Posted by: lovediaries | September 18, 2009

Preview Yesung & Lee Sejun – 세상에서 가장 귀한 이야기 (The Greatest Story All Over The World)

{credit: 919urnobody919 @ youtube}

This song…is so beautiful ;____;. I loved Yesung’s “Love Hurts A Lot” (what a coincidence, I was just listening to it the other day actually) so I’m glad he’s getting another “solo” track :D (well, it’s a collaboration, but I mean a song outside of Super Junior). His voice is so suitable for heartbreaking ballads, omg. Okay, this song isn’t tragic at all (but then, I don’t know what Yesung’s singing about XD), it’s just really nice and soothing :). And beautiful ♥.

Click on the video description for more information :). There’s a bit about Yesung talking about his Christianity and it just made me all warm and fuzzy ^^.


  1. lol I played this video, listening to the song while watching the 2AM shirtless video on mute, down a couple of posts, ahhh I have no life.


  2. omgosh. i really love yesung’s voice.
    its really art like voice. :)

    • Yes, his voice is so beautiful ;-;

  3. :3
    I personally love Yesung’s voice, it’s really beautiful and *___*
    This song is just awesome. :DDD My friend had a whole spazz about it the day before yesterday (I think?) and she made me listen to it, and even if it isn’t really my type of song, I still liked it. Probably coz it’s Yesung. xD

    I’m hoping they promo this song a bit, because it deserves it. :)

    • I never knew you were Yesung-biased :P. Haha but yeah Yesung’s voice is so beautiful, omg *_*.

      I wonder if they would promote it (like on Music shows and stuff) since it’s like a Christian project thing :/

  4. His voice is so beautiful, and it’s hard to believe what kind of a person he is too ;)

    Ballads tend to sound always sad to me when I don’t understand the language. I can’t tell who’s singing in the song so I’ll just assume the most beautiful one is Yesung’s <3

    • HAHA but lol you should know Yesung’s voice by now, no?!

  5. where do you live? japan or korea

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