Posted by: lovediaries | October 5, 2009

091004 MBC Chuseok Special – Star Dance Battle

I am slowly making my way through the videos ^^;;. You can watch the whole show on spodocspark’s account; there are 12 parts in total. I know later there was another mini dance battle where Taemin came out…does anyone know where that part is, cause I can’t find it ;~~;. Nvm, found it! It’s in Part 9 :).

I still remember last year I was so sad that SHINee lost haha, but this year I predicted that After School would win against them so I’m not as upset because I was prepared for it orz.

Round 1

SHINee :  ‘Boys On Top’ parody of BoA’s ‘Girls On Top’ – I love their outfits omg. It’s like the upgraded school boy look ♥♥. I guess this was more like a performance than anything haha, I didn’t feel there was too much dancing? Or hard choreography? So I can see why they lost, though I hate to say it. My favourite part has to be when they jumped on top of the male dancers. BOYS ON TOP, right?

After School : 2PM’s ‘Again & Again’ – Is it wrong that the highlight of this clip for me was Sungmin’s Ooh-face? HAHA, just kidding, but it was very cute. Not surprised UEE still has her :| face, when has that changed? I liked Beka’s growl and the dancing after that. I wish SHINee had a little part like that in their dance XD.

Round 2

2AM : 4Minute ‘Hot Issue’

Cool Kim SeonSoo : Son DamBi ‘On A Saturday Night’

Round 3

Baek Ji Young and Kim Tae Woo : Um JungHwa’s ‘Invitation’

Jang Yoon Jeong and Park Hyun Bin : ‘My Ear’s Candy’ trot version

Round 4

Jung Juri and Mighty Mouth

Epik High : Seo Taiji and Boys

Round 5

Jewelry : Musical dance performance

KARA : ‘Nobody’

Round 6

Boom : ‘Abracadabra’ – LOL OMG I AM SO DISTURBED. No, not really. But I had the same reaction as the audience –> DDDD: HAHA but I couldn’t keep my eyes away. I think I liked last year’s “Pretty Girl” performance more~ There was more dancing involved. Boom doing Ga In’s part was loooool omg xD. Still, I love the guy. AND AM SO SAD HE HAS A GF NOW.

Yoo ChaeYeong and Kim NaYeong

Round 7

SNSD : Michael Jackson and ‘Sorry Sorry’ – LOL @ Changmin cheering at the start. Everyone was really into it actually cause the performance was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good :DDDD♥♥♥♥. By the end everyone had like jumped up off their seats and were throwing things lmfao. MJ perf > > > > > > > > > > > > SJ perf buuuuut Minho, Jonghyun and Onew were dancing along aljflsjdf, soo cute.

Super Junior : ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ – I’M SO GLAD THEY WON ♥. The SJ perf is always my favourite (even though I haven’t even finished watching the videos haha). No one quite does ‘Genie’ the way Key does but alsdfjlsdkjflskdf HYUK’S RAP OMGGGGG. And the dance battle alsjflkdjf /flails. AND THEY RIPPED THEIR PANTS OFF LOLING FOREVER. Also loved how they threw in their own ‘Sorry Sorry’, ‘On A Saturday Night’, ‘Abracadabra’, and even ‘I Hate You’ :DDD♥♥. Why no “Juliette” =.=”?

Wrestling Game

Part 1

Part 2

Dance Battle Showdown – Eunhyuk comes out in a little bowtie and cardigan alsjflkdjd dyingggg. Then Shindong comes out and lifts Hyuk up lmao he looks so tiny!!! Taemin comes out next and he’s so cute ;~;. Sorta wished they sent Key out as well though. JO KWON’S HIPS OMFG WTF WHERE DOES THAT BOY LEARN HIS MOVES XDDDD. Seulong looked so excited lmao. All of SNSD (the five members that are there) come out and they all do their own thing. Seohyun and Sunny are kinda awkward… Nicole comes out for KARA :D. I love her hips ;~; and she’s so thin. Seungyeon also comes out. THEN JUNG JURI OMFGGG. SHE DANCES TO THE SONG ONEW SEXY TALKS TO OMG. COINCIDENCE MUCH!?!?!?! OMG AND THEN JO KWON COMES OUT AGAIN. MY EYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES ;___;. UEE and Gahee come out for After School. OMG, DID UEE SMILE!? *GASP*. Yes, she did lol. She even pouted :O!


  1. Omomnomnom.
    Okay, I’m going to break the silence again because I am THAT bored. ):

    I’ve seen all these gifs and photos, and I am so looking forward to the SNSD perf and Sungmin’s perf the perf with SuJu in it. :D!

    /eagerly waits ’til Wednesday.


      • Oh it’s becoming my trademark, I swear.
        I DON’T FAIL ON LJ. ):


        SHINee: LOL, omg, I love their outfits. *___* Especially Jonghyun’s motorbike jacket and Taemin’s jacket and then tank top underneath. :D
        I agree though, the choreo wasn’t very impressive. ): lkansdflkndsf. I wish they had done more coz I know they can do so much better. ;___; Oh and for the first time ever, I saw them out of sync with each other. D:! DDDD:!

        SNSD: I’m so impressed by them. o_o You know I suck as a feminist (LOLOL) so I don’t follow girlbands but hooooly crap, their MJ thing was so awesome. D: So impressed.
        And their Sorrysorry was good too, even if they cut out Hyuk’s solo, Yesung’s jump and Heechul’s solo bit at the end but that’s okay. 8D I am learning to sort of appreciate them.

        Shindong looked soooo awkward in the beginning like ;___;why am I hereeeeeee and sooo uncomfortable. And no one could do the leg kick properly (except Sungmin :3)
        Omg, they looked so awkward and uncomfortable, all of them, and I feel so sorry for them except, yeah, they kind of asked for it. :3 Loving the outfits even if it made the choreo a bit ~__~ coz you couldn’t see them move properly. ):
        Hyuk’s rap was love, and I’m wondering if it was lip-synced (I thought it was) coz Sungmin’s voice sounded really clear and.. not… lip-synced. D: Plus he looked damn awesome.
        (I’m rewatching it now. D:)
        Teuk looks like he kind of forgot what to do during his solo. xD THEIR AWKWARD DURING THE GENIE CHORUS IS SO LOOOL. Shindong can’t feel himself up properly. ):
        But I love the dance break so much. Omg *____* Where they did little bits form songs. aslkdfnaslkfna.


  2. :D After School really blew me away with their ‘Buttons’ and then Again and Again! Can you say sexy?? Imo they pull off the sexy concept best..and I heart GaHee, omg her msg on her arm *.*
    I don’t like UEE and don’t understand why she’s everywhere. Her expression (or lack of it) just flatlined the whole thing…

    ZOMG I can’t stop loling at SHINee choosing to do ‘Boys On Top’. XD Maybe I’m just dirty-minded but…LMAO *dies laughing* TaeMin is so cute in the dance battle but he’s really, REALLY thin!! He needs to eat more!!

    JoKwon! :D I seriously love this guy…he is all sorts of win built into one and ChangMin too!

    I love Nicole’s moves, the girl’s got hips, but I prefer HyoYeon’s expressions, she so doesn’t get enough airtime. :( And SuJu, well, they never fail to disappoint. Yay for the ‘I Hate You’ move, 2pm love ftw!

    • LOL yes that’s it, UEE’s :| really puts me off watching them perform because she looks like she doesn’t even want to be there.

      Ah yes, I heart Hyoyeon so much, sometimes I wish she could just have a show where she gets to dance for hours non stop but lmao imagine how painful that would be XD.

  3. i wanna watch i wanna watch i wanna watch!

    looking forward to SuShi love XD

    • Have you watched it yet? :D

  4. The 2pm at the end of Boom’s performance is win *_*

    I think they need to really reconsider where they put their mics, cos the audience annoyed me SO much. All the “woooooooooooooooooo“ ruined SJ’s performance for me =.=

    2am’s Hot Issue was cute; the “4…2am Boy” made me laugh XD

    • You know, since you saw some, you should have edited the post XP

  5. This stuff was SOOO HILARIOUS!!!!
    This is why I love kop =P

    • Don’t we all :DDD

  6. And because candychu wanted spazzing:


    That boy is so naughty XD

    They were all so extatic =P
    The thing were they twirl is SOOOO CUTE!

    Changmin’s kick was so much win =P He was so SMILEY ABOUT IT. I love this guy! He’s soooo funny!!!!

    They SPAZZED at 1:15!!!!


    Ahhhhhhhh I love 2AM!

    • ROFLMAO. Spazzessss with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. 2AM is awesome AND DESERVES MORE AND MORE LOOOVVEEE. Jo Kwon is Imop’s BFF :D and Jinwoon is my own little guilty pleasure hehehe

  7. white hair <33

  8. Haven’t watched this yet. Trying to catch up during the figurative calm before the storm.

    My boys won? :D♥ That makes me happy.

    • I know this is sad but I’ve never seen a Hot Issue perf. So I can’t relate OTL But KWON IS AWESOME, that is all :D And Jinwoon is soooo adorable! XD (I see KiKi in here LOL)

      I never knew how much I missed watching SHINee (specifically, KiKi) perform until now. T_T But. Yeah. YAY KIKI HAHAHAHA. And the part where the backup dancers carry them is so…. suggestive. D: I feel sorry for the backups.


      My boys make me so proud♥ T_T I just miss seeing all of them on stage, instead of only three or four. (was watching SuShow the other day and I cried orz) But, yes, they’re always so lovely. I always love their perfs more than the others’. I’m no SNSD fan but the boys always make me like the songs lol.

      • Not your boys darling, OUR BOYS XPPPPP

        WEll I’ve seen like 2 Hot Issue performances so I’m no better than you but whatevers Jo Kwon pawns everything anyways.

        I have nothing to say about SHINee so um yea wooooo XDDD

        I love Suju’s dance. They always come up with awesome ones and Hyuk is such a hottie when he dances. Biased here haha

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