Posted by: lovediaries | October 11, 2009

091003 Star King Chuseok Special – SHINee & 2AM Cut

We will get our Dream Concert post up soon, just I’m really busy right now :( so it might take a while. Next thing you know, we get it up in five minutes.

{credit: TessLoveMusic1 @ youtube}

So meanwhile, enjoy this :D. It’s subbed! This is the ep where Taemin kisses that robot (similar to the one Changmin kissed ;_;). And Minho dresses up as a Pharaoh *_*. I haven’t watched it yet though, I lied, I’m watching it right now lmfao.

In the first few seconds, Boom and Jo Kwon come out to do “My Ear’s Candy”. Jo Kwon looks too comfortable grinding dancing with Boom D: … Taemin is so cute with his facial expressions, I see his acting is getting better :D. Then it’s Minho’s part. A couple of the T-Ara girls are on here too ^^. I watched a cut before and omg, I felt so embarrassed for Minho, especially when one of the girls kicked their leg up past his face. HE WAS QUICK TO AVERT HIS EYES HAHA. But the male dancers are reeeeeally good, and they’re all topless *_* Hehe. I CAN’T STOP PLAYING BOOM’S PART HAHA. Omg I’m so sad that man is taken, Ilhsm ;__;. And then Minho is so cute ;~; He’s all “Annyeong~  I’m Egypt’s Pharaoh”. LMFAO @ KEY’S REACTION XD.

Okay, I’ll stop here :). Must get back to my studies T_T.


  1. Jo Kwon-ah….he always looks comfortable doing very out there things, mc boom is cute.

    • Lmao I know eh XD. He does it so naturally.

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