Posted by: beckery | September 16, 2009

Lee Seung Gi – Let’s Break Up MV teaser

Credit: bedifferent2 @ youtube

Seriously, who doesn’t love Seung Gi? He’s such a sweet, all rounder type of person. He can sing, he can act, he’s nice, he’s adorable, he’s a big dorfkace (especially on 1N2D XDDD) and well….he’s just loved by everyone <3 Preorder numbers for his album can definitely verify this lol.

The song sounds quite good so far. I guess you could say it’s the typical, Seung Gi ballads but his voice is *________________* His comeback stage is on Music Bank on the 18th so watch out for it!


  1. I like pianos and ballads ;__;. Maybe when the song is released put it under “Listen to…” since we do not post Lee Seung Gi…ever.

    • I thought we have but I couldnt find it hahaha. So whatevers, whip out a new tag for him XDDDDDDDD

  2. lol maybe you guys haven’t got around the time he’s promoting? He’s been in hiatus since 07 I think.

    and since I can’t watch this, I TOTALLY AGREE 100% ABT YOUR DESCRIPTIONS OF HIM :D
    who dont love him? Tell me and I’ll track them down XD
    omg he’s rly adorable in 1N2D :3 being the maknae and surrounded by abnormal hyungs XD

    do you watch his latest drama, Shining Inheritance? THAT is a must watch!

    • Yea..I think I just only recently really really loved him after Shining Inheritance and 1N2D. I know why he’s loved by all Koreans now. The boy is seriously adorkable <33333333

      I haven't finished SI yet haha, I've got like 4 eps to go. :D

  3. LSG is one of the only ballad artists that I’ve listened to and liked. 8D So definitely gave this a listen.

    x3sarang linked me one of his old MVs (in two parts.. or three) and it was so sad. ;___; the music was so beautiful, and I can’t remember what happens but it’s about these two childhood friends or something, and she’s really spoilt and he basically works for a living and pays her school fees and all this stuff, and in the end she goes to uni and dumps him. =/ I can not remember for the life of me what the name of that MV was, but the song was lovely, and this song is holding a lot of promise. :3

    I probably will start following him. xD; Only ever listened to those MVs but this is sounding good, so I’m hoping I’ll like it when they release it. :DDD

    • LOL. I *THINK* I’ve watched that MV you were talking about. Well I remember the childhood friends part haha. Fails with you. XDDDD But I think most of his MVs are really sad. Well I guess that comes with the territory, being a ballad singer and all. His voice is lovely *_______________*

  4. LSG, you’re so amazing <3 ;)

    I think I fell for him because of his drama and 1N2D. His voice is so sweet, it doesn't bore me from the repeated genres he sings.

    • SAMEEEE. I watched SI first then I started going through 1N2D and I’ve loved every second of it. They’re the best group ever. Crazy, lazy, funny, kind hearted, they’re everything put together into a group of mess really haha. I love that about the group.

  5. Lee seung gi, i like ur character in BL, U are c0ol, nice, N cute.. I want u to play with Lee Min Hoo.. Chayoo

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