Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 21, 2009

Lee SeungGi “Let’s Break Up” MV

Video: Sella90 @ Youtube


Awww, I love Lee SeungGi <3

This song’s a nice, smooth ballad. Not a lot goes on in the music video, but everything loos very scenic and pretty ^^

Has anyone here watched Shining Inheritance? Really good drama, I loved Lee SeungGi’s character in there :3 I gave up after ep.14 cos the stepmother was a bit too much, but to get up to ep.14 of a drama is pretty amazing for me (I normally stop after ep.6/7), so you should all give it a go :D


  1. [comment got eaten by D:< wordpress]

    can't see the video atm but i must admit that the seung gi magic is really something! :) i bet the song's all nice and warm~

    and i must also agree that shining inheritance is a good good drama! him + han hyo joo~♥

    • I loved seeing him and Han Hyojoo together *_* Great couple~ The stepmother got too annoying for me, but I loved Hwan and Eunsung’s love/hate relationship, haha

  2. perfect match…the main characters as well as the story line and the theme song…wow!!!

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