Posted by: lovediaries | October 9, 2009

F.T Island – Raining MV

{credit: jinnienomuyeppo02 @ youtube}

You know sometimes when you watch something with too many pretty things, your heart just sorta implodes and you’re left going *_* oh wow. Well that’s what just happened.

alsfjsdljfsd I loved everything about this MV ♥. Not even talking about the song, the MV was so lovely to watch. It was sad without too much drama and the grey-ness of it all just really set the scene. The boys all looked really good in it – I loved all their solo scenes and them playing their instruments. The random jumping was a bit lulzy, but other than that, everything was so beautiful. Jonghun on the piano and with his headphones, Jaejin with his umbrella (loved the part where he threw it off the building and it just sorta seemed to float~), Seunghyun and his little ponytail, Minhwan looking like a man and Hongki leaning over the ledge. That just seemed so sad ;~;. And I loved that it didn’t actually start raining til the very end.

Now, onto the song. I REEEALLY LIKE IT. At first, I was :/ ‘this doesn’t sound as good as the teaser’ but then the chorus came in and I loved it ♥♥. I also like that Jaejin gets to sing a chorus all by himself :D! Sorta sad Seunghyun didn’t get his own chorus haha but Jaejin sounded really good (HIS VEIN *____*) so it makes up for it :). And at the end, they all sing together. Either that or they were just lipsynching along and pretending to sing haha~

The single will be released Oct 21st! Just two days after SHINee’s Comeback ^^!


  1. It’s so amazing. T____________________________T I can’t get over it! Ahh! I love them so much.



      I still have the tab open to rewatch ;~;. I’ll have to agree with you, this might be my fav FTI MV. Though I like their movie-length ones (hehe), this was just too pretty ;~;

      I hate twitter, let’s kill it together.

  2. *.* Omg…*is speechless*
    I always love F.T Island’s MVs, the Korean ones are all angsty and k-drama-ish, and the Japanese ones are always so pretty and poetic, especially this one! LOVE HongKi’s hair, the boy looked terrible with that carrottop he had for BaRae. XD I’m sorry, but it’s true.

    (HIS VEIN *____*)

    LOL candychu, you capture my sentiments perfectly. XD That makes up for everything, yes, no? And he has such a nice voice..he should sing more!

    • Isn’t this one of the most beautifulest thing ever!? ;~~;

      I hope they film a Krn style angsty one with Seunghyun. I wanna see him all man and fighting and … being all man HAHA. I’ve actually always liked FTI’s MV haha, but I def. love this one in a different way <3.

      Well, great minds think a like! (Jaejin does have a sweet voice, but I think he still has a lot of room for improvement in terms of vocal strength. Did you watch the clip where he sang "I Hope"? ^^;;)

  3. The song hasn’t caught me yet but the MV is beautiful! Really dreamy….I like the colours and the solo bits for each member. Also, have you seen “You’re Beautiful’? The first 2 eps are up on viikii and Hongki is so. CUTE. And everyone is perfect in their roles and Park shin-hye’s character isn’t as annoying as jandi :)

    • I really do want to watch the drama but I have no time. I procrastinate enough as it is. Are they subbed on viikii? :)

      • Yep they are ^__^ I can’t wait for the next episode!

  4. hm… i prefer their jpn sounds to their korean. i dint like the repeat shot/jump cuts at the beginning. it was distracting for me. maybe it goes wit the song? i dunno..

    i think jaejin’s voice suits this song better. he has a more j-pop voice compared to hongki’s.

    but yeah… everyone looks great here :) im sooo getting hongki’s blonde colour.

    • Yeah that was a bit weird how they kept replaying but I learnt to ignore it haha. Everyone is going blonde lately! It’s sorta crazy XD. And yeah I reckon Jaejin does have a very jpop voice too :)

    the boys are coming backkkkk! ♥

    i absolutely love everything about this song + MV, even happier that jaejin got a chorus for himself to sing! <3333333333333333333333333

    • I’m so excited, two boybands to look forward to :)!!!

  6. omg i feel that this is the nicest jap song that they have ever released!!!gorgeous song and mv !!!
    and of cause, they looked dayumm good in the mv too :D i love the whole feel of the mv~
    cant wait for other songs in the single !

    • Oh don’t get your hopes up about the other songs LOL. I mean, they’re nice tracks! But not pretty ballads like this one. I think 30 sec previews are out? I listened to just a bit but they were too upbeat so I stopped XD.

      But yeah, I think this is my fav Jap song they’ve released <33

      • really :( i was anticipating ! since jaejin composed them? or wrote lyrics? hai idk. hahaha.

        yeah prettiest jap ft ballad <3

        • Yep, he wrote the lyrics for one song and co-wrote them in another ^^. Well maybe the lyrics are beautiful? Haha

  7. JONGHUN ON PIANO. But wth is with the hair? D:

    Oh, Jaejin. You’re still a kid T_T♥ I love hearing your voice every time I get an sms lol

    The boys look like characters from a video game.

    Is it me or did I see very little of Minhwan there? D:

    • Characters from a video game..? Haha what video game do you play? XD

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