Posted by: lovediaries | September 21, 2009

090918 TVB Entertainment News – Super Junior HK Press Conference

Still being selective (and random?) with my posting haha.

{credit: tiantianmi @ youtube}

I’ve avoided most posts on Super Show 2 in HK because I am and will be forever cut that they didn’t wait just another two months when I will be back in HK to do this, but whatever T_T. At least I understand when HK report on SJ :D.

Teuk, Kangin and Kibum are missing. Here, they mainly talked about the Kangin situation and Heechul speaks up for him saying that they can’t say much until results are released and that all they can do is continue to work hard and thank those who support and love them. He says ‘thank you’ in mando kekeke. I love Donghae’s hair here and I love that he’s sitting beside Hyuk 8D. Hyuk helps pimp “Super Girl” too *_*. Ryeowook mentions his “couple dance” solo stage hehe. From 2.35, Donghae had his hand on Hyuk’s thigh chair 8DD. THIS STILL COUNTS AS EUNHAE, OKAY? And then Hyuk talks about Donghae’s solo stage with his hand on Donghae’s thigh.

They ask the typical question of “What do they think of HK girls?” Heechul says he used to watch a lot of HK films when he was young and starts humming a song from one of the movies he watched. THAT DIDN’T EVEN ANSWER THE QUESTION, WTF!? Siwon goes “Hk boys are good looking, Hk girls are good looking” in canto ^^. Sungmin talks a little about the Musical he is preparing (WHAT, WHY IS THIS THE FIRST I’M HEARING OF IT!? DD:)


  1. you didn’t know sungmin will be doing akilla? you fail. lol.

    that, i believe, is eunhae! ♥

    • no /crying T_T

      But I do know about Yesung and his musical thingy!

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