Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 25, 2009

“You’re Beautiful” Trailer

Credit: Korewind @ Youtube

GUYS, I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS DRAMA *_____________________________*

In fact, I might even finish this one :D

I loved Hanakimi (jap. version) but didn’t like Coffee Prince (I know, I’m the only one who didn’t =.=) and this looks like a mixture of the two, so I’m really excited to see how it turns out :D The plot seems really interesting, and when you mix that with THREE BEAUTIFUL BOYS it should mean a really awesome drama :D

Jang Geun Suk’s hair is a bit :/ I hope he doesn’t keep it like the for the whole drama D; Hongki LOOKS SO GOOD *_* That scene of him with the actress and the apple LOL I’m not too familiar with the third guy, but he seems like the Hanazawa Rui of this drama, no?

Great, now I need to start saving to buy all the merchandise this drama will release XD


  1. I crawled out from the pile of work and paint fumes to drop a line to you gals. Hmm, I have no clue what this drama is about but I thought I’d throw in my support to you about Coffee Prince. And here, I thought I was the only one who didn’t think it was all that…

    Let me know how this is! Maybe I’ll watch when I am on break in few months.

    • Yea, I think it’s overrated, but everyone else seems to love it :S

      This drama’s about a girl who secretly takes her twin brother’s place in a boyband, kinda like “She’s The Man” :D

      Good luck with your work~! Paint fumes doesn’t sound fun :S

  2. OMG! Never been so excited about a k-drama in my life XD At least you actually attempted Coffee Prince, I just thought the concept of cross-dressing was way too strange, haha.

    HongKi *.* Boy looks so much hotter without that horrible carrottop, and he plays drums! Can’t get much better than that! Looks like Jang GeunSuk’s got the most parts so far, but the story looks like it’s gonna be funny and cute :3 Definitely be tuning in.

    • LOL I liked other cross-dressing dramas like Hanakimi, so I thought I’d give it a go. I think I got up to ep10/13?

      DOESN’T HIS HAIR LOOK SOOOO PRETTY :DDD? Haha. I think Jang GeunSuk is the main guy??

  3. OMG!!!! HONGKI!!! <3333333

    This drama looks pretty interesting! I thought I was the only one who doesn't like Coffee Prince, lol! It was okay at first, but then it got really weird…

    I personally think J-drama is better than K-drama… I mean the plots are more interesting. The Korean ones mostly focus on "cute" concept rather than the plot itself.

    Anyway, hope that this one won't disappointed me! Can't wait to see Hongki ^^

    • I totally agree with what you said about Jdramas! And Jdramas are also a lot shorter, so normally the plot runs a lot faster and you don’t get those draggy scenes :/

  4. no way! you’re not the only one LOL i loved hanakimi but i really couldnt stand coffee prince :P coffee prince was one of the few dramas i couldnt finish watching….

    but this drama seems interesting! i anticipate it! ^__^

    • Haha, it’s pretty hard for me to finish a drama, but I really didn’t like Coffee Prince (except for Waffle-Boy, he was cute). I loved the Jap. version of Hanakimi. THE CRACK WAS SO AWESOME *__*

  5. Looking forward to it!! hahaha
    i think im gonna love this since i liked both hana kimi and coffe prince ^^,


    • I loved Hanakimi :DDD Coffee Prince, not so much XD;; But I know that 99% of fandom loved it, so you’re definitely not alone there lol XD

  6. omg i can’t wait for this either! i’m so excited!

  7. I love Coffee Prince, especially around the middle where it got all angsty omg AND I LOVE HANA KIMI – the whole thing because it was so ridiculous (and to throw in more cross dressing I love Ouran High School Host Club as well).

    Needless to say, I think I’ll at least like this.


      Hanakimi was sa;dslkahgf;lsjf AWESOME. The casting was done very, very well. NAKATSU <3333

      I didn't like Coffee Prince, I felt that it got too draggy and kinda weird :S But Waffle Boy.. *__*


        Everything in Hana Kimi was so ridiculous it worked, Nakatsu was the sweetest thing ever. Even my brother (who is really anti-asian) watched with me and liked it despite the gay tones.

        Actually yeh, CP lost its steam at like ep 13 but the middle section is so dramatic and good I watched it while I was sick and bawled a river.

        • TAMAKI AND HIS LOVE OF “COMMONER FOOD” <33333333333!

          I also loved the twins and Honey :3 My favourite scene was the episode when they went on that camping trip, and Kyoya went into Haruhi's room with no shirt on *____* Hahahah. I wish it had more romance scenes, though :(

  8. You didn’t like Coffee Prince?!?!?! ?!?!?!
    lol just joking :D I know other people that didn’t like it, but idk I loved it. Gong Yooooooooooo.

    I really like this trailer, thanks for posting <33. I'm really excited for this drama as well, the Hong Sisters can do no wrong for me :).

    • Lol I just found their relationship really awkward XD But Gong Yoo and his room of toys is win <3

      I've been looking for a good drama to follow (Yunho's drama doesn't interest me, tbh :/) so I really hope this drama will be as awesome as it looks in the trailer :D

  9. woah! just woah!

    if i were to mute the audio and forget that the actors were korean, i would have thought this was a jdrama..haha! i dunno.there was something about the behavior of the camera or the scenes..makes me think that its japanese..haha! okay just ignore what im saying.. ^^

    i was gonna ask where can i watch a subbed version of this when it airs..can you tell? i really think its interesting and i wanted to watch it.. ^^

    thanks for posting this..never thought it would be great.. ^^ thanks!

    • I know what you mean!! Especially that scene with them all in the garden… I hope it doesn’t fall into the typical kdrama trend of being too draggy :S

      I normally watch subbed dramas on mysoju, it’s pretty good and the episodes get uploaded really fast :)

      • haha..don’t just kdramas turn to a point like that..
        i just hope it wouldn’t on this one.. ^^

        oh okay.. i know that site..thanks!! ^^

  10. am really excited for this one! :DDDDDD x a gazillion!

  11. i didn’t like coffee prince also ^^ :p you’re not alone

  12. hey i’ve seen the first subbed ep.. ^.^

    hong ki is soo adorable!! >.<

  13. do anybody know the name for the first song of allll??XD

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