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090804 SHINee & SNSD @ FBG

::EDIT:: Good news guys :D! SFI are subbing this omg! You won’t need to put up with my crappy summaries haha.

I finally have time to watch the 2nd ep, omg. Sorry this took so long! I’ve only done Part 1 so far.

090728 Episode

{credit: vul3a04680905 @ youtube}

So the last ep ended with a love triangle, or something like that haha. Finally Onew gets to talk and goes to sit next to Jessica. They stare into each other’s eyes for the longest time when talking to each other so the two MCs are all “OOOH~ why are you staring lovingly at each other” and Onew goes “But before you said they were awkward and couldn’t look into each other’s eyes…” (as in Key and Jessica). Lolol, Onew ♥. They talk about how Onew would greet Jessica all seriously with a 90 deg bow while Jessica does her casual “oh hi” but that was just a joke. And then they’re all “LOL JESSICA YOU’RE SO FUNNY :DD”. Riiiight. XDD.

Then they ask about Hyoyeon ♥. (PMS says her name wrong lmfao then Sunny said one time PMS was saying a song name on radio and pronounced it wrong.) Anyway, Hyoyeon has the BIGGEST crush on Onew. I think so anyway, it’s very cute. (Meanwhile, Key sits there sulking and forgotten.) Onew says his impression of Hyoyeon was that she was always very kind and she taught him many things during training. Then Hyoyeon says that because they headed home in the same direction (everyone starts “OOOHing” but she goes “No, don’t do that” gosh she is so cute) they’d often go to the studio to practice together, omgggg <33. AND THEN THE CUTEST PART, SHE CALLED HIM “JINKI” /FLAIL FLAIL. She stopped herself but everyone already heard, and Onew was all orz. OMG DYING FROM THE CUTE :333. Because Hyoyeon used Onew’s real name, they told Onew to call Sunny by her real name? Idk, he starts shaking his head AND THE PUPPY WHINING NOISES OMG ;________;.

PMS asks if they ever went for a cup of tea (LOL WTF) or a glass of milk on their way home together HAHAHA. Jessica goes “Did you eat hamburgers?” and Hyoyeon says they ate Korean rice cakes :3. AWWW, OMG THAT IS SO CUTE. And Onew adds they’d eat them from the stalls in the station. PMS asks who suggested it and Hyoyeon said “It would be me” :3. SEE, SHE TOTALLY HAD A THING FOR HIM /flails. ANNNNNNNNND OMFG ONEW WOULD ALWAYS BE IN HIS SCHOOL UNIFORM *_________*. Then on the subway, if there was a seat, Onew would let Hyoyeon sit :3. And Onew goes all shy ^^. Onew would be the one to get off first and he’d turn to her and say “Bye”. Omg, you guys, this is so freaking cute, I am crying.

They tell Onew to switch seats and Jessica goes “What, why!?” HAHA. I’d totally speak out too if Onew was about to switch seats with Hyungdon XD. PMS gets up to do the “Gee” dance and he looks like a mouse lmfao. Hyungdon then does the “Genie” dance and HAHA ONKEY’S REACTION. Poor Onew, he’s always getting abused by Key lmao. So the girls get up to demonstrate and ughhhh Hyoyeon totally complimented Onew ;~;. Key then challenges them and dances as well~ Gosh, Key is so sexy *_*. And the caption reads “Is he the 10th SNSD member” or something ridic like that LOOL. And then it went “Noonas, don’t feel self conscious” UM, HOW CAN WE NOT!?

Afterwards, Onew says he remember watching their first performance and how they were all in time with each other but for some reason he kicked his foot?! And everyone’s all UM WTF? D: LOOL While Onew laughs. And apparently, he continued laughing at himself (by himself) for a while after that. FFFF HE’S SO CUTE.

PMS starts talking again and Hyoyeon accidentally cut him off lolol so he’s all “Don’t interrupt wait until I’ve finished talking” then tells Jessica to stop fixing her nails XD. In this Q&A segment, they have to use the skilltester, pick a doll and there’s a question inside it. Ooh that’s so cool. If they can’t get a doll though, they don’t get a question. Jessica asks if she can ask the questions lol so they’re all “If you listened to PMS you would’ve known” and asks if she’s got an mp3 in lol. Anyway, Jessica goes first and when she finally gets a doll…ROFL IT GETS STUCK IN THE CLAW.

Part 2


  1. life is so unfair, why don’t i know korean nor chinese nor japanese? T___T

    • It’s okay, there are people like me to make life easier? HAHA <333

      • well, that makes it harder to accept. LOL.


    “noonas, don’t feel self conscious” meh, of course everyone envy you Key. Trufax.

    will watch later.. err idk when XD;;

    just reading the recap made loling already, ty bb <3

    • Lol you’re welcome :). Reading the recap is good enough, rly haha.

  3. I’m waiting for english subs then.

    • SFI are subbing it!

  4. Reading your recap really makes me want to see this! *sigh* Stupid school. I guess I’ll have to save it for the weekend.

    • Yeah, save it and the subbed videos will be out by then haha ~

  5. HOMG HYONEW <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

    /ninjas back


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