Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 9, 2009

Thoughts on Jay…

So by now everyone who follows kpop probably know about Jay leaving 2pm. We’ve been getting a lot of comments about this, so I thought it’d be appropriate to say something. There’s no new information here, feel free to skip this if you don’t want to see my rant :3

We haven’t done a post about it yet, cos basically we’re all hoping that he’s just taking a break and will be back in time for 2pm’s full album next month :) The things that the netizens did to Jay disgust me; no one deserves to be treated like that, especially not over something as pathetic as this. It disgusts me how some people would go this far to crush a boy’s dreams over a few stupid comments he made to a friend when he was a teenager.

Although the leaker of the comments have come out to ask for forgiveness, at this point I have nothing I want to say to her. What’s done is done. Though I think the comments telling her to “go die” are extremely inappropriate; she’s going to have to live with the responsbility of crushing someone’s dreams, career and family for the rest of her life, and to me, that’s enough of a punishment.

While I was refreshing pages yesterday, I came across the birthday message that the 2pm boys wrote to Jay back in June. And….it broke my heart :/ As soon as I saw Chansung’s “No one ever wanted to play with me. But you always played with me” and Junho’s “As soon as I told you that I’d never slept on a bed before, without a word, you gave me your big bed” I started crying. I’m not usually one who cries easily, and I’ve never gotten this emotional over fandom before (cos, c’mon, it’s entertainment) but to see a boy’s dreams ruined over something like this, and to see how close these boys are…argh…I have no words ;__;


  1. T.T Those messages are so..heartbreaking. I haven’t cried over this, though I came close after seeing those twitter updates from 2oneday, and I think it’s because I’m still hoping he’ll come back. I hope I’m right :(

    As for the anti, if she’s got even a bit of compassion, she’ll be pretty burdened herself. I don’t hate her, I think she was just thoughtlessly cruel and I hope Hottests stop bashing her because that would just be stooping to her level. I just hope that she and the others can apologize personally to Jay as a whole, and that there’s more support from Korea at large because right now Jay’s own guilt is the main problem, I think.

    Whew. Long rant…I still love 2pm and I hope they’ll come back – with Jay.

    • I cried (again) today after seeing Kwon and Boom’s messages for him ;__; and I was in the uni computer labs, so I looked REALLY weird xD

      I don’t like how she’s trying to make herself seem like the victim. The victim is Jay. If she’s going to apologize then she should go do that to 2pm, then do as many hours of community service as Jay did training to be an artist :/

      • Aww *hugs* I’m so glad that so many artists are sticking up for him, as well as that petition. I hope it’ll convince him that Korea’s not ALL bad, and it’s not worth throwing away four years of hard week for a bunch of jealous netizens.

        Is the anti really doing that?? I haven’t really bothered reading any of her comments, and yeah, her ‘apology’ seemed more like an attempt to make excuses, but I’ll be satisfied if she apologizes to Jay in person. Her and all the others. On the Chinese forums a source said that this whole stunt was probably started by a rival company, which is why everything happened so suddenly and so fast. The world is a scary place :S

        • I’m so confused about this now :/ Just read something about Jay being forced to leave??? :S:S:S I DON’T KNOW D;

          Yea, I thought about how it could be a rival company who did it…2pm have been getting a lot of success REALLY fast..maybe another company got envious? :S The entertainment industry is so dark…

          • I know, I just read it! There are new updates everyday,
            I feel so confused. Who are we supposed to believe?
            I feel so distrustful of everyone all of a sudden XD Plus I
            have a feeling the artists themselves are just as helpless
            as we are :S

            • I want to be updated on the other Oneday boys!!! They must all be really down atm :/

              And let’s quote from Jay: “IT’S A CONSPIRACY” :(

  2. Hope JYP will release a statement over this issue soon.
    We need confirmation.

    • I’m also waiting for Da Man to issue an official statement..

  3. Optimism is the only thing I have left but honestly everything is making me cry or tear up, it’s ridiculous, this whole situation is ridiculous.

    • I was in the uni computer labs and crying over all the letters to Jay from his friends, Kwon and Boom. I looked..strange XD And my friend’s mum just came to Australia for a holiday and brought me dried mangoes. When she gave them to me, I was all “YAY, DRIED MANGOES :D” then “OMG, DRIED MANGOES ;____;”. I’m turning schizo orz

      • random thing that made me sad today: the teacher gave us a find a word and I found the word Jay :(

        • I love how you guys still get to do word finds in year 11 :P

  4. i cried even harder than i broke up. jay please do come back. <3

  5. im totally heartbroken over this! he was such a talented person, and most importantly a loving and caring hyung to his members.

    i hope he get a nice break and clear his head! and come back to the group coz 2PM is NEVER the same without him, 2PM = ONE.

    What the anti did to him, i hope they know now how words can hurt someone so much, hurt them so bad that they would quit their dreams.


    • He was a great leader :)

      I hope the netizens have learnt a lesson from all this and will really think things through before they do them next time..

  6. Pic of Jay leaving Korea made me tear up…this is so heartbreaking.
    It is really hard to smile for me today.
    so painfull !_!

    • Have you seen the video? IT’S SO SAD </3

  7. You already know what I feel about this. But. Yeah.


    • Is it pathetic that the first thing my 2PM-fan friend said to me when we saw each other today was, “You cried, didn’t you?” He doesn’t even know my Twitter or anything XD

      • You’re so lucky you have friends irl who are kpop fans :(

  8. That’s why I so, so much hate the antis, in any fandom :(

    I stiill refuse to believe that he’s leaving for good. I stil believe that when everything settles down, he’ll come back. If he wouldn’t… No, I don’t even want to imagine that :( And I’m not really that much of a fan of 2PM, I just like listening to them and I always crack up when watching variety shows with them… Still, I can’t imagine them without Jay.

    • Haha, I became a fan from watching them on variety shows too <3 Their music is good, but I like them best when they're their dorky selves :D

  9. I really think this has been blown completely out of proportion. Netizens expect perfection from idols. That’s just impossible. While the comments, for an idol, are inappropriate, they were made 4!! years ago. Obviously he was frustrated when he started training. A new place, where he doesn’t understand the language or the ways of the people. He must’ve faced harships so anyone should understand.

    I think I am still in denial about this. A part of me just thinks that a few days are going to pass and he’ll be back. I can’t seem to imagine 2pm without Jay, it just wouldn’t be the same. =(

    I really hope this whole thing just, ends, and everyone moves on, and Jay comes back.


    • Bec and I both thought that this would blow over in a few days; I don’t think anyone expected it to get so big :/

      2pm without Jay isn’t 2pm, it’s just Khun, Taec, Junsu, Junho, Wooyoung and Chansung :DD

  10. I still can’t believe this. I’m just hoping for some official statement from JYP himself, it’s weird how there isn’t one yet. I guess/hope they’re still sorting things out…

    I feel terrible for Jay and the other members. Everything happened so fast, it’s unbelivable how his career and dreams were ruined in just 4 days or so. And for such a thing… He said those things 4 years ago, and although he did wrong, I totally understand why he said them. Feeling alone in a totally unfamiliar place, not being able to understand what other people are talking about… Looking like everyone else but feeling different inside. I’ve never experienced anything like that, but to me his feelings back then are completely understandable.

    It really disgusts me how the people actually told him to commit suicide… No one has right to say something like that to any other person, no matter what they’ve done. I don’t even want to think about the petition, it makes me feel sick. And about the leaker of the comments, I wish she (or he?) really understands what she’s done. The fans telling her to “go die” is despicable though, they’re doing the same to her as people did to Jay, and they should know the consequences of that by now.

    I’m so happy that other artists are supporting Jay, reading their comments always brings tears to my eyes. Also the pictures of Jay from the airport… to me he looks so alone and tired, and that makes me so sad :( The other 6 must be feeling terrible as well, I feel so bad for Taecyeon and Wooyoung who still have to host Inkigayo like nothing ever happened ://

    Honestly, I think that spending time with his family in Seattle is the best for Jay at the moment. He’ll have time to properly sort out his feelings. I, like everyone else, hope that he’ll come back after things have settled down… And altough 2PM without Jay would never be the same, I don’t wish 2PM to disband if he doesn’t come back… I just want the other members to be able to make Jay proud even though he isn’t there with them, because I know that they and their fans will never forget their real leader <3

    Sorry for the long comment but I just had to let this all out =D

    • Have you read JYP’s official statement yet?? It was so heart-warming :3

      I can totally sympathise with Jay. When I first came to Australia, I HATED it :( I had no friends and I couldn’t adjust to life here (even though I could speak the language) and I’m sure I said some pretty bad stuff about the country, haha. But teenagers all say things when they’re bitter, it’s part of growing up, really.

      This really explains why the suicide in Korea is so high :/ A human life really isn’t worth much to these people, is it :S

      It’s so sad how the whole time at the airport, he was saying “sorry” :| It’s not his fault (well, he did say some wrong things) and he doesn’t deserve to be treated like how he was :(

      I hope Jay’s having a good time in Seattle with his family, poor bb really needs to have a break from everything ~

  11. This is a total shock to me. Lots of Kpop stars have “scandals” and come out of it just fine, so I never in a million years expected him to take all that crap to heart and leave 2pm(and Korea?!T.T) If you read the note his American friend posted, it really sums up how unfair this is for an American teen who was very popular and happy in the US to move far away and work his butt off only to have it all torn down by crazy netizens.

    I hate to be a downer, but I don’t think he’ll be coming back to Kpop for a long time if at all. At least not 2pm.

    • SNSD’s had their fair share of scandals, and they’re really successful now :)

      After all this, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s been permanently turned off Korea (and the internet) :( Hopefully Jay will get to see how much his fans (and oneday boys) love him and consider returning to kpop :D

  12. I surprised myself yesterday by crying after I saw the video of him at the airport. At first I couldn’t believe that I would cry over someone I don’t know* (especially over a member from a boy band), but I feel like I can identify with him, even though I’ve never experienced what he’s going through. It’s just that I know he worked so hard and to have it all taken away from him so quickly just broke my heart. No one deserves to have their hopes and dreams crushed like that.

    *I feel mean saying that, but I can’t think of another way to word it.

    Okay, now, I really can’t type. I might cry again. ;______;

    • Lol I’m always like “omg, as if” when people get all emotional over fandom, but omg, this whole thing was just so unfair and my heart went out to the poor boy :( After all those years of training, he’d only just celebrated his one year anniversary with his 2pm boys and this had to happen :(

  13. THIS BLOWS. I can’t decide if I’m more sad for him or pissed about the situation. Both. It’s so depressing when fandom gets like this :X

    • The netizens have gone too far >[ This whole thing is just ridiculous.

      When will people realise that entertainers are there to ENTERTAIN them, not to act as targets for their crap :'(

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