Posted by: lovediaries | September 18, 2009

090918 SJM Exclusive Interview @ Sohu Entertainment

;_____________; I’m trying to study and this comes out. I don’t have time to watch it and it’s not yet subbed so by next weekend (when I am totally assessment free) if there are still no subs, I’ll do a translation :). Which reminds me, I never got round to watching SNSD’s Part 2 on FBG…

{credit: luvDH @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

I’ll upload photos as a compensation? :3. There are like … a thousand of them XD.


SJM (Henry, in particular) with kids ;___;♥ /clutches ovaries. And Kyuhyun with the rose in his mouth XDDD!!!! DYINGGGGG LMFAO.


  1. Heaven. I’m in heaven.
    I don’t understand a word of the interwiev, but just to hear their voices is so precious… and the kids! OMG, so cute ;_;

    • Lol the kids were soooo cute omg <33

  2. There’s already a translation floating around somewhere, so I’m sure it’ll be subbed by next weekend :)

    Hae + little girl = so prection *_*

    Siwon’s hair hurts me </3

    • Hae was so jealous of Henry hehe~

  3. the video wit subs are out already…
    here it is..

    credits to princekyu @ youtube

    • Me loves you ;_;

    • Oh thank you for linking!

  4. LOL, The host was like
    “I have an M on my shirt to represent my devotion

    • YEAH LMFAO I saw his shirt and was like LOLOL

  5. omg, thank you, im LOVING the pics! siwons face when the girls didnt give the flower to him XD
    they’re so handsome D:

    • Haha they were all so cut. But omg when Henry went to kiss the girl she like pulled her face away ;_;

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