Posted by: lovediaries | September 15, 2009

T-Ara & Supernova – Time to Love MV

{credit: ArcadianDragon @ youtube}

This was released yesterday, but with all the SJM hype, I guess not many people were aware/cared for it haha. BUT YOU’RE ALL MISSING OUT IF YOU DON’T CLICK. I’m not too familiar with Supernova but I love the T-Ara girls, and becism said the song/MV were good so here it is :).

UNFFF I MUST CHECK OUT SUPERNOVA! The (main?) rapper is reeeeally cute <3. And the girls, omg they look gorgeous. Soyeon is seriously looking more and more like Bae Seul Gi with her hair. And her voice is so much love ♥! Eunjung looks hot! I prefer the girls with this glam image more than their doll-like looks in “Lies”. I almost didn’t recognise Jiyeon, she looks SO good with short hair and heavy eye make up *_* (argh, time to look up my thesaurus again).

The song is upbeat (EVERYONE LISTEN AND WATCH) and I love the choreography~!!  I have no idea what the plot is but Qri’s the female lead and she looks so pretty crying. All the girls are in this MV but Boram and Qri don’t sing.

Promotions begin this Thursday on M!Countdown. I CANNOT WAIT :DDD/

p.s You guys should take this opportunity to learn the members! Especially since they have different hair styles and colours :).


  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they’ll perform this song live. It doesn’t seem to be a song that they’ll be able to stablise breathing on while doing those dance moves @_@;

    In any case, this image is about 100 times better than that cutesy look they had in Lies so, I’m all for this change :D

    Mang, those girls are GORRRRJUSSSSSSSS <3

    And Supernova has been pretty low lying since their debut. With boybands it's either really popular or lie somewhere in the background ;_;

    Nonetheless these are two groups I'm gonna keep watching out for :D

    • Oh that reminds me, I should probably go check YT now cause the perf was on tonight :DDD.

      They have a whole lot of hair flicking haha.

  2. SUPERNOVA!!!!!!! xD They have this catchy song called Hit (the remix pwns the nonmixed though) Ill come back when I find the performance they did of the song!!! They were wearing white gloves and there was green lasers everywhere!!! Green lasers are nifty….but they’re SO MUCH MORE awesome when paired with white gloves.

    Sorry I just got excited when I saw them mentioned ^^

    • Lol no it’s okay, BUT DID YOU GIVE THE MV A TRY!?

      • xD I finally got around to watching it, and was surprised that only a few of the members appeared…

        Anyways heres the perf I mentioned before. (although not the best quality X__x) The one I originally watched was HQ so most of my attention was on their gloves xD

        • Thanks for linking the performance! The dance at the start was HOT, I only spot 5 members though, am I going blind? And lol when I first saw the title I thought they were performing SJ’s “H.I.T” XD.

  3. It wasn’t what I expected. There was more rap and didn’t seem to be more beat that was catchy.

    • Lol srs? It’s ridiculously catchy to me! – the chorus anyway :D.

  4. they look like a different girl group, i prefer this look. im liking supernova bt it might b bcs theres not enough boys lately…

    • I prefer this look too, but then I do love “Lies” as well~~

  5. *_* supernova’s rapper is rly cute! (i dont think i would’ve watched the vid if u hadnt say tht XD)
    he reminds me of KATTUN’s akanishi jin, their looks r sorta similar…
    n T-ara just got a tiny bit better on my book :D

    • HE IS TOO! And yeah, another reader actually said the same :D.

      Aww, hopefully you’ll grow to love them ^^!

  6. Upbeat!
    Okay, just listening to it and I really like this. :D It’s not enough to get me into T-ara /shot. but I’m interested in Supernova. xD
    The thing about the song is that I don’t really like the chorus, it doesn’t really suit the verses imo. :/ It’s more vocal and technical and not very upbeat, and I like the verses better. .__. Still, overall it’s a really good song. :D

    /still doesn’t get the MV, but I think someone told her to cut her hair because the guy likes her with short hair? o_o idk. Or the girl with short hair is the girl the guy likes and the girl with long hair likes that guy and wants him to like her? D:

    • Well, nothing is ever enough to get you into girl groups T__T.

      LOL um…I thought it was more like they broke up so Qri wanted to change her image but Boram was like “no, don’t do that” haha.

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