Posted by: lovediaries | September 23, 2009

f(x) Amber’s Birthday Message

I saw this on her me2day and was waiting for it to be uploaded onto youtube because the audio didn’t work omg. I figured she was speaking in English so I was just dyingggggggggg for it.

{credit: me2dayvideo @ youtube}

THIS IS SO CUTE. I just love all the little things Amber does. Like her little thumbs up and the way she talks, idk, I love her voice. Then Krystal comes along and they’re just so cute. Gah I can’t even explain but the way Amber said “Thank you Krystal”. ARGGHHHH, *DIES* *O*


  1. KRYBER :D
    Have you heard about Amber dropping by Affxtion?
    I feel so annoyed with myself LOL – if I hadn’t detoured to buy bubble tea that day, I would probably have caught a glimpse of her online T_T

    I came home, went online and my friend said “LOL AMBER WAS ON AFFXTION”.
    I dashed to the forum straightaway and… everyone was spazzing about how Amber had just visited.
    FML LOL.

    That aside, AMBER IS SO CUTE <3
    Krystal's English sounded a lot like Jessica there!
    (idek why I'm pointing that out, they're sisters after all -o-)
    Hope she had a sweet birthday d'aww.

    My background music is kind of inappropriate now because I'm listening to Yesung's NamHanSanSung OST as I type this comment. But it's a pretty good song :D

    And imma be off LAEC for a while. Exams T~T

    • OMG YES, I saw the screencaps alskjfaslj she’s so prection lasjfl /flail.

      LMFAO that song is so >:(((( and this video is so cute haha.

      Aw, we’ll miss you :( Good luck with exams!! <3

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