Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 7, 2009

JoKwon & Whale – Dunk Shoot MV

Video: YourasiansourceKpop @ Youtube


Yea, just needed to get that out of my system :D I wonder if it’s an actual word?

Finally, a creative mv =.= I don’t really understand it (wtf are the rabbit-men doing there??) but I thought it was really interesting and new :) JoKwon’s got an amaaazing ballad voice (2am <3) but he sounded great in this! I’m not too familiar with Whale, but I thought she sounded equally great :)


I will end this post with



  1. lmao rofl lol I was wondering too if that was a word, who cares I’ll go up to anyone who understands korean and randomly say yabalabahiamo hamo. I looooooovvvvvve w&whale and Kwon. I actually think I first heard of whale here on imop when she was doing a photo shoot with Taegoon (yum) and they did a cute dance to high school sensation, the one where they waved their arms around. but AGREED gawd this video is so refreshing, and it’s better than beyonce’s video (I’m not intending to bash Kanye). The color choice is perfect, the style, the clothing, Kwon. I think the bunny men are Jay (I’m joking just being delusional), but I think she always has weird people in her vidoes, like how her band has those creepy test dummy masks.

  2. im gonna go up to ppl and say YABALABAHIGIA!!!!!!!!! XD

  3. I love whale =)

    I love Jo Kwon. XD

    The mv is REALLY CUTE!!! Yeah, Whale is very refreshing =P

    I want a live performance as well. Can anyone tell me, I believe this is a remake of a 1996 song?

  4. Oh, this is such a good song. I love all the expressions Kwon makes ^^ Its so him

  5. I’m so behind fandom it’s not even funny anymore. ):

    Kwon♥ I love his voice. And it’s a nice song to listen to :) I’ve never heard of Whale o.o The song sounds familiar O:

    I might not be making sense. It’s 4AM, I just woke up and. Yeah.

  6. …Does ANYONE else think that the chorus sounds really familiar? Not saying that it’s copied–sampling is TOTALLY ok with me–but I’m going crazy trying to remember where I’ve heard it before.

    …BAILAMOS. THAT’S what it reminded me of. ^^;

    Regardless, it’s catchy. Yay JoKwon

  7. This song makes me sad for some reason. T^T

    The way they sing it gives me an ‘I wish I were them and could have that much fun’ feeling. . . .

    But I do love the song like crazy. XD


  8. And then there’s the fact that I CANNOT FIND THE LYRICS FOR THIS ANYWHERE! T^T

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