Posted by: beckery | September 13, 2009

Preview JaeChun (DBSK) – Been So Long

Credit: dirah9303 @ youtube

BBL. But digging it really hard from 1st listen :D

Ok, I’ve listened to it a few more dozen times and I really like it! <33 The original is a great song itself and the boys did a great cover for it. Jaejoong’s voice really suits it and Yoochun’s rap gives it a nice touch. Good work.

Another song that I was anticipating for M-flo’s tribute album was Shimizu Shota’s cover of “Let Go”. My favourite M-flo song *_____________*


  1. Finally, it’s out! It sounds pretty good actually.

    • I like it :DDD

  2. HUZZZAHHH!!! Im at uni and cant listen to the official version cos I just blew my quota watching videos of birds flying….

    But the version i saw on boy pop factory was amazingadingalingly fabulous!!

    HUZZAH HUZZAH HUZZAH!! *spazzes and rolls head on keyboard*

    • Birds flying? O________O I hope that’s like code for “Super Junior dancing naked” or something awesome like that XP hahaha

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