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090825 SHINee & F.T Island @ Flower Boy Generation

OMG IT’S SUBBED! And I have an assignment due tmr ;_;. Ah well, pretty boys come first.

{credit: ledoquyen90 @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

They start off in the Coffee shop. Jonghyun eats a raw bean, lmfao at his reaction. Then they make coffee art~ Key’s all YAY :DDDD/ at his thing, and then Onew goes to do his own cup and … nothing happens XD. Onew and Key in those aprons are so cute :3. Jonghyun’s wearing it too but it doesn’t look as good on a dark coloured shirt lol. Later they discuss about who the guests could possibly be and Key starts dancing to KARA’s “Wanna” LOLOLOL. They also all get up to do BEG’s “Abracadabra” but of course Key is best at it ♥. They continue talking about girls and then … ihni what happened but PMS goes “Doesn’t Key like girls?” and Key goes “Yes I like girls…” and then it goes awkward and … IT WAS WEIRD LOL. Key it’s okay, no need to lie to us we know the truth anyway~

When F.TI appears, the others are all :| HAHA. “Where’s KARA?” LOL. Anyway, Key gives them nametags cause PMS doesn’t know their names. Hongki couldn’t come cause of a schedule clash but he lives a video message in which he talks about PMS looking evil HAHA. PMS tells the F.TI boys that they had been hoping for female guests, Seunghyun then goes “We also hope that it was female MCs” OH SNAP.

They then start “Would you like something to drink?” I remember the topics SHINee first discussed about when they went on so I’m sure this will be epic too but I’ll have to stop recapping because I need to go do some studying :(. (Actually, it’s cause it takes too long for me to type coherent sentences. If you have me on twitter, you will be spammed with ‘LOOOOL ONEW IS SO CUTE’ and ‘OMGGG JONGHUN’ and ‘SEUNGHYUN *____*’ etc etc.)

::EDIT:: Yay I finished watching it :D. I love F.T SHINee ♥♥♥. I swear Jonghyun is in love with Jonghun, Jonghun is in love with Key and Jaejin and Seunghyun are also in love with Key. No one is really in love with Onew but that’s okay because I am. His little fingers are so cute, nothing can beat that. Seunghyun is hilarious and PMS is in love with him. And Minhwan is really hot.


  1. almightykey (icon lock) I SEE SOME MORE JONG/JONG BFFERY. Onew doesn’t talk enough/get enough camera time >:|”

    i couldn’t agree more. D:
    be back after watching. :)


      • LOL. SORRY. THE TABS I LOADED DDNT LOAD PROPERLY AND MY BROWSER DIED ON ME. promise, i’ll be back. :) well, with my more decent comment. :)♥

      • where did my comment go? D:
        i promise to be back for a more decent comment. T____________T the tabs that i loaded made my browser die. :((

        • Lol HAHA yeah I read about it on twitter, it’s okay <3

          And dw wp just filtered your comment D:


    I have assignment too but… ;_____; aish.

    “I swear Jonghun is in love with Jonghun, Jonghun is in love with Key and Jaejin and Seunghyun are also in love with Key. No one is really in love with Onew but that’s okay because I am.”

    LOL!!! Muahaha Key is famous <3

    • Everyone wants a piece of Almighty Key~

  3. Everyone loves Key :D
    I remember when I first got into FT Island I was all sldkfjsldkfjkl MINHWAN LDKJFLSKDFJ SAME AGE BUT YOUNGER. And when I decided to get into them again after Seunghyun joined, its the exact exact same thing slkjslfj.

    Jonghoon had this stare(?) IDK, look, that melted hearts. I think I died and just kept replaying that 2-3 seconds hmm.

    I love how they’re so brutal with each other with what they saying. Hopefully you get what I mean?? :D

    I love how Minhwan talks :D His pronunciation/enunciation IDK which is so freaking cute omg.

    • YES THEY ALL DO. Haha I remember I was like “D: They’re all underage…/dives in for the magnaes” XDDD. I love Seunghyun’s personality omg, he’s so funny <33.

      Minhwan is SO mature. And so hot *_*.

  4. Random but…
    SHINee has Twitter… Or I think it is them because of a pic they uploaded that looked original…

    You guys might be able to tell…

    Unfortunately I don’t have time (stupid university) to be able to watch this =(
    so out of touch of kfandom…

    • Hehe their twitters are fake ^^;; You can always tell when they’re following other fake twitters. Anyway, I’m sure they’d get me2days instead. f(x) have me2days :).

  5. I watched this last night and aslkda;ldkas;ldaj; IN NEED OF MOREEEEE FTSHINEE FULL STOP

    I love that they’re in the same age, even though Fti debuted first but there’s no awkward moments between them ^^

    • I thought your laptop died?!

      Yes, more FT SHINee please~ They fit each other more than 2PM & SHINee haha!

      • lmao it was! cooling it down for a moment then brought it back alive like nothing happened. it’s always like that ;__;

        • rmbr how i kept experiencing the same thing? well i sorta “solved” it (for now). i set my laptop at a lower display brightness and it’s stopped turning itself off :)

        • oh might aswell try it then! ty :)

          • I hope it works <3!

  6. :D I loved this show! I’m a huge F.T Island fan but had no idea that they could be this hilarious XD Especially JongHun *.* Smexy~ and lol at how experienced he appears to be compared to the others…ONew! So cute and awkward :3 Anyway, love your recaps, keep them coming! <3

    • Lol I love seeing boys act their playful, youthful selves :).

      Aw I’m glad you enjoy them bb <33

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