Posted by: lovediaries | September 17, 2009

090917 T-Ara & Supernova @ M!Countdown

{credit: urasiansourceKpop @ youtube}

If you guys didn’t listen to the song or watch the MV like I recommended (*death glares*) then pleeeeeeease watch the performance <3! THE TWO GROUPS ROCKED THE STAGE, I AM NOT LYING.

The girls were REALLY good. FFFFFFFF SOYEON ♥♥♥. Omg, I love her voice so so hard ;_;. Even Jiyeon sang a lot louder and was heaps stronger-sounding. So I’ve decided, she purposely does that wistful, breathless singing in “Lies” haha. Her hair colour changed yet again T_T. Actually with her hair like this, she sorta reminds me of Nicole~ I miss Eunjung’s hair in the MV omg. I swear they took all her hair and gave it to Hyomin because wtf, her ponytail is like … strangely thick. DNW T_T.

SUPERNOVA ♥. So I still haven’t learnt faces/names but the cute rapper? Yeah, he’s cute. AND HIS VOICE IS DEEPER LIVE. And he’s tall. Like, he looks like a giant next to the girls.

Anyway, many of you probably aren’t convinced that the T-Ara girls were able to give a solid performance because their “Lies” performances are always lacking in something, but seriously, watch this. They’re like a totally different group doing this song. They danced well and they sang well. PLEASE WATCH THIS~~~ Even if you hate it and think I have bad taste, idc, let me know lol. I just want to know that you guys actually tried this out ♥ /IS USING ALL SKILLS OF PERSUASION I HAVE/

p.s They do that Lachata chorus hip move, if that’s an incentive to watch? And like I said, THERE IS A CUTE RAPPER. Who, from this LQ video looks a bit like Seunghyun ;~;.


  1. I’m impressed. I was a bit iffy about whether they could pull off a live performance of it cuz as you know, I always find something lacking in their “Lies” performances but this, THIS WAS GREAT! And the song is still loved by moi lol.

    But why didn’t they keep the MV hair ;____; Hyomin looks old with her hair like this.

    And omg the Supernova boys. First guy sorta looked like a mix of Superman and Taec rofl. Second guy was really cute when he did the nod. And something about the third guy and his ultra blonde hair attracts me. Names anyone?

    • If I didn’t have three assessments due nxt wk, I would totally stalk Supernova and learn their names and birthdates and heights and weights like you know I would.

      I like the tall one. In the MV he had the hair in his face and here he’s got the black cap with the silver bling bling on it.

      And yah yah, I think a lot of people were like DDD: over T-Ara but hopefully this can change their mind~

  2. Hehe, they were great, although I’m VERY angry that they’ve changed their appearance again, especially EunJung’s, that short hair better be a wig, though looks like it’s really her hair.

    Tiara is an all around talented group, and they deserve more international recognition.

    • I’m not angry but I’m quite annoyed that within such a short period of time, they’ve had so many hairstyles :/. What are they going to do for the future!?

      Eunjung’s hair looked too thin to be a wig but I’m hoping so too :|.

  3. I think I commented here once aeons ago, but ah, first comment in ages?

    I love this song! When the music video came out it was generally overshadowed by Super Girl. But it really stood out to me, and Super Girl just looked and sounded really lulzy at that time XD

    But OMG this song. Really like how the girls’ voices sound deep and strong (omg my vocab sucks) in contrast with the rest of the girl groups

    I was a little surprised when I saw EunJung’s short hair. But I think its really pretty on her and I love how some girls can work the short hair really well. Like Jiyoon and GaIn!

    I would have loved for the performance with clothes similar to the mv. My first impression of the performance was a major wardrobe screwup. (OMG look at what that guy in the cap is wearing) but jiyeon looks really really good. She looks really casual and relaxed and I love how her hair flicks around during the chorus.

    • Oh hay yes, I remember your username/avatar 8D. Hello, long time no…talk? Hehe.

      Yeah, that’s why we waited a day before posting because we figured everyone would still be SJM *__________*-ing haha. Not sure if that worked or not though XD.

      Bb dw, my vocab after blogging for how many yrs now still sucks. When it comes to describing people, I have “hot” “cute” “pretty” and “gorgeous” T__T.

      Idk, I just wish they stuck with ONE hairstyle for more than a week XD.

      HAHA YEAH, I was hoping the girls didn’t have to wear the same skirts they wear in “Lies”. Like the whole layered-tutu look :/. But yeppp, the guy in the cap = the one I like and his pants lmfao /ignores what happened with them XD.

  4. OMG SUPERNOVA IS BACK ! *cries*
    i love them so much! they are so underrated when they debut even when they are like ‘perfect’..they are all tall and handsome cuz they are models! and they really sing well and OMG download their 1st album. every single song in the album is gooooood! totally worth purchasing! sadly after that they went on hiatus and slowly forgotten..but now they are back ! *goes off to dance around in joy*


  5. am i the only one who likes their hair short? i like this song and the mv. i actually liked lies too bt i think they lacked the confidence to pull it off so their performances weren’t that great and i’m not a big fan of innocent cutesy. they’re much better now^^~

    bet every1 googled supernova as soon as they saw the news/mv lol i know i did keke

    • LMFAO I KNOW EH. But it’s good, maybe a little late, but at least people are showing (more) interest in Supernova now :P

      It’s not that I don’t like their hair short, just I reeeeeally liked the style in the MV :/.

  6. It’s good but I still don’t like the song much, I’m afraid.

    • Haha aw, but how’d you find the performance?



  8. idk why, but this whole song just seems like Soyeon to me (I hope I’m right, after they started changing hair and stuff I’m kind of iffy with names again). But I really like T-ara, and not that Soyeon singing the whole song is a bad thing :D Maybe she just stands out to me more than the rest. I really don’t like what they did with Hyomin’s hair though, it reminds me of a poodle. I hope Eunjung was wearing a wig, she looks okay with the short hair, but I like her with long hair <3 And I honestly did not like the way Jiyeon sang in Women's Generation or Lies, so I'm glad she sounds a lot stronger here. I hope they give Boram and Q-ri more spotlight though, I want to see what they can do. Aaand, back to Soyeon. I think she'll probably become my favorite, she's just got that factor that makes me like her, along with the voice. Plus, she looks heaps cute with the red hair, especially in pigtails.

    • BUT THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE. Soyeon is the most consistent performer, and she has the strongest (and best, imo) performance in these lives <3.

      No I'm pretty sure Eunjung's cut her hair :(. It's too thin to be hiding more hair underneath D:

      Yeah Boram and Qri need lines omg. Boram has like one solo line in Lies and then Qri none :/. At least they were in the MV though!


  9. ohh. i’ve just discovered supernova- when they said that they’ll work hard to be as good as dbsk. but. no offense, theyll nver be as good as my dorks XD.
    – but this video was actually really good!!! they did a good jobb and the video was catchy

    • I think that put a lot of people off, cause I only really started noticing them from this song :)

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