Posted by: beckery | September 25, 2009

2009 Asia Song Festival

I’m just going to put up the ones I had time to watch. I’m sure you can find the whole thing on youtube if you’re interested :D

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry –  The light is so blinding and distracting D: But awww I missed their Sorry Sorry and It’s You performances! They all looked great here in their black and white suits. *___* But I really think Donghae’s beret hat thing and glasses should go. Did anyone catch his tongue moment at 1.40? LOL. They all looked pretty pumped though, with all their random screaming and “oh oh oh”. Let’s not forget Heechul’s “OH MY” at the end hahahaha. Classic <3

Big Bang – Lies – Omg I haven’t watched them perform this song for yonks!!! I LOVE THIS SONG so I’m pretty happy they performed it. :DD It feels slightly empty without Daesung, but it’s ok, he’s recovering at lightning speed <3 I know a lot of people are saying that the performance was lacking energy and well….it’s not THAT bad but they do all sound quite strained and tired. I still love this song regardless lol.

2NE1 – I Don’t Care – Have the girls performed at such a big event like this before? If they haven’t then they rocked that stage. If they have then they still rocked that stage rofl. XDD It was a quite a good solid performance from them and they looked they were enjoying so it’s all good.

SNSD – Genie (Tell me your wish) – I think their mics were playing up on them. I couldn’t even hear Taeyeon and Jessica at the start and the others at some parts :/ Then Taeyeon suddenly sounded really loud at the end . I feel so bad for the girls, their mics were pretty screwed hey. But um alfjklajsf at HYOYEON’S (and Yuri haha) DANCE SOLO!!!! :DD


  1. lol I think you pretty much sum up all the korean artists’ perfs :D

    no internet atm but I’ll watch these asap!

    • Lol yea…Well I would do the chinese artists too considering that I know them, I just thought that no one would be interested haha

  2. hey hey what’s up girls! how are you guys? Thanks for posting these perfs, I was really looking forward to Big Bang’s Lies. I need lots of catching up to do! Been reading your Super Junior M updates ~dying rolling over to the floor squealing~ Thanks, can’t ever get enough Donghae fix!

    • Hiiiiii. I’m so out of the loop lately. Work and uni is being a bitch. I see you’re back though :D

  3. I heard it was REALLY good. Wish I was in Korea.

    • I wish that I was in Korea everytime someone holds a concert lol

  4. lol, the performances are really gooooood. :)

    • Yea, they were pretty sweet. :D

  5. lol
    btw they said that heechul’s oh my is in response to gd’s oh my
    its explained here

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