Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 8, 2009

SHINee Coming Back With “2009, Year of Us”

Credit: SHINee’s Baidu, original translation here

 Image Hosted by

Candychu is the LAEC’s SHINee fan, but I just had to post this so I can LOL at the pictures of their hair

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. KEY XDDDDD. OMG. WHY DO SM STYLISTS HATE KEY SO MUCH XDDD OMG. DYING. HAHAHAHAHA. Onew’s hair reminds me of Yunho’s Rising Sun hair. DNW :( Jonghyun looks REALLY GOOD AS A BLONDE. VERY BRITISH ROCK BAND. YUM. Taemin still has a mop on his adorable head and Minho’s curls remind me of a rag doll :/

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, here’s something a bit more informative ^^;;;

The new mini-album promotions will start on October 19th, and SHINee will be showing more mature vocal skills as well as the different personalities and skills of each of the members. From October 9th – 13th, their official SM site will be releasing different pictures of the boys, to show fans their new image.


  1. key…whoa…maybe DBSK’s stylist decided to jumped over to Shinee?
    I kinda thought that key was trying to pull a mirotic!yoochun hair (which still bugs me until now >.<)
    bt i just miss these boys too much to complain <3

    • I agree. I thought the same thing about the mirotic hair!


      Finally some good news!
      I will soooooo be looking forward to this =P

      • YAY! *hi5* great minds think alike ;]

        Im looking forward to this as the beginning of the end of girlgroups domination XD
        I just want my boys back .<)

  2. yay!!! very excited for their comeback!

  3. Sooooooo excited! I’m drooling over their more mature image and the absence of rainbow vomit so the hairstyles don’t bother me at all.

    Plus Onew looks so sexy and mature in that solo pic! And I’m loving Jonghyun’s two-tone hair. Key…Key can pull off anything so I’m not worried :P I’m probably in the minority here but I think he actually look cool with that hair.


    brb to comment on the hairs

    • omg wth happened with the hairstyles :O
      maybe this is just camera/lighting effect that makes them weird.

    stylists love to experiment on him eh?

    the hair reminds me of SPOCK from STAR TREK.
    seriously, he looks more diva-ish now more than ever. LOVEEEETTT~

    what excites me is the “skills of each member”.
    onew’s solo song puh-lease SM, been waiting for that for ages.

  6. Heyy I’ve been so busy with school for the past weeks that I haven’t been able to comment… :PP but I’m back! :D

    NOOO MINI-ALBUM!! ;___; I was hoping for a full album but I guess a mini-album’s always better than nothing :DD ummmm… HAHAHAHA KEY’S HAIR! XD Jonghyun and Onew look gooood <3, Taemin's the same, still cute, and Minho needs to cut his hair RIGHT NOW! D: :DD

  7. Can’t wait to see Taemin again! I hope their 3rd mini-album will contain better songs and a better promotional song that will win #1 too. Jonghyun in blonde hair looks interesting and is it me or does Key give off the emo style well? Or he just really looks really good. Oh well.

  8. KEY IS THE NEW YOOCHUN. That solo pic of him actually reminds me of Giovanni from the manga DOGS…. o.o

    I no likey leader-sshi’s hair. >: Jonghyun reminds me of GD lol wth

    • ROFL. “KEY IS THE NEW YOOCHUN.” should i be looking forward to key wearing his umma’s hair style? XDD


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