Posted by: lovediaries | September 13, 2009

090912 f(x) Victoria Cut @ Invincible Baseball Team

Thanks to suhyun for the heads up! Variety show appearances already 8D! I have no idea what this show is about but I saw Marco (Son Dambi’s hubby from WGM – I still think of the time he did that romantic date for her and fell into the river when he went to pick up the ring lmfao) :DD!

{credit: SmoothEco1st @ youtube}

I understood…10% of this video? Haha, Victoria says she’s not Korean, she came from China. And I think she said she learnt dancing for 10 years back in China. Then the rest was just a blur to me XD.

She’s amazing though, her flexibility omg. I can so picture her doing some sort of gymnastic routine *_*.


  1. LOL a brief translation of the stuff going on in the vid starting from 0:06 (there may be inaccuracies lmao):

    Vic: Hello, I’m f(x)’s leader Victoria

    BJY: I’m really sorry, but I don’t know f(x).

    Vic: Our team just released our music video teaser yesterday.

    BJY: Ah… So you haven’t debuted yet… (I don’t know what she says after that, sorry :x)

    Vic: I’m not a Korean, I come from China.

    BJY: Ahh, you come from China… … (Your specialty is) Tumbling [gymnastics]? Really?

    Vic: Yes, I learned it in China for 10 years.

    BJY: Could you show it to us once? (I don’t know what she’s saying here too D:)

    Vic: Yes, I’ll show it to you.

    BJY: Really?

    *Vic’s dance*

    Guy in glasses: Have you watched Invincible Baseball Team before?

    Vic: Honestly, though I wanted to watch it, I haven’t been able to.

    Guy in glasses: So do you know about baseball?

    Vic: Yes, I know about it, I watched baseball in movies.

    (and then BJY basically just praises Vic, telling her she did a good job.)

    Hope it helped? :P
    At least, until fxsubs subs it 8D

    • SO SHE WAS A GYMNAST. Oh cause I was like she can’t be able to do all that stuff and only have learnt it from dancing.

      Thanks for the translation bb!

  2. This is why she’s my favorite. Sweet and loaded with talent! Her smile reminds me of Onew. A much more agile and less clumsy Onew. But that same type of adorable leader failness they seem to have inherited from Yunho, Eeteuk and Taeyeon.

    • She is gorgeous! I don’t understand why all leaders of kpop groups (SM’s in particular) seem to have some fail-y qualities, but it is oh so endearing <3

  3. am beginning 2 like f(x) quite a bit. for some reason i like them more than 4mins & t-iara. there not rocking cute & innocent or fierce & sexy but a blend of both? there performances are crisp & not shaky for just debut groups. i’m impressed?

    • Hehe I’m glad you’re starting to like them :). Actually a lot of people are having trouble deciding exactly what concept they fit under, but I sort of like that they’re not restricting themselves or anything :).

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