Posted by: lovediaries | September 14, 2009

Super Junior M – Super Girl MV & Preorder Mini-Album

{credit: sment  @ youtube}



One thing I love about SJM? I understand what they’re singing about 8D. Okay, I will restrain myself from capslocknig over every moment. But dayumnnnn, I love this song ♥. It’s really catchy. The chorus feels slightly out of place (or maybe it’s the verses that do?), like the “Oh~“-ing part is so catchy but it doesn’t feel quite right. I’m sure after a few more listens, it will sound less pieced together and more as a whole song but alsjflskdfasd idc, I really love it already anyway ♥♥.

The dancing, I reeeally like. Everything is just so in your face and omg I … I HAVE NO WORDS, RLY. THE DANCE SOLOS, AND HENRY, OMG. JUST HENRY. And then Hankyung. HE IS SO SO CUTE. AND THEN HE JUST. He looks like a pervert with his phone and snapping photos of everyone but then the glasses and the suspenders omg. And he just. IDK, SOMEONE TAKE THE WORDS FROM MY MOUTH? I don’t seem to know what I’m trying to get at. But he goes out and he’s all heart broken but then STRIKES A SUPER MAN POSE and he comes back all sexed up and then, just. ;___;. My brain.

After one listen and one read of the lyrics as I watch the MV – I’m surprised I even caught the lyrics considering I couldn’t even breath while watching SJM, but okay – I think the song goes something like “Forget about that guy, I’m your Superman.” The lyrics slightly remind me of the storyline in their version of “U” but this one seems more crack-y, idk. Maybe it’s the MV XD.

I love Ryeowook and Henry’s part. I…love every Henry part, actually. It’s nice to hear his Chinese though because he’s less accented then the others haha and his voice is just so soft :3. AND HE’S SO SMILEY. Like that scene where Hankyung was filming him and Siwon, he made a :D face omg!!! Zhou Mi. He looks SO GOOD. This look > his look in “U”. I like that he’s smiling but not. He looks so mature and calm, standing there and just VERY VERY GOOD *____*. And then he goes back to :DDDDing. KYUHYUN IN THE PARTY ROOM. I love seeing that boy being all high and smiley, it makes me so happy. And he’s just so cute omg. His hair isn’t my favourite but he just aslkjfsldjfls /SQUISH/. DJ!HAE IS ADORABLE TOO. It’s so Donghae. AND HE JUST DOES THE CUTEST THINGS. Like his facial expressions and then he was shooting himself? Omg, idek. Siwon in a suit and tie is like my favourite thing ever. I don’t like his hair gelled up but his other hairstyle in the MV is REEEEEEEEALLY SEXY :Q___ /drools a bit.

Jessica is such a tease in this omg XD. SHE MADE HANKYUNG CRY. AND HIS FACE. JUST aljflskjflkdsjf. I NEED A HQ DL NOW. I .. omg /goes back to rewatch.

Their Mini-Album titled “Super Junior-M 2009 Mandarin Album” (wow, what an original title) is now up for preorder on Yesasia :). Only five tracks, unfortunately.

02. 到了明天(Blue Tomorrow)
03. 告白(Confession)
[Lol, Yesasia had it as “Congession”]
04. 動情 (Only U)
05. 愛情接力(You & Me)

I’m speculating that “Only U” might be Chinese version of “It’s You”. But, that’s just me. Of course, I’m hoping the mini-album will have all new tracks. We’ll see :).


  1. *dying*
    I was sure it’s still 2-3 hours for the video to be released. So happy I was wrong!
    There were so many good camera actions, that I can’t even count them.
    Hae = love (when he shoots his head with his fingers, it’s so cute!)
    Dorky Geng = much Love
    a glimpse of smiling Zhou Mi in the middle of the vid = Pure Love <3
    Too little of Henry, I couldn't drool properly over him. How he singed with Wookie was epic and wonderful and I need more of it. And when Wook bit his fingers or whatever he did there made me swallow hard. And Siwon. OMG, don't get me started on him. Pure sex on legs, alongside with Geng.
    And Kyu didn't look as bad as in the photos and when he sung with Zhoumi in unision, I think I melted.
    I really love this song. I love the music, it's so catchy, you want to dance along with them.
    I need that album, like right NAO. *runs to preorder it*

    • akjfljsdf I finally edited the post omg. We pretty much pointed out the same things. I…omg, I love this MV. I just…I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT ;_;. I’m gonna go cry now cause that was so good. LOOOOL.

      • Oh my eyes were all watery by the end of it because of the awesomeness the boys are showing.
        I can’t get enough of it. Just keep rewatching, rewatching and catching all the little details. Like Henry’s and Siwon’s expressions when Geng takes their photos, when Hae needs to adjust his sunglasses, or they’ll fall, or how Jessica rolls her eyes or how Zhou Mi smiles in the back during the dance routine in the balck-white scenery…
        They look like having so much fun, it’s nice to see :D

        • My eyes were watering so bad too. My contact was actually slipping out LMFAO, srsly.

          I SAW DONGHAE PUSH UP HIS GLASSES TOO. And yes, I mentioned Henry and Siwon’s little scene omg 8DDD.

  2. I thought I saw jessica at 0:46 :/
    hahaha cute song.

    • LOL she’s throughout the whole MV! In the red dress :).

      • OH
        i see it now LOL
        still watching. hahaha.
        woah getting guilty. dont even know she’s inside initially. haha.

        • LOLOL It’s okay, SJM are a lot more distracting *__*

  3. OMG YES!!!

    I will be more coherent later.

    • HAHA because your comment was soo incoherent compared to my post :P.

      • Well, more like I’m too busy spazzing about the MV, that I couldn’t really type much.

        But that MV and song was awesome, and definitely worth the wait (as I kept on refreshing the page, nearly every 5 minutes since 5pm). I really loved the choreo at the beginning. Although some of the hand choreo was LOL-worthy (the paint my nails, driving my motorbike & clapping combo). I <

        • OMG! It cut off all my typing! Your site is killing my internet >< Continuing my little spazz attack. I < I need to download the MV NOW!

          • It happened again. Why does it keep on cutting off my comments?!?

        • I tell you why your comments have been getting cut off – you use the “<" symbols and they're used for html coding on wp so then everything in between gets chopped off. So avoid using them :)!




    • I SHALL DL HQ AS SOON AS I GET STABLE INTERNETS OMG. (You know, Geng is a really good actor. :3 Wtf at Siwon’s hair lol)

      I can’t be coherent enough T____T

      • YES! I…probably should go watch Stage of Youth but the whole set is so dull I really cbb. I’m so glad he was the lead in this. No one could’ve done this role better than him. He’s so hilarious omg.

        • They realized he can do more than just die halfway through the music video :D omg they’re so effing hot in this T__T♥ mimiiiiiiiii♥ and henry. of course henry. siwon is looking really good too except that hair.

          Twitter is lame and won’t let me spazz properly T___T

          • Twitter just completely died on me for like 20 minutes so I couldn’t update at all omg.

            Yes, Zhou Mi looks SOOOO good and Henry arghh I missed him so much. Everyone needed more parts, really.


              Mi looks so much more like Kangta now… I kinda miss how he used to look so much like a SiHan baby XD

              There’re only seven of them but the song still can’t be divided into equal parts. So frustrating. :\

              I still don’t know if I should buy this. Did they release a version with DVD last time?

              • YES FML, right after I got it for my bday, they released an Asian Deluxe Version argh, I’m still so pissed about that T__T. It had MV and all their individual teaser clips. I still remember those. It depends if they’re gonna release another album this time round or what. If they release a full length album, I reckon the MV will go with that.

                • Patience is a virtue, then. x___x I guess I really have to exercise self control this time so I could save enough money lol.

                  • Yes I mean , I finally got my SJ Version D haha but omg that felt like forever T^T

                    • I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. And I was about to order it a week earlier than I did but I was waiting for my mom’s credit card. Turns out I had to use mine anyway but I’m glad I waited because I finally got to order the Super Show DVD. XD

                      This wait is going to take FOREVER. I hope it won’t be in vain. T_T

                    • And the fact that it’s just 5 songs as well! Like with SHINee’s, I could wait cause I listened to only Juliette and Please Don’t Go so there was still a lot to look forward to.

                      This time…argh ;~;

  5. Ngeeeh. *___*
    It’s been an HOUR since it was released and I still. Can’t. Stop. :Q___
    You should see my spazz on LJ. *___* But then you saw the majority on twitter, LOL. OMG I STILL CAN’T GET OVER IT.
    My favourite:
    Donghae shooting himself (crap I sound masochist)
    Donghae’s twirl
    Donghae’s… everything. ;___;
    Kyu’s singing is epic win. :D

    Okay you’re going to look at me weird when I say this, but the Kyu & Mi bit where they sing right after each other (QMI) at 2.21~2.23.. I really love it. :/ Kyu’s snarky expression than Zhou Mi’s ;___;


      Lol why would I look at you weird? Actually I really liked that part too. I LOVED EVERY PART OF THE MV, TBH. But I think Ryeowook & Henry’s part might still be my fav. Idk, I really love Henry’s voice and he has the best accent so I don’t lol @ it.


        Idk, coz it’s such a normal non-amazing bit? D: and coz it’s QMi.
        I really liked that bit too. :D
        BUT YEAH. When I first watched it I was all DNW but now I after replaying it.. *___* It’s grown on me so much.

        Rly? I would’ve though Zhou Mi would have the best accent. Or Hangeng. :/

        • QMin > QMi but I’m not all >:(((( QMI DIEEEEE.

          HAHA YEAH I KNOW, you were all “Er the song isn’t that great”, next time I check you’re like “;DD ITS GOING ON REPEAT”.

          Hankyung’s chinese is really accented (like, in his own accent) so it’s hard to understand. Henry’s is more of the tw accent which I’m used to :).

          • Oh well that’s good to hear. :D It’s like me and KyuMin, which is good in small doses, but over all QMi > QMin.

            I’M SORRY I GET INFLUENCED. ;___; This happened with some other song. Oh, Again & Again by 2PM. :/ At first I was like er, no. But then I got into I Hate You and just went through all my 2PM music, listened, and loved t. :/

            Ohh. o___o I guess he’s from one of the minorities? :/ Still surprised Zhou Mi doesn’t have a great accent. :)
            Henry’s so soft. ;___; But it just makes him all cute, even when he’s trying to me all >DDD

            • *BE all >DDDD

            • Oh, Zhou Mi’s accent isn’t bad but with Chinese, there are different accents. Mandarin from Taiwan is easier to hear/understand (for me) than Mandarin from China, ya know~

    • butting in.
      They’re dancing next to each other in the party scene <3 QMi for the win <3

      • lolol you are a Qmi fan?

  6. Omo, you have lyrics?
    I’ve been searching for 10 mins nao ):

    And chyeeeeeh SJM comeback bby <3

    • Lol the lyrics in the video! The Chinese subs :).

      • gnaw okay.

        can’t watch vid right nao cus parents are around ): ohwell, hopefully someone releases it soon. altho it’s probably already up on sjworld ~ (:


    the first thing i noticed was the dance!!
    isit awesome or wadd!
    dang! im gonna rewatch this like million times by midnight!!

    p/s: TUX! *poiting at the scrreen* they’re wearing tux!! hahaha i was too excited i forgt to mention it.
    Kyu always look hawt in tux XDD except for his current hairstyle, i hope he’ll outgrow them haha.

    • I LOVE the dance <3. And the clothes! So glad SM invested a couple more outfits this time round~

    I\ve been refreshing like crazy since I woke up at 6AM. SM SURE TOOK THEIR TIME TO RELEASE THIS!!

    I lovelovelovelovelove the song, the video, the boys – everything ;____________; I so can’t wait for the mini album, and really wish I hadn’t blown my money on GD, FT Island and Version C now. XD

    • I was so hoping for a full length album, but damn if all the other songs are as good as this then I don’t mind :D.

  9. I love that part too, where Kyu sang after Zhoumi. Did anyone else notice Zhoumi’s eyebrows move a tiny bit, and then Kyu’s move more noticeably? /glomp

    • OMG YES!!!
      I thought it was just me and finding QMI moments in everything XP

    • Hahaha yep, I’m sure a lot of QMi fans would’ve noticed that~

  10. OMG this is sooo good! totally made my morning. I miss SJM and glad they’re back.
    Geng is still hot even in the suspenders and glasses. Wonnie and that suit …. i can’t even think straight.
    whaaa HenWook moment :D and Henry’s dancing oh my!!! though I wish there was more of Henry shown
    I barely recognized Zhoumi, he looks damn FINE!! and when he sang after Kyu :) speaking of Kyu still not use to his hair looking like that but him in the party room and having a great time put a smile on my face. Donghae as a DJ is HOT! Donghae dancing even HOTTER! Donghae dancing beside Henry near the end and the smile he gave at 3:09 *it’s like a split second* just ADORABLE!

    • Totally made my night for me haha!

      Yes, I love Kyu’s smile omg, it’s so beautiful ;~;

  11. so, okay, it isn’t that much incoherent, pardon me. lol.
    it is… a bit.

    totally worth the wait! :)


  12. Hi there :D. I don’t really have much to say cause I love this video sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Ahhhhhhh. It’s so good to see them again. Hangeng is sooo hot. And omg….HENRY. I LOVED HIM IN THIS MV!!! AND WE GET TO HEAR HIM SING! AND HIS DANCING!!! I love Zhoumi’s hair now too :D I’m gonna go play this mv again now. I think I’ll be watching it many times today :).


  13. I think I love this video so much because of the awesome faces they make throughout the video. And the “heyy” in the beginning is pretty hot ;D.

    • I think the “hey” at the start was Yoo Young Jin actually. Just because I’ve heard Sorryx2 R&B remix enough to know his voice :P

  14. Is everyone here Singaporean?
    Hah i like saw this vid at 4am cant fucking stop spazzing.
    I like paused and made sure my mum was asleep. She like caught me spazzing at some old SJ vid of Kyu the other time – totally saw my sex face LOL, fucking embarrassing. She was like ‘Are you watching porn?’
    Anyway. zomggggggggg KYU IS SO HOT. AND SIWON AND DONGHAE.
    Shit how am i gonna sleep now? I have a meeting in school tmr hurhur. Why is no one in SP suju/shinee krazy?

    • gyahaha! i wouldn’t let my mum catch me watching kyu! God knows wad kind of face i’ll put on XDDD hahahaha!
      im sporean bt not an SP =DD
      mayb there r bt u juz nid to find them?
      good luck! happy holidays =))

    • Haha nope, us authors aren’t Singaporean ^^.

      Lool I always have to spazz in private or my family might think I’m having a seizure XD.

      • Oh where are y’all from then? hahaha

  15. i c a lot of brains exploding & a lot of smoke coming out of everybodies head lol wth i’m smiling like a lunatic after watching it>.<

    • Lmfao after I watched it, my brain just shut down, no joke.

  16. LOL u r hilarious! I mean that in a good way :3
    And I so agree with you about being able to understand it plus it’s so catchy! I got the ‘oh my shupa girl’ stuck in my head after one listen. :D
    They’re all so cuuutee…


  17. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Hankyung looks so cute even with those glasses!!!!!! My heart is beating so fast.allof them look hot!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • And those suspenders omg!! XDD

  18. Han Geng looks cute!!!!! I love u I love u I love u.
    Nerd Han Geng makes me smile again and again. Hot Han Geng makes my heart melt.:D

    • He is so adorable in this omg <3


  20. Haha, so many comments ;) love the MV sooo much. Wook has a really noticeable korean accent that really bothers me ;_______; and Siwon’s hair.
    I find everyone else really hot, and I’m so jealous of Jessica. Did you see how much contact she had between them?! Imagine the bts.

    • I think Siwon’s accent is more noticeable, tbh XD. Just the way he sorta slurs out his words, idk :S.

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