Posted by: lovediaries | October 9, 2009

SNSD & f(x) – Chocolate Love CF 30s

I think longer (preferably full song length?) versions will be released :D

{credit: protonic9 @ youtube}

I really like the CF song, it’s so catchy :D. Hyoyeon and Seohyun didn’t get any solo time and neither did Yuri. The producers seem sort of Jessica/Sooyoung/Yoona biased XD.

I still think the phone looks like a remote control but many people seem to like the look of it haha.

f(x)’s version under the cut!

{credit: bossa747vid @ youtube}

FFFFFFFF NOT TRYING TO BE BIASED HERE, BUT I LIKED THIS VERSION MORE ♥. I prefer the song more too because it’s more upbeat and Amber’s rap *_____*.

But I just liked the whole look of this MV more. It reminded me a lot of GD’s MVs with a bit of 2NE1, no? This version had my heart racing faster HAHA.

At 0.06, Victoria looked like Hyoyeon with her fringe back haha. Or is that just me? :|. And and and, Amber’s solo shots ;__; cryinggggg.


  1. I actually prefer listening to the teaser version, rather than the full XD

    Definitely agree with the producers having a Jessica/Sooyoung/Yoona bias. I could barely see half the group.

    And the f(x) one…whoa O___O Victoria & Amber, they’re so hot. And I can see the Hyoyeon likeness too, so it’s just not you.

    But lol, at some of the choreo.

    • I think if you listen to the teaser version before the full one, you’d be disappointed. But since it was the other way round for me, I don’t really mind :).

      f(x) looked soo hot *_*. I didn’t mind Jessica & Taeyeon in their black dresses, but the white outfits weren’t too exciting :/.

  2. Yeah, when I saw the white dresses in the teaser pictures, I was like…”No. That is so…unflattering” But Jessica was so pretty in the black dress~

    My attention just stuck to Victoria & Amber.

    But I do like their concepts, with SNSD with the “sweet” kind, and f(x) with the “dark” kind.

    *goes back to staring at Victoria*

    • Yeah, I mean there was always a reason why I was never AJLASDLJSD SNSD *___* haha. But yeah, the contrast is nice :). Yoona at the end of f(x)’s cf was sort of lulzy though.

      Luna didn’t get enough screentime in their one :/.

      • Sort of lulzy? More like “LOL, what is she trying to do? Fierce, while kinda biting her lip in confusion?”

        I wanted more Luna screentime too~ T_T

        • Speaking of Luna, don’t you reckon she looks like Bec? But a much hotter version? LOOOOOOOOOOOL.

  3. I TOTALLY AGREE~ *shifty eyes*

    • I suck at pressing the reply button ><

      • LOL that’s okay :D.

    • LOL Bec would be happy to hear ~

      • “Hey~ You look like Luna, but…less hotter.” Is that a compliment?

        And she’ll start posting comments that we’re crazy or something. Then again, she already did that…for you, hahaha.

        • LMFAO sure~ The fact that we related her to Luna is compliment enough :P

          I know, she tells me day in day out I’m crazy T_T. You should say that to her face more, she deserves it HAHA :P

          • And the fact that we said it’s a compliment, must mean it’s a compliment.

            If she’s violent, then I won’t say it to her face, but I will continue to post comments stating that she is. I am afraid she might throw some textbook at me.

            • LMFAOOO <33. Yep, just every time you comment add "Oh, btw, Bec is crazy" HAHA. (Though, she can still throw textbooks at you when she sees you.)

              Are you taller than Bec? If so don't be afraid, I'm sure you can outrun her HAHA.

  4. I’m not quite sure it’s worth it. Protect me~ Somehow XD

    Um, I have no idea if I’m taller or not. We could be the same height. I am pretty short T___T And I doubt I can outrun anybody, I am so unfit. And how is height related to running?

    (Oh, btw, Bec is crazy)
    (Bec, I didn’t say that. It was Candice.)

    • Cause if you have long legs you can run faster? LOL pinkandsparkly and I just like to tease Bec about her height cause she’s like, little.


      • I can’t run, but I can walk pretty fast. So I’ll powerwalk away~ XD

        And asians are supposed to be little. (And maybe she wasn’t wearing any heels (or shoelifts) for extra height)

        (Oh, btw, Bec is crazy)
        (Bec, I didn’t say that. It was pinkandsparkly)

        • Well there you go!

          Lol, I…guess :/. Tall asians are sexy though ;).


          • Is it because you’re tall and knowing that makes you feel good? I think it’s the long legs that make them sexy ;)

            (Oh, btw, Bec is crazy)
            (Bec, I didn’t say that. You said it yourself.)

            • LOL I have short legs though. I’m out of proportion so I guess I’m not that sexy after all ._.

              (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA ♥. I have to direct her to this post.)

              • Awww, poor disproportionate Candice. Sorry to burst your bubble. Would it make you feel better, if I thought you were quite pretty?

                Don’t direct her to this post ><)

                • (Oh, btw, Bec is crazy)
                  (Bec, I didn’t say that. It was Hyukkie)
                  (I’m running out of people to use)

                  • HAHA I am loling irl omg /wipes tears from eyes

                • ;____; That’s so sweet, and yes it does make me feel better :Db

  5. Guys, you’re spamming IMOP. It’ll be pretty hard to hide this from me since your avatars are taking up the whole side bar T____T

    I’m going to ignore everything minus the fact that I look like Luna. She’s way hot. So even if she was hotter than me, I’d be quite pretty yes? :D Shuddup if the answer’s no. I don’t want to hear it.

    And wtf at the “LOL I have short legs though.” Yea, if you define SHORT LEGS THE SAME HEIGHT AS TREES T___T

    Oh and I’m perfectly sane, can’t say the same about you two :D

    • Oh look who’s talking 8-)

      LOL I DO HAVE SHORT LEGS. I bet they’re the same length as yours, but me being taller means by torso is like wayy longer. EWWWW.

      (Oh, btw, Bec is crazy.)
      (Everyone agrees.)

      • (Oh, btw, Bec is crazy)
        (Everyone agrees that Candice started this)

        • HOW COULD YOU!?

          • FINE!

            (Oh, btw, Bec is crazy)
            (Everyone agrees that Bec started this)

            And Candice, have I ever mentioned how pretty you looked?

            • (Everything is Bec’s fault ya know.)

              Um, I think you did a few comments ago … why? D: (You know, whenever someone says something “nice” to me, I think they’re up to something…)

              • Hahaha, I know I said it a few comments ago and you’re right. I’m up to something ^^ I thought I’ll distract you from all my comments blaming you for all this craziness, hehehe. <3 <3 <3

                • EVIL. I’m cautious for a reason >:|

                  • But, you are pretty~

                    • D: What do you want now!? /crosses arms over chest/

  6. Your lol’worthy comments

    • Oh, okay ._.

      Why haven’t you been commenting on the SHINee posts? >:/

      • She doesn’t like SHINee :DDDDDDDD FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

        And Di, how come you’ve never called me pretty ._____.

        • Tell me Bec is lying. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE SHINee WTF!?

          • Why should I comment? Isn’t there any SHINee love happening over there?
            And Bec, what’s with you and fighting huh? You’re ALWAYS encouraging it XP And it’s not like I don’t like SHINee, I think they’re okay. I just can’t seem to get into the craze but I do think they have some impressive vocals. So you could say that Bec is lying. So Candice…FIGHT HER~
            Awww, Bec, remember! You’re like the less hot version of Luna. And you have pretty hair~ Are you happy now?

            • Yeah, no love D:

              Bec is weird okay. She’s perverted and she’s weird. I don’t bother fighting with her because she’d just lose and it’s never a challenge :/.

              Anyway, idc, you’d better turn into a Shawol in preparation for their Comeback.

              • Seeing how there is no reply from Bec, that must mean she already gave up. Good work~ Although I don’t get how her weirdness & pervertedness will affect her fighting spirit and such, but I’ll just nod and agree.

                Question, wth is shawol? It’s a shawl…with an ‘o’ in there.

                Definitely no love for Bec here in this thread.

                • She’s gone to shower LOL. But yeah, this is a battle she can’t win.

                  Do you know SHINee World? Well, they are Shawols. DON’T LAUGH, or I’ll cut chu.

                  • SHINee World –> Shawols –> SHINee World


                    • I don’t get how you have so much time Di. Shouldn’t you be starting something called Biom assignment?

                      And I’m not replying merely because it’s late, I had the biom prac at 8 this morning and have no energy to argue with Worldling right now. Doesn’t mean she wins anything. And don’t listen to her, she’s just as perverted as me, if not more haha.

  7. I have lots of time, because I’m just procrastinating…SO BADLY. I’m still reading my articles and…it’s just not happening. And what about your BIOM assignment huh?

    Sure sure. I was at uni by 7:45am. I woke up earlier than you because I live further away. And I still have some sort of energy to make…pointless comments…or spam.

    So everybody on this site is perverted. So who am I supposed to listen to?!?

    • I find it really sad how the only comments in this post is us spamming T_T. DOES NO ONE CARE LMAO!?

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