Posted by: lovediaries | September 11, 2009

Official f(x) Gallery Pictures

These are being released as “chapters”? I’m not too sure, but this is 1 of 4. I’ll edit them all into this one post.

{credit: official website ; aff(x)tion}

PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK IMAGES! Upload onto your another server/account.

~*Chapter 1*~ – AMBER IS A TOTAL PIMP IN THESE LMAO. But idk, I’m finding her cute (as well as everything else) now, actually. Like she seemed sorta awkward in their MV haha. I love that pic of her looking down – I love her hair and she has really nice legs ;__;. And as katsudono says, I love everything about her HAHA. There’s this thread on aff(x)tion about her vampire tooth ROFLMAO. You guys have to go see it.

Krystal’s heels look dangerous.

~*Chapter 2*~ – Hehe, in Amber’s solo pic she looks a lot like Donghae. Sulli looks gorgeous with her hair slightly tousled. She looks a lot older in black and white :). And Victoria has the prettiest eyes ;__; /so jealous.

~*Chapter 3*~ – SO, UM, LUNA’S OUTFIT TOTALLY GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK. For some reason, when I saw the top half of her outfit, I thought she’d be in a long dress/skirt but um, I was very wrong. She looks sexy but I was a bit O________________Oing because it’s also very suggestive!?

~*Chapter 4*~ – I WANT SULLI’S SHOES!


  1. Krystal is too hot for her own good >.<
    And Sulli is so cute! <3 It's hard to believe she isn't the mangae..

    • Krystal is so tall omg, especially for a 14yo O__O.

  2. Sulli’s hair looks weird here :/ I prefer the other hairstyle in the MV, because she suits the cute image more at this time. And Victoria looks good in the pictures, so does Krystal. Maknaes don’t look their ages now :P

    • Really? I didn’t really like her hair in the MV. Well it wasn’t bad, but I hated those pom pom earrings XD.

  3. lol what’s up with the last picture?

    They’re all so pretty! :) I want my hair as long as Krystal’s or Victoria’s D: Gah, so long.

    • HAHA idk, I saw it on aff(x)tion so I just uploaded it as well XD. ME TOO OMG! I was thinking the same about wanting my hair to be as long ;_;

  4. wow~
    these are great pictures..

    AMBER…>~!!! >.<

    • Hehe I know, Amber *___*

  5. OMG IM SORRY but srsly this group is soo bland so what there is a girl that looks like aboy? okay? you can see that everywhere. i am giving them a chance but there song is not that impressive. srry [;

    • Aww, it’s okay, each to their own I guess. Hopefully they’ll have a really good debut performance and you’ll change your mind?

  6. these girls are PRETTY *__*

    there’s something I really love about Luna in these pics. she’s so tiny compared to the rest of them though, lol. but she looks really mature and classy — so beautiful.

    • Yeah I wrote in one of my other posts (one of the other 6 lmfao) that I think Luna looks really mature and she has a really pure but sophisticated type look. She’s so gorgeous <3

  7. Sulli and Amber’s photos are sooo cute XD

    • I think they’re all absolutely adorable tbh. But Sulli is definitely the cute representative from the group haha

  8. I think Sulli looks so much better with her hair down. She looks too cutesy with her hair up. But I think Luna is definitely my favorite right now.

    • OMG SAME LJSLKFJSLKFJS LUNA IS MY BIAS. Her voice is just zomg lurrveee *___*

  9. Jesus.
    Jessica and Krystal have some darn good genes, i wanna know who their parents are!

    • Hahahaha stalkerish much. But that’s like Dara, her family genes are pretty awesome too. *jealous*

  10. Wow, Krystal looks amazing, as does Amber. Luna’s slightly short but she’s beautiful and I love her voice :3 definitely my bias teehee

    • Luna seems tiny in comparison but she def. makes up for it with her voice *_*

  11. Do anyone know what brand is Victoria’s dress on chapter 4? It’s really lovely.

  12. Amber Victoria saranghe!!! F(x) fighting!!

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