Posted by: lovediaries | October 10, 2009

Preview T-Ara & Supernova – TTL Listen 2 Teaser

{credit: nasasapce @ youtube}

OMFG OMG OMG I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS MV. I loved TTL and I love TTLL2 (hehe) too, but not as much as the original. STILL, ALL 6 MEMBERS OF T-ARA AND ALL 6 MEMBERS OF SUPERNOVA, YAAAY <3.

More of you guys need to get into them so I have kindly “made” a picture with their names labelled on and you can all get learning so we can soon get spazzing, yaay!!

Gosh they’re all so fierce and hot aslkjfalskdj I hope each girl gets a guy :D!

(And in case you guys are wondering, yes, I purposely put an arrow pointing to Sungje’s crotch cause I’m funny like that.)


  1. SO EXCITED TOO! Did you see the fancam when they were filming the mv ? :D


    They always change their hairstyle, I can’t remember ;~;

    • No! I didn’t see the vid but I did see all the pictures, I’m so damn pumped for this hehe.

      LOL IT’S OKAY, I’ve been having trouble too and really wanted to learn names before the MV came out. I’ve finally did it :D! I saw a Dream Concert pic and managed to name all of them. GO ME! But yeah, if they change their hair again …. then I’m screwed XD.

  2. So far I have mixed feelings about TTLL2 though. I kinda like it but I kinda don’t. I think I like it better now that the teaser’s out, but just thinking about how its all ‘electrofied’ now and not as mellow as it used to be is kinda weird.

    I don’t think I’ll be replaying the song as much as I did for TTL, but I’m really excited for their performance. :))

    • I think it’s not as sad sounding as TTL was but I still really like the melody :)

  3. WTH they made lovely Sung Je…unpretty D:.
    Maybe cause of the mix up he gets with mr. cute hat boy Geon Il? XD.

    I listened to the whole song and I got to say, I def. liked the first version better. But yeah I’m excited for the mv and performance :D More boys and girls = lively.

    • I would so laugh if in the end, Boram and Qri still didn’t get solo lines – cause that’d defeat the purpose of everyone coming together :/.

      • lmao they really didn’t while the guys all did.
        It really defeated the purpose of them there and people bashed Boram for being too short.
        Don’t make fun of the shorties people D: (I’m Boram’s height lol).

        • There there, short people are cute :3. I think people bash Boram because…she doesn’t do much? And sort of plain? Idk, she definitely doesn’t stand out to me, hopefully this will change soon.

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