Posted by: lovediaries | September 24, 2009

More SHINee ‘Night’ Photobook Scans


I decided to split up the posts because I didn’t want to kill people’s internets.  Some photos are repeats (most aren’t) but the quality of the scans are different so I uploaded them anyway. Please please PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK <3! I would love you forever if you either uploaded them onto your own PB account or another server. Thank you!

{credit: as tagged,}


Damn I really want this photobook. I thought I wanted ‘Day’ bad, but this…it has so many of my kinks and fetishes HAHA. So many shirts and ties and the bed photos ;____;. DAMNNNN YOUUUUU PHOTOBOOK PEOPLE /shakes fists.

AND ONEW’S ARMS OMG ;___________; To be hugged by them would be the best feeling in the world no?


  1. this is them only 8mths ago, being
    I can’t imagine how more good looking they can be *dreamy eyes*

    • I can’t believe it’s been that long ago omg~

  2. OMG!!! Love the pictures, especially the first one!!

    • That group one is one of my favourites too <33

  3. omg.. did taemin just grow taller??
    taller than minho??

    • haha the ground is sloped and Minho isn’t standing straight ^^

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