Posted by: lovediaries | September 16, 2009

SHINee – Live Solo Performances @ Osaka Fanmeeting

::EDIT:: Fancams have now been added :). Yay!

Thank you laflor501 for the heads up <333! I was going to reply to comments tonight but then all this stuff is popping up and I have an assignment to start on so, I’ll have to do that another day T_T.

Onew : “Forevermore” | Fancam – I still listen to the mp3 rip of Onew’s performance from when SHINee were on Madam B Salon <33. I’m so glad he sang this song again, I love it so much. BRB, MELTING *____*. If I heard this live, I’d be a complete mess on the floor. I appreciate the fans being quite haha, I bet they were all mesmerised~

Jonghyun : “Snow Flower” | Fancam – I LOVE THIS SONG, OMFG ♥♥♥. Another non THSK Japanese song that I actually know. It’s really soft and you can only hear Jonghyun from about 2 minutes into the video. I love that Jonghyun has been singing songs I’ve loved long time haha. HK Singer Vincy also sang a Chinese version of this song :).

Key : “Bounce With Me” | Fancam – I don’t know this song, so I can’t hear anything very well because nothing is familiar to me. But Key sounds like he gave a very energetic performance :D. He had the fans all \O/ing haha.

Minho : Freestyle rap “Replay” | Fancam – I loooooove the pic in this video. Minho’s hair grows so fast omg but he looks so good in a stripey shirt + cardigan *___*. I hear “Replay” in the bg? But that’s it. I don’t know what Minho is saying but it’s pretty awesome that he rapped to “Replay” :D.

Taemin : “River Flows In You” | Fancam – AUDIO ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH ;__;. I want to see little Taeminnie play the piano. Ah well, I’ll let my imagination run wild for now. Not that him on the piano conjures up much thoughts anyway…>:D.


  1. lol.. the song Key sang is called ‘Age Age every Night’ (Age as in ah-gay) by DJ OZMA. its a cover of the korean song ‘Run to you’ by DJ Doc.

    interesting choice of songs by all of them.. but key always amuses me.

    • I…still don’t know it T__T /fail

  2. So they had 2nd fanmeeting already?! It’s kinda hard to expect the clips for this, like what happened with the 1st one.
    But I really want to see Taemin in piano again and Key dancing to “Run to You” ._.

    Run to You is one of the legendary song in kpop, it was originally sung by DJ DOC then dj ozma made the jap ver. Several kpop groups like Big Bang and Suju H were already covering this song. It’s so catchy and the choreo is entertainin aswell :D

    • And they’re in Thailand now, omg, these boys are so busy!

      I’ve added the fancams but I don’t think you can watch? :((

  3. love his expression at d end… <3<3<3

    • Thank you for linking <333

  4. TAEMINNIE. his music is lovee (:
    and as much as i love him, his hair is more & more starting to resemble an afro. STYLIST NEEDS TO GET MOVIN’. PRONTO.

    • HAHA! Everyone is saying that. They all need new hairstyles. Though…I really love Onew’s <333

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