Posted by: lovediaries | September 17, 2009

090916 f(x) @ ChinChin Radio

Part 1 of full show HERE.

Amber, Luna and Krystal performed “One Love” which is of course the highlight of this post 8D.

{credit: kpopseries @ youtube}

So I loved the original and it’s definitely one of my top plays…ever, haha, but the girls did well too~ I love Amber’s voice (I think a lot of people do, actually) and I liked that she rapped in Korean. She made slight changes to the lyrics which I approve of :D. Her “f(x)” at the start was so sensual~ “It’s Amber here, Luna and Krystal…” *_* And she also changed “Please come back to me girl” to “Please come back to me – you’re my”. It sounded really good :D. Aw, now I need to go and listen to Eunhyuk & K.R.Y’s version again ;_;.

Amber speaks 3 languages – she says hello and all that in Chinese, English and Korean :DDD. This, undoubtedly, made me very happy HAHA!


  1. You guys post too much, I swear. |:
    But I will watch the T-ara MV/perf, LSG’s MV and Taegoon’s MV later, I just have a headache now. |:

    But you will be proud to know that I watched this version of One Love. :DDDD
    Lmao, I wasn’t very impressed by the rapping, and then I tuned out for the rest. DDDD;
    Yes, shoot me, but I’m just not interested in f(x), and this doesn’t change that.

    But yeah, I didn’t really like their vers. of One Love, and I didn’t watch the other clip.
    I”m just in a bad mood. .___.


      omg, I’m so butthurt. LMFAO, yeah go look at the other posts when you get round to it~

      • It was a loooong annoyance. Still feeling a bit annoyed now at her. |:

        I didn’t mean to hurt you bby. :| <3
        Yes I shall. Probably tomorrow when I come home. :)

        • /stops wristing.

          Lol it’s okay, you enjoy your day out tmr :). I’ll talk to you like .. Sat night.

  2. This is so different… I would love to hear it with KRY singing and Amber rapping with Eunhyuk. Luna’s and Krystal’s voices are a bit too delicate for me in this song. But Amber’s rapping was excelent.

    • Omg that would be awesome! Yeah, Luna and Krystal didn’t really do it for me, but I’d love to see Amber perform the other raps too <3

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