Posted by: lovediaries | September 27, 2009

090926 T-Ara feat. Taegoon @ Music Core

{credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ youtube}

asjfkdjlf I was so excited when I heard the news about Taegoon performing in the place of Supernova but…it turned out kinda awkward D: Only cause Taegoon looks reeeeeeeally out of place, and he’s always off to the side even though he’s the only guy performing with 4 other girls. OH HEY, THEY LOOK LIKE F(X).

Taegoon was really awkward with Hyomin too HAHA. He didn’t seem to want to touch her XD. And I think you can still hear the guys and Taegoon’s voice sounds sort of nasal-y :/. BUT UM, I LOVE HEARING TAEGOON RAP ♥. He should rap in his own songs :).

Oh and I must take this opportunity to link you guys to Soyeon’s extremely short performance of 8eight’s “I have no heart” on this week’s M!Net. She sang for less than half a minute, which is a total shame but omg she looked so pretty and sang so well. She also sounded like she was going to cry at one point. IT IS TOTALLY TOUCHING. ♥♥.


  1. lol still haven’t seen this version with supernova, only watched this cause of Taegoon. Even though it did look kind of awkward, I’m so proud of him, his performances have definitely improved. His rapping is hot ear candy. Something that might lessen the awkwardness is not to perform as the only male with a girl group, so maybe a duo, Taegoon and I.

    • Aw, you should def. watch the other versions! A lot more touching and it’s definitely fiercer having more men on stage <3

  2. I got signed out of WP and it won’t let me get back on T_T Technology hates me today.

    Lol the performance was awkward ey? Poor Taegoon in his own little world and the background rap with the supernova voices is really loud. Sorta drowned off Taegoon. But he looked great. And I’d like to see how all 12 will be able to pull the stage off with so much ppl dancing on stage and doing their parts :DD I hope they win sometime. It’s such a great song <3

  3. Lmfao you’re a loser.

    Idky they’re combining both groups, I mean the stronger singers are here already and so it’s not likely the others will be getting solo lines (I may be wrong?) so what’s the point :/

  4. taegoon > t-ara


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