Posted by: beckery | September 16, 2009

f(x) Dance practice and Photoshoot clips

The clips were released on the sment youtube channel. And all gifs credited to 10_sexy_04 @ naver

Dance Practice and MV filming – These girls are still so freakin’ gorgeous and cute without makeup on. *is jealous* They’re all really smiley ^____^ (especially Sulli, that girl’s smile is adorable!) throughout the thing even though they’re sweating bucketloads and working their buttocks off! LOL at Amber at the beginning and O__O at her looking feminine with her hair tied back and all. Leader Victoria is so fierce and sexy when she dances!! Luna is gorrrrjuuusss here and here and everywhere else really. Krystal and Amber are totally BFFs, look at her molesting Amber hahaha. Krymber is their couple name apparently? I still ship Amtoria more though XDDDD

Oh and bonus, you get to see LSM!! Amber has a translator sitting next to her haha.

Photoshoot – Ohhh sounds like Lachata remix or something. Interesting. Sulli was so cute jumping around for her photoshoot :D


  1. Just found another reason why Amber and I would be bffs – we both do that finger waggle thingy when peace sign-ing 8D.

    • Lol if you want to, you could find a million reasons XP

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