Posted by: lovediaries | September 20, 2009

090920 f(x) @ Inkigayo

I’m not trying to be biased here, but I actually don’t have time to watch any other performances. I’ve been out for the past two nights and now I’m rushing to complete assignments T__T. I have missed MuBank and MuCore and the Asia Song Festival :(((. Need to catch up on those soon (Taegoon’s comeback, BEG performing the Remix version of “Abracadabra”, I the Tritops’ “The words to express my love” etc etc). Beckery actually wrote up a lengthy post on MuCore but WP was a bitch and stuffed up and the post died, sorry :(. /end of bitch.

{credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ youtube}

Luna’s voice cracked right at the start but it was otherwise a very good performance :). She remained smiley throughout, anyway <3. I wonder why she sang one of Sulli’s lines though :S.

Campaign song – THIS WAS SO CUTE. No idea how they’re promoting riding public transport but f(x) @ an Amusement park is the most adorable thing ever. SULLI ON THE PIRATE SHIP ROFLMAO. Loved that close up of her right after her “HAJIMA…AHHHHHHHHHH”. The part when Luna was speaking…did it remind anyone else of HK Singer Fiona Sit? Something about the way she talks and her smile. Amber was really cute on the ride that drops straight down. She was full screaming hahaha. And when they girls were playing with those f(x) cards~ Soooo cute :3.


  1. Ooo. I like their outfits in this performance!

    • I love all of Amber’s clothes, really ;~;

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