Posted by: lovediaries | October 3, 2009

091002 Shall We Dance – Minho Cut

{credit: shineee16 @ youtube}

This is Minho doing the Paso Doble.

Ballroom dancing is possibly one of the funnest things you can ever do. I loved it back when I did it in High School and oh how I miss it. Minho was amazing omg. I couldn’t stop staring at his legs, they go for a mile, I swear *_*. And he has really good posture and just looked damn pro ♥. According to the video, he came either 2nd or 3rd, so yaaaay :D.

Minho’s been getting so many variety show (and other) appearances lately :)).


  1. I swear I will come back and watch this later when I closed to capped. ;___;

    laksflkanf. Ballroom was fun when I did it too. :D! Lmao, but I kept being the guy coz I was taller, so now I know the guy steps for waltz and samba. ):

    • I was always the girl just cause I had better hips ;). Lmao but the teacher always picked me to demonstrate and he was seedy looking D:

      • LOL, that is so creepy. We had people in our grade who did ballroom, so they got picked. 8D
        narghhh, i want to watch this since Minho looks really pro in all the .gifs but dad told me to wait ’til Wednesday, when we get renewed. ):

        • And you are so good for listening to your dad lmao.

  2. woahhhhh :OO

    good that Minho gets more exposures lately, boy got talents :Dd

    • I know eh, and he was once upon a time the quiet one that never spoke :)

      • I actually think he’s not THAT quiet in rl though

        • But even SHINee used to say that even in rl, he’d sit there and just be thoughtful and not talk. NOW…dundunduun. (I mean, we never know what’s real and what’s not I guess, but still, Minho has changed~)

        • “Minho has changed~” XDDD

          I think this happened to Taemin too, like, he used to ~blink~ and not talking then suddenly he became more talkative
          I love his voice therefore we need to hear him talks more

          • For the better! I promise. I mean people before kept saying he was useless D: and now they know how awesome the boy is :DDD.

            LMFAO yes /thinks back to when Key mocked Taemin XDD!

          • lol yeah the boys keep showing us their ~hidden~ talents!
            from taemin in piano, minho’s talents, to Onew bboy-ing

            ahaha, that will always be rmbred. oh key umma XD;;

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