Posted by: lovediaries | September 12, 2009

090911 Music Bank

So, I haven’t watched MuBank since SHINee waved goodbye lol – I was so cut they didn’t get a goodbye stage! – but since it was f(x)’s MuBank debut and there seemed to be a lot of interesting performances, I’m posting again :). I’ll just leave links tonight and be back to edit tomorrow if I’m bothered. I’m extremely tired and have been sleep deprived for the past week T_T.

2NE1 : Pretty Boy – This is actually the first of the “Pretty Boy” performances I watched ^^;;. Are they always in these types of outfits? I hate CL’s hair, argh but the others look really good at least. I really like this song even though it wasn’t my favourite off their mini-album, but there’s something about the performance – maybe the choreography? – that makes it look really rushed. Everything seems sort of messy, tbh. And can you imagine if Minji had long hair, omfg, her hair flicks would whip someone’s eye out XD. But I love Bom’s hair, it’s so silky and long *_*.

4Minute : Muzik – Okay sorry, I couldn’t get through the whole performance XD. I liked their mini-album and I don’t actually have anything against the girls but … mm, that didn’t really work for me. And I thought Jiyoon ditched the glasses! Why is still wearing them in performances!?

Brown Eyed Girls : Abracadabra – I haven’t watched BEG in a while but I’ve still been listening to their album 8D. I think out of all the performances I’ve seen, you can hear their voices the best in this one <3. When Miryo has her hair up like that…she reminds me of America Noona from Yunhanam. Anyone else agree…? D:

f(x) : Intro – I like Amber in the blazer :D. Have you guys actually read the lyrics of the rap? Only MuCore showed them :((.

f(x) : Lachata – Another really good performance. Victoria never fails to impress me with her ending pose for their intro. I actually can’t pick my favourite of their three debut stages. I think if this one had better camera work, I would choose MuBank. I liked that they captured the girls spinning one by one during Amber’s “Come come come come on baby“. Krystal sings really well, she hasn’t gone off at all :). And Sulli is so so cute ^^. HOW SMALL IS LUNA’S WAIST!? Jealous.

G-Dragon : Heartbreaker – Is that a leopard print collar he’s wearing? ;_____;. Ewww lmao. I liked the stage props though :D. Imagine having that massive heart in your room~ The ending was so cute though ;~;.

G-Dragon : Winning & Encore – GD sure debuted at a good time, eh? It’s just him and 50 thousand girl groups XD. Congratulatoins anyway ♥!

T-Ara : Lies – I think I’ve finally figured out why I hardly watch T-Ara performances. It’s the choreography. Argh, the bopping and the hand moving around face annoys me XD. Idk, it reminds me of Kara’s “Pretty Girl” which is a happy pop song and here it just doesn’t seem to fit? I don’t even know what “Lies” is about but I think it’s an emo song and when you’re emo you don’t bop around >:|.

Soyeon looks reeeally pretty here though, I like seeing her smile because in most photos she’s always got a grumpy look haha. But yeah, she looks gorgeous with her red hair and up in two little buns :3. And her winking, omg! She’s so precious <3. Jiyeon on the other hand … her hair colour makes her look really old :S. Hyomin’s vocals have improved, so yay :). She gets so much of the song though lol it’s sorta unfair. Eunjung has to share raps with her, Boram gets one line and Qri gets no solo lines.



  1. Victoria is so damn flexible. f(x) keep amazing me.

    I agree with the T-ara thing though, it’s too sweet for a song like that, and they should make it into some rnb balld version :D

    And I actually liked Muzik P: Jiyoon <3

    • They have a ballad version already though, I just don’t know why they won’t perform it ;~;

  2. Jiyoon takes her glasses off at the end of the bridge, it’s my favourite part of the whole performance lol

    And I finally watched f(x) perform, Luna and Krystal are really good live

    I think this was the first T-ara performance I watched in a while and I was surprised, before you could barely hear them sing and now you CAN hear them and they all have different hair :D

    • Oh well, fml for not watching til the end.


      Last night I was going to tell you to watch the T-ara perf. but I remembered you weren’t supposed to youtube til after your exams (what is your net usage at now?) so I didn’t. YOU READ MY MIND ANYWAY 8D.

  3. Speaking of flexible Victoria, idk if you’ve seen this yet, but here’s a cut of her on Invincible Baseball Team. I think she’s auditioning to be a supporter? O_o

    Anyway, lots of pretty, sexy, FLEXIBLE Victoria there :D
    Baek Ji Young’s expressions kinda pwn there xD

    MuBank was great, but the Incheon Korean Wave Music Festival was even greater :DDDDDDDD

    (I spazzed at every single performance, so I’m tired now D:)

    • Whaaaat variety show appearances already!? Thank you for linking :) I have no idea what they’re saying but she’s gorgeous so I’m watching anyway <3.

      Ahh yes we need to do the Incheon Post soon ;S

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