Posted by: lovediaries | October 9, 2009

SHINee ‘2009, Year of Us’ – ‘Y.O.U’ Teaser


{credit : WRShining @ youtube}

Okay, idk what this track is called and a lot of people (including me) are doubting this is the title track. Maybe just another song off their mini album, but still.

You can’t even hear anything but nothing can stop me from loving youuuu youuuu youuuuuu youuuuu. and then a whole lot more youuuuu‘s. But alksjflskjfskldf everyone (minus Minho :/) sings and it’s such a pretty song ajfsdkjfsf /MELTS.


  1. How many ‘youuuuuu’s’ are we going to have in this song?!?

    • I guess you’d say that when it’s not you they’re singing about :/

      • LMAO!!!

        Of course I would say that. We all know that they’re singing about you

        • Yeah, I mean, I’m the pretty noona, the oxygen they breathe, the bad woman they fall for, chuliette and now, the one they can’t stop loving.

          • LOLOLOLOL!!!

            Awww, SHINee is so sweet. Geez Candice, give them a break and show them some love. They’re singing all these songs for you, and what do you do? You just melt. Some appreciation XP

            • Oh believe me, I give them more than they want in return ;). We just keep it all behind closed doors.

  2. Finally~ I was waiting for there comeback for a while. I’m sorry for any Key’s fans but I’m just not feeling Key’s…square hair.

    • I hope it actually looks better than it did in that one picture ;~;

  3. Like most of Shinee’s recent songs, my first reaction was not so good, but after several listens I rather like it. I’m so umma-style proud of the boys! <3
    The real reason I gave it so many listens was b/c my ears are so rusty I couldn't figure out who was singing what. The Jong/Taem vocal similarity has gotten out of control. 0.o

    • Lmfao, you always make yourself sound so old!

      But yeah, after the first listen I was like “Okay, Jonghyun, Onew, Key then Taemin”. But as I listened more and more, I went “Crap is that Jonghyun or Taemin!?” but decided to go with my instinct. It’s sort of scary D:

  4. I too think this is not the title track, it should be dance-able

    • Yeah a lot of people are getting so upset over it but I really doubt its the title track :/

  5. This song is very nice and soothing.

    It’s a really nice ballad =)

    *so excited for this album*


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