I have time :DDD

      Oh Lavender is a pretty colour. But I keep having a feeling some other club has that colour? Maybe one of the old school ones. Lol. I’m really not thinking straight atm.

      Yea..Poor Jay bb ;______;

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