Posted by: lovediaries | September 17, 2009

Taegoon – Betrayed MV

{credit: muimuidolls @ youtube}

In beckery’s words, this is a typical Taegoon song, which is fair enough, but I still really like it because I love Taegoon and I’m forever biased so ;___;. ONCE AGAIN, his teaser misled me into thinking the song would be semi-slow paced but it’s not.

I like it! B-but it hasn’t yet stuck to me. There’s no climax or anything in the song or his singing, but he sort of makes it up with his dancing. (That foot sliding thing he does in the chorus reminds me of SHINee’s “Replay” haha.) AND THE AMOUNT OF OUTFITS LOL. I’m not a fan of everything he wore, but the unbuttoned white shirt earns lots of bonus points. Also, him in a tub. I just can’t say no to that. I also reeeeeeeeally love the scenes with him and the car. Srsly, Taegoon leaning on the hood of a car in a tie omg. He is out to kill me.

p.s nataly bb!!! Where are you to spazz with me? :DDD


  1. Don’t worry Candychu, even though I haven’t been commenting on imop, I’ve been silently reading (you know I’m 2pm crazy, so yeah, can’t be happy recently, but I still have hope) remind me never to become an obsessed fan, it’ll just break my heart again.

    back to topic….TAEGOON! I don’t know what they did to his hair or what make-up they put on his face to make him glow, but I love it!!! I love the chorus where he repeats his words and it reminded me of SHINee as well! The red leather jacket reminded me if Bi too. The blue jacket…I’ll pretend I never saw that! I wanted more testosterone and I’m getting it, now I just need to figure out how to audition for female leads in Taegoon’s mv

  2. now I just need to figure out how to audition for female leads in Taegoon’s mv

    LMFAO let me know if you ever find out!

    Aww bb, yeah I know how you feel~ Just, always look on the bright side of things I guess? Like I know JYP released an “official” statement, but I still interpreted that as “Jay will come back, just not right now”

    ANYWAY, I hope Taegoon gets to shine while there aren’t that many active male singers atm~

  3. just when i thought i was feeling a little better about the whole 2pm thing i listen to taegoon & think i’m hearing 2pm…i guess i’m still not ok about it…sigh…i’m sorry taegoon!

    • aww there there bb :((

  4. :3
    Making true on my promise to read/watch all your other posts. ;D

    The song isn’t really something I’d listen to/really go *_________* over since he repeats the chorus so much it kind of gets annoying. Wasn’t paying a lot of attention to the MV, so will rewatch now since I don’t have to multitask anymore. 8)

    -his hair… reminds me of Amber’s, LOL.
    -liking it. 8) CARRRR. Um, kind of reminds me of Call Me, the only other Taegoon MV I’ve watched, LOL.
    -dancing is awesome. ): I love the dancing.
    -BLACK. SUIT. ;___;

    Still not liking the song. It isn’t very ~AMAZING~ but it’s okay. :)
    And I still don’t really understand it, LOL. Like, is there a plot? :/ Maybe I need the trans. of the lyrics and what she says on the phone, but hey, Taegoon = awesome MV.

    • HAHA YES, THE AMBER HAIR. I’ll admit none of Taegoon’s songs are ~*AMAZING*~ but there’s something about him I’ll love, and as long as he keeps doing what he’s doing then I’ll continue loving him <33

      Yeah the phone convo is probably important since it's in the actual song and not just the MV, hmm :/

  5. I hope I’m not spamming ;__;
    Never digged Superstar so i’m glad he finally sang something I like again. He’s in a suit, whooo !
    I have a thing for guys in suits ;)

    • Sry bb I took so long to reply to comments – and no no don’t worry you weren’t spamming.

      The clothes in Superstar omg T_T. But THIS, makes it all better <3.

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