Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 21, 2009

G-Dragon’s “Breathe” MV

Video: Taijizero1 @ Youtube

This is the 2nd mv in the trilogy of mvs that’s planned for his solo album.

At the start of the video, it looked like he was sleeping on a giant marshmallow XD But omg, THAT BIT OF HIM SMILING IN BETWEEN THE WHITE PUFFY THINGS AT 0:16 FREAKED ME OUT SO BAD. SCARY STUFF, MAN. I don’t know why, but it just looked REALLY CREEPY.

I know a few people who don’t really like this song, but I think it’s nice :) I really liked what he wore in that scene with th yellow smiley face gloves. HE LOOKED ADORABLE :3 The lace black shirt and the blazer with the fringe made me cringe a little, but that scene where the girl changes from white to black dresses is really cool :D And the ending, omg, THE DOGGY~!!!!!! SO CUTE. I think that’s GD’s dog Gaho? SO PRECIOUS <3

I also how the ending of this is the beginning of the next mv, “About a Boy”


  1. love this^^~ i’m all gdholic so i loved seeing him smiling so much…have to watch it several times just 2 catch his little fashion show lol how many times did he change outfits?
    gd seems to get into trouble all the time, i hope he stays strong and not let it all get to him…

    • Yea, the plagiarism accusations suck :(

      I love how he’s not scared to push the boundaries and try out different styles. Even if sometimes they don’t work out LOL

  2. 2:41 <3 His smile is amazing. IIIIIIIAH !!
    Seriously, the best about this MV is that he's always -smiling-. It's been a while since I've seen his smile ^^

    • I love how happy he looked in his mv :)))

  3. pfft. comment went to waste. stupid browser. T____T

    gdragon scares me sometimes. :/ but he’s just to cool awesome weird. :D and i, too, love him for not letting limits block his way. :)♥

    • Lol yea, sometimes he makes some pretty questionable fashion choices…. but he’s so original and awesome, you can’t not love him :D

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