Posted by: lovediaries | October 4, 2009

091003 SBS Chuseok Special – Star Idol Big Show

Where has everyone disappeared to? LAEC has been so quiet :((.

You can watch the whole show on skn2ne1′s account! I really need to run and study so I’ve only watched…four clips XD. ::EDIT:: More clips have been added after the cut :)

2NE1 : Let’s Go Party – Yaaay <3 I love this song and it was a really good performance :D. Bom’s dress is so so cute. I wish Dara didn’t have to wear that thing on her head lol she looks like a housewife T__T.

After School : Buttons – I was really looking forward to this performance because I really like this song LOL. I was so distracted by Uee’s :| face that I sort of lose excitement half way lol, girl looks soooo happy to be there herself. BUT Gahee is so pretty ;__;. Soyoung is missing because, according to the video, she was unwell during recording. That sucks :/. The second half of the video is the best part~ I loved the star formation on the ground :D.

KARA : Dance Battle – Wow, Hara *_*. Her and Nicole start off mirror-ing each other. Too bad they weren’t totally in synch :/. The other three come out and Jiyoung is soooo cute :3. I liked Nicole’s part near the end when all five came together~

SNSD : “The Boogie That Be” & “Break Away” – Sooyoung, Yuri and Hyoyeon’s performance :D, I can’t stop watching it hehe. This reminded me a lot of their performance on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate, but a whole lot better~ I love watching Hyoyeon dance (soo glad she’s in the center the whole time hehe), she always looks like she’s having so much fun :D. As for Yuri, I wish she’d smile more lol.

Beckery: All these Chuseok Special shows make me happy :D Just going to add three more clips, cuz I’m biased like that :D

2NE1 & Big Bang : Last Farewell + How Gee – I actually thought it would be a joint joint stage like WonderBang’s but they performed ‘Last Farewell’ separately T__T I really like the what the girls are wearing for some reason. It’s simple but cute. They did a great job at the song, but of course once the boys came out you could see that the original singers are always slightly better :DDD Daesung bb is still missing btw. I love how the boys pump up the audience, especially GD, so full of energy!!! The performance made me miss Big Bang as a group cuz um Big Bang sorta >>> Members’ solo activities haha.

GD & Dara : Hello – THIS IS SO CUTE KLSJDFLSKJLSF. At first I didn’t really like this song, then it slightly grew on me and now thanks to this performance, I really like this song haha! Seriously, the chemistry is totally there. GD is so freakin’ cute, acting all shy with his cap, poking Dara’s back and omfg he is just ADORABLE! Just one very tiny thing, wth is Dara wearing O___O

Dirty Eyed Boys : Abracadabra – *sighs* This was a good performance but the void is just so obvious it makes me DDD: It would have been better if the rest of the Dirty Eyed Boys were here, especially with Chansung doing the solo dance *_____* Though Jo Kwon’s expressions STILL PAWNS EVERYTHING. He rocks the dance and he knows it hahaha. And so much for keeping his ballad appearance, Seulong just made it go crumbling down hahaha <3


  1. /breaks silence.



      Just a couple more days :)!


        Indeed. ): Lucky I’m not going out on Wednesday…


          • I LOVE IT. 8D
            Technically it would’ve started like two weeks ago with no school work, but we were busy being awesome with luncheon. ):

  2. I haven’t watched any clips yet but looking fwd to it! :D All these idol groups are great but watching them all just makes me go all *sigh* that my favourites aren’t there…2pm T.T And where’s Super Junior? D:

    Sorry for being a wet blanket XD Thanks for the recaps, you girls are awesome~

    • So many awesome performances for the past few days from all the Chuseok specials – it’s so hard to catch up T_T. (I don’t think SJ were on this show but that’s okay cause Teuk, Hyuk, Onew and Taemin were on another show :)))

      And thank you for commenting <33 I'VE MISSED EVERYONE ;__;.

      • You’ll wish I shut up soon, I get carried away XD
        What show were they on?? I only saw SungMin in the Genie stage but because the quality was kind of blurry I could only see Hyuk and Shindong…I guess Super Junior M are busy promoting? ;_;

        OOh and I’m squeeing at Kara’s dance battle! I always knew Nicole could dance but HaRa too!?! The girl’s got a lot of power for such a tiny frame…lol, I love all the hair-flicking and such. So cuteee…and GyuRi, wow!

        After School = Awesome and they need to appear more on shows. Not just UEE. My favourite is GaHee she’s so slender just…wow. They definitely live up to their Korean PCD title.

        I told you I ramble XD

        • I forgot DEG!! JoKwon <3 I heard he has a gf now? Well, she must be one awesome girl to be able to accept all his quirky ways…I love the boy but he is a bit larger than life! On TV anyway, who knows what he's like offscreen :P

          • Oh are you talking about WGM? Jokwon and Ga In got married but I think it was just for Chuseok. Not sure if they’re gonna stay married or not~

            • Nope, I was talking about Scandal. Have you watched it?

        • No way! Um, I’m actually not too sure what that show was, I only watched a 1 minute cut from it, but I’m hoping sjsubs09 sub it :DD.

          Yeah I watched this video of Hara “boxing” and damn for a tiny girl, she has a lot of power haha.

          It’s okay~ lmao as if we don’t ramble in our posts :P<33

  3. /makes a lot of noise.

    DIRTY EYED BOOOOOOOOOYS! lkghdklsaghjfhdakgsjdksa gain marrying jokwon is so appropriate these days. lmao. XD (well, that was quite… inappropriate for this post. XD)

    oh. and GDara! <3333

    • I LOVE YOU, GURL ♥.

      I saw pics from the WGM ep lmao. It’s so hard seeing Kwon as a man lmao.

      (Anything you say is appropriate <33)

      • i love you mooooar! <3

        i hope WGM jokwon♥ga in gets subbed soon! HAHA. i bet jokwon is all manly behind that diva D: (more like sungmin being that manly behind all the aegyo :D)

        • YOU DO NOT >:DD.

          I hope it does too hehe, but then I doubt I’d have the time to watch it T^T

  4. Lol I’ve been on hiatus for the past…idk days. My brain is fried alright? I couldn’t help but take a peek in here though. My Pharm.Tech certification exam is on Tues. so until then I’m a hermit.^^ If I pass, I’ll be back spazzing over pretty boys like a crazy. If I fail, I’ll be back drowning my sorrows in pretty boys…and chocolate syrup. Either way.XD

    • Oh yeah, we weren’t sure if people were on exams or if people were just getting lazy haha but it was just weird that it was EVERYONE.

      BUT, I understand, good luck with the rest of your exams <3333. And we will be waiting for you~ /sits waiting for you. :)).

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