Posted by: lovediaries | October 10, 2009

SHINee ‘2009, Year of Us’ – ‘SHINee Girl’ Teaser


{credit: Bankaigirl @ youtube}

The start scared me. Idk, it’s sorta crazy sounding actually. I think I’d learn to like it because it’s SHINee and cause I love their voices, but rn, I’m hoping this isn’t the title track either because it’s even messier than “Juliette” D: I’m hearing “Sunny day”? Lmao what are they singing, they’re like all singing different things at the same time XD. This song sounds so vampire-ish haha.



  1. oh man. im hoping its not the title song too… :x
    it somehow reminds me of scar, wher its kinda messy but this is even more extreme =/
    but well, hope that it will be something good =)

    • I LOVE SCAR ;_;. Though I’ll admit, half of the reason is because the lyrics are so damn sad. I guess the “darkness” of it is like Scar, but the loud/messiness would be like Juliette xD.

  2. LOLOL I feel the same way~.

    My friend said the beat reminded her of High School Musical ><

    I'm hoping this isn't the title track too D:
    I was expecting something that could go with a really ~cool~ and ~suave~ kind of dance, but this just reminds me of something you might tap-dance to.

    If this really ends up as the title song, then it totally does not match the album jacket concept -.-


      YES! I want something suave too *_*. Just, idk, something better than Juliette because I want them to win more awards for this song >:D! Hehe, and I want awesome choreography! I also wanna know what the concept is!

  3. …..hahhahHAHHAHAHA. OMG, WTF SHINEE? D:
    I admit I’m liking their first teaser much more now, compared to this.

    I heard sexy baby but that’s normal, yes?

    Um, um, um, um, um…
    yeah idek anymore. :/
    This is just so messy and stuff. It’s actually sounds OKAY, but… just messy. :/

    • LMAO idk, I swear they mashed up 5 songs :/.

  4. It’s… weird. O___O Not something I’d expect from little kids. I don’t know what to think.

    • Lol it’s messy, I need the full track before I can decide :/

      • Yeah, me too. But for now, I’m actually liking what I hear. It reminds me of something but I can’t tell what that something is… O:

  5. The beginning was WHOA! Too much but I know I’ll love it cuz it’s SHINee and I love SHINee! :D

    • Lmao yes we have so much faith in them haha!

  6. Lmao it kinda reminds me “Senorita” or the jungle-ish song from Super Junior… “The girl is mind” or the other song, I don’t remember the name :’D

    Are they going to promote this? I hope they don’t.. ç_ç

    • LOL sort of, Senorita x Juliette x Scar, I think haha.

      LMAO JUNGLE-ISH SONG XD. Do you mean “A Man in Love” ? I love that song *_*

      • LMAO YES A MAN IN LOVE! hahaha!
        I used to love that song.

        But well, I still can’t wait their album, and their new faces! Key’s hair is soooo ugly D: did you see the DC rehearsal picture?

        I hope it will be a good album like the first one! The mini album Romeo was okay, but no “waaaaaah *___*”

        And “Scar” was a bit boring @@

        • LMFAO well, I’m trying not to judge before more pics are released because I ended up thinking Onew still looks great <3. His hair isn't as bad as I initially thought.

          I LOVED SCAR <333


    (lol. ^jungle-ish? XD)

    • LOL WHY!? Everyone feels like tap dancing or swing dancing XD

      • i don’t know, that’s the first ballroom dance that came up my mind. lol.

        • lmfao still! I swear I’m the only one getting vampire images in my head XD

          • that’s becos you’re special!
            you and your unique thoughts~ XDD


    ^ apparently the one embedded here is a slower version? IT SOUNDS LOADS MORE NORMAL HERE I SWEAR XD

    OK so I could grow to like this. *rubs chin*
    LOL at the lyrics though, they’re kind of cracktastic xD

    • lol I wonder why there are 2 versions of this?

    • I can’t listen to it ;____;. Idky, my mozilla won’t ever install the plugins and says it can’t asdkljfskjdf, I hope someone puts it up on youtube :(((.

  9. I don’t think this is the title song either…

    Color me crazy but I think just as how they’re releasing the boys pics one by one they may be doing it for the album songs too…

    Everyday they’ll release a teaser for a different song off the album, the final teaser they show would be the song they actually promote…..

    • Yep I think you’re right because Onew’s solo has just been released :DDDD!!!!

  10. You guys saaaaack!

    This song is soooo good. It’s growing on me. It just makes me wanna get up and DANCE DANCE DANCE!!! and I mean the fast version. The slow version is good too.

    They lyrics are lol =P

    • I can’t hear the slow version T____T /cryinggg.

      • When you open the website the music player has the sound muted so you have to click on the headphone symbol and raise the volume. I’m not sure if that’s the problem you are having XD

        • No, it’s something to do with the plugin and mozilla can’t find it or something ;_;. It’s okay I ended up finding another link :). Thank you anyway!

  11. haha.. its an african congo beat drum mix so the sounds are like that :) but really. im loving the song, makes me wanna dance :)

    • I was listening to it in the shower and couldnt help dancing haha~

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