Posted by: lovediaries | September 13, 2009

090912 Inkigayo

2NE1 : In The Club – So is this their goodbye stage or a special stage? I’m glad they were able to perform so many songs on their mini-album :D. I think I like this performance more than their “Pretty Boy” performances. I like how the member singing gets their own dancing time with the two male dancers and then they step out and the next one comes in :). Bom’s heels look dangerous but her hair is gorgeous <3. And I like CL with her fringe down :D. Dara had a bit of a voice break (wait, is it still a voice break for a girl? XD) lmao. Bom looked a little awkward near the end haha, I think she was afraid of stepping in front of Minji? Idk XD.

f(x) : Interview – LUNA DIDN’T BOW LMAO. She turned just as they were and when she turned back they’d gotten back up already XD. I love Amber’s outfit *-* and I love her accent~ The way she says Amberr and sort of rolls her ‘r’s *_*. LOL I’M SUCH A CREEPER. Sulli’s hair! LOL. Does she have a wire in it or something? How does she keep it at that shape!? Ihni what Krystal said but I think she was explaining the meaning of f(x). All their speeches are so rehearsed, you can tell haha. Poor Sulli seemed so nervous. THEN, Amber raps *_______*.

f(x) : Lachata – I love Inki’s camerawork :). You get to see more of the choreo in this performance. I still love that dance-break partish where Luna’s in the middle. I love that girl <3. And Amber needs more close ups! Her hair was less in her face but she didn’t throw her cap :(.

KARA : Mister – Is Hara wearing a massive bow on her head or is that her hair? O__O. Loling at Seungyeon playing with her suspenders XD. Hara pulled her top up a LITTLE too high, omg. Nicole’s still the one who stands out most in these Mister performances. I love her hair here <33. But I also love the part where Gyuri’s in the center and the others hop and shake their thang around her haha.


  1. I love the jumping around Gyuri tooo, okay I only had time for one performance, back to the books.

    • Aww good luck for tomorrow and everything for the next two weeks!

  2. did you see taec when luna didn’t bow he was like gesturing her to do it. but she just smiled it off.haha

    • LOL no I didn’t notice, I’ll watch again XD.

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