Posted by: lovediaries | October 5, 2009

Preview F.T Island’s 3rd Japanese Single – Raining

{credit: FTilove @ youtube}

No fobby Engrish, yaaaay <333. I LOVE IT. ANGSTY JROCK, WOOHOO.

I have nothing more to say except that Seunghyun looks positively beautiful in this and 0.07 was like my favourite part. So glad Jaejin’s hair has grown out a bit and Jonghun on the piano *___*. Do want. Hopefully we get to see more of everyone in the full version :DD.


  1. Haha, I was just about to post this

    I loooooove Jonghun on piano *__* He has pretty piano fingers…

    The picture at the end is cool. At first, I couldn’t see the other two, but then I found them :D If I sat like them, I’d fall and break something…

    • Beat you to it >:D.

      And yes, pretty piano fingers are nice ;_;

  2. this 30 sec preview took forever to load and it stopped loading half way. T______T stupid net connection.

    anyway, is this the mv they filmed in cebu (philippines)? aslkfhadjkfgaakldfsfk /excited for fti! :D

    • I’m not too sure, would they have time to edit and stuff? You know Cebu more than I do haha, does it look familiar?

  3. Yay!! They look hot! And JongHun on the piano <3 Can't wait.

    • I can’t wait for the full thing either :D!

  4. FT. Island’s style really fits J-Pop.

  5. I love Hongki’s voice so much! *swoons*
    I can’t wait to see the full video, especially Jonghun’s angsty piano playing :P

    • Yes yes yes, bring on the angsty piano playing *_*

  6. angst. angst. angst. angst. (been watching to much potter puppet pals sorry)

    I really need this right now…and fail me, I pressed the play button thinking it was the full mv and then got surprised when it finished 30sec later. Wah, I wonder how Hongki will deal with this and his drama. Ugh, Seunghyun wearing all black *drools*

    • LOL OMG I rmbr watching that!

      Haha silly you <3

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