Posted by: lovediaries | September 17, 2009

Vogue Girl feat. f(x)

Not too sure what this concept is with the hand holding and the sitting close together on couch haha but AMBER IS IN A BOWTIE, OMFG.

More pics, please.


Since Victoria is only in one picture, and Amber is in like 3, I’m positive more will come. 100% positive…


  1. Sad no one commented this );

    I think Amber is also my fave (yeah I read all the posts you did) and this shoot is so Amber biased. Not complaining though, the more the better ;D

    • D: I know, the f(x) fans seemed to have all disappeared. Hardly anyone has been commenting on their posts </3

  2. honestly, i don’t like this group.. hate me for this but i don’t like them [but i love amber] ..

    • Lol that’s okay, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions ^^

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