Posted by: beckery | September 16, 2009

090915 Super Junior M at China Bean Curd Culture Festival

Video quality is not the best, but it’s their first live performance of “Super Girl” so we’ll take what we can. I’ll try to edit with HQ later :D

Super Girl Performance – Ummm… so I couldn’t really see anything much. I could barely recognise who was who in some parts, let alone see their dance choreo properly .___. They’re all wearing black and looked pretty good from the photos I saw though, minus Donghae’s hair :/ I think the microphone was stuffed up cuz everyone sorta sounded weird at some parts? Even Kyuhyun at the start, which is why I blame the mics hahahahaha. Ryeowook and Henry’s part is seriously so much love!! <33 Pretty great for their first performance and it will only get better :DDD

At Least I still have you Performance – I looovvveee this song. You can see them a big clearer here. ROFL why does Hae look really short?! XDD Lovely performance. A bit messy at 4.05 but nothing Kyu and Wook’s insane high notes can’t erase. And sorry everyone, Kyuhyun totally stole the show here. He sounded amazing. Actually, so does Ryeowook!


  1. HAHA I know what you mean by crappy quality. Even a fancam has better quality! But wow I’m surprised they sung it LIVE so early since…they took forever to do U live.

    • Yea the quality gave me a headache cuz I was squinting at some parts which was stupid since that wouldn’t really help haha

  2. The quality is totally crappy >.< But Mimi sounded good <3 And from the blurriness, I really like their dance routine. Especially this superman pose XD
    And with the second performance, I agree with you. The microphone problems didn't stop them from singing it beautifully… Kyu, Mimi and Wookie PWND the performance <3 <3 <3

    • And I forgot to add, but Henry sounded great in his solo in the second performance as well! <3

      • Yeaaaa whatever Zhou Mi is doing, I approve. His hair style is looking fine and his singing is great!

        They did all sound great <3333 Hae was a bit quiet at parts but nothing I can't forgive hahaha. I'm just totally biased at Kyu and Wook's high parts that's all haha.

  3. Totally was never going to go into this group and be obsessed, but found myself doing so because of Donghae.
    Guess it’ll take away the pain from Super Junior not performing ;)

    • ROFL. You can’t escape the pull XP

      The other suju members are still really active with all their variety shows and everything. So really there’s no harm done with SJM off doing their thing. :D You’ll love all 15 XD

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