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You’re Beautiful Ep.1 Reality Index

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Did that get your attention? I bet it did :P Just so you know, that scene is actually from ep.2 XD

So I’ve mentioned a few times before that I have trouble finishing dramas, so in an attempt to get myself to finish something, I’ve decided to do recaps of it on LAEC. This way, I’ll feel like I *have* to keep watching it XD But because I’m lazy, I won’t be doing a proper recap….instead, I’ll be compiling a “Reality Index” of each episode :D

I got the idea from NY Magazine, which does weekly reality indexes for Gossip Girl (AWESOME SHOW <3!) Basically, it’s a scoring index of how “real” aspects of the show are; realistic bits get plus points, fake stuff get minus points. At the end of the index, the points are tallied and the final score is worked out. Confused? You can read one of their Reality Indexes here :D

However, because I have no idea what the life of a boyband is really like, and I’m also full of bias for shiny things, I’m going to do things a little bit differently and call my index an “AWESOME Index” :DDDDD Which means that things like “shirtless Hongki” will be plus 273 and plot lines taken from the latter half of BOF will get minus 29384628374 points >[

I download the show with Chinese subtitles, but you can stream it with english subtitles here

So let’s begin :D

So the little girl takes her headphones off the mp4 player and suddenly the volume is super loud? Minus 2, cos even if the little girl was wearing headphones, the volume would’ve still been fairly moderate.

Having said that, the little girl was watching A.N.Jell’s mini concert, so plus 5, cos of course she’d be watching A.N.Jell and not, idk, Bratz XD

If you squint your eyes, A.N.Jell’s agent looks kinda like JYP – plus 3

The agent used to be an entertainer himself? Plus 10, cos all CEOs of the major Kpop factories used to be entertainers XD;

They’re getting a new member for their SIXTH album? Minus 20. Come on, you know that’d never pass the fans. Only 13, anyone?

The manager of Go Mi Nam has an A.N.Jell thing on his rearview mirror – plus 4, cos fanboys are cool ~

Go Mi Nyu has no idea who A.N.Jell is – plus 20, cos of course she wouldn’t XD

Fans waiting outside A.N.Jell’s company for 3 days straight? Plus 50. Ah, the life of a fangirl…. But they still look so pretty and immaculately dressed after 3 days of camping outside? Minus 20 cos I look dead after one day of hanging around outside XD

Plus 30 cos of course ditz!Hongki would sign a nun’s sign thing XD Minus 10 cos if I was one of those fans, I would’ve tried to grab the signed fan from her LOL

Plus 15 for the outfit she had to wear, but minus 20 because the pants should’ve been TIGHT, SHINee-style

TaeKyung just grabbed her, shoved her into the studio and locked the door – minus 50, because if Yunho or Teuk did that to a new member, THEY WOULD BE FIRED. FOR REALS.

Plus 10, cos of course she’d sing a Hymn, but minus 20 cos you’d have to be completely deaf to not be able to tell that she’s a girl from her singing voice T_T

Go Mi Nam’s plastic surgery went wrong? Plus 60 cos that is GOLD XD Of all the excuses that they could’ve come up with, that one is just so, so fitting and LOL-worthy XDDDD

A.N.Jell are at the airport with NO fans seeing them off? Please, have you seen what happens whenever DBSK travel? Minus 20

Hongki eating an ice-cream while waiting for his flight is adorable – plus 5

Would you really give up your trip to Rome because you’re afraid of being recognised (despite the fact that your hair is COVERED)? Minus only 10, because while it is unrealistic, if she went to Rome then we’d have no story XD

MiNam wanted to become an idol so he could find their monther? Plus 20, cos I see room for angst :DDD

Minus 20 – we can’t cut our own hair that perfectly, that’s why we have salons =.=

A.N.Jell’s dorm looks like a freaking mansion – minus 10, cos Idols don’t get it that easy

Of course TaeKyung would notice that the angle of his lamp has changed – plus 5

MiNyu not knowing how the electronic toilet thing works reminded me of Kyujong’s story of his experience with HyunJoong’s electronic toilet – plus 15

After School makes an appearance! Plus 20, cos I love those girls and they’re seriously underrated

ShinWoo looks delicious in that white jacket – plus 35

Plus 30 cos a drunk person would totally do the whole “I can touch the sky!” thing, and plus 25 cos naive!Hongki fell for it XD

Lying on the ground with three gorgeous boys while rose petals fall from the sky? plus 30, cos isn’t that every fangirls’ fantasy :P

Plus: 734 Minus: 202 Total: 532

So 532, not bad for a first episode :DD What did you guys think of it?

I’ve already seen ep.2 and I can tell you now that it’s REALLY GOOD, so do go watch that if you haven’t already :D I’ll try get the ep.2 index up by tuesday ~


  1. ….wtf lmao, I’m so envious bb, I wish had as much time as you :P

    • Haha, I watched it on Friday night, so I just fast forwarded through it at work (on muet) to refresh my memory :D But omg, this thing took me 2 hours T_____T

  2. oh my god I love your index, and now I’m going to have to watch it >:|

    • NY Magazine’s is a lot better, but like I said, I’m just doing this to motivate myself to finish something HAHA And you’ve probably heard Candice and Bec refer to me as the “Hater of Everything” before, so I thought that this was a good opportunity for me to put my cynicsim to good use LOL

      And yes, YOU MUST WATCH :D It starts getting really good in ep.2 ShinWoo *____*

      • After School makes an appearance! Plus 20, cos I love those girls and they’re seriously underrated


        I’m gearing up to watch ep 1 now 8D

        • I love After School *_* GaIn is so pretty <333

          What did you think of Ep.1?

          • I really liked ep 1 (HONGKI ESP, HE’S SO AHDGKAWIA) but now that I’ve just finished episode 2, oh my god I love this ;____;
            The shower scene made me laugh so hard, and the candle scene too (And from the preview, it looks like I’m going to like Shinwoo A LOT, why I always like the second male leads?)

            And Bekha had no lines, she just stood there D:


              I *always* like the second guy more than the first; forget about Prince Charming, I’d rather the Knight over him any day :P

              Omg, did you see that bit in the preview where Shinwoo went “you can call me Oppa”? I WAS DYING. IT WAS SO FREAKING CUTE :333

              They didn’t even say who After School were TT__TT

              • I KNOW RIGHT and when he says “I feel like I should take care of you” ;~;

                OH AND HONG KI MUCHING ON ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING why is everybody so cute? Even Mi Nam/ My Nyu is adorable

                • Did you see the trailer I linked you to on Twitter? Omg, Hongki hiding behind that large pole LOL


  3. Omg this is such a good idea. ): I feel like doing one now. xD
    Still doesn’t motivate me to watch a drama. :)

    • Well, you suck xP You should watch it with me so we can motivate each other to keep watching, yes? :D

        You know I’m too lazy. 8D

        • I don’t hate everything, ok xP

          How can you be lazy when there’s NAKED!HONGKI involved?!?!?!?! And I am not a pedo, cos he’s not underage anymore >=D

          • LOL.

            Oh, I can be lazy anyway. 8D
            Gosh, you’re like Candice with the pedo. ): I feel sorry Taemin won’t reach that age soon.

            Still not going to watch. 8D

            • I am not a pedo. Hongki is 18+, ok xPP

              And I think Taemin is cute in a little-brother way ;P

              FINE. DON’T WATCH. Just know that there are three reaaaaally hot guys on the show ;)

  4. WOW! Hongki has really large feet!!!

    Anyways!! Fantastic idea xD Index of Awesome!! I might just watch this first ep just so that I can watch Hongki eat icecream ^^

    • LOL BB that’s not Hongki, it’s Jang Geun Suk (main guy) :P

      You neeeed to watch this show. In the second ep, Hongki munches on apples and unpeeled oranges :3

      • FAIL! xD In my defence, it was hard to tell with all the nuddy-ness around :)

        • You just wait until Ep.2, there’s a lot more skin ;)

  5. HAHA. you’re doing a reality check on you’re beautiful, it is quite not realistic.. i mean, when she sang that latin song, how could that be a boy’s voice? lol.

    • i loled real hard watching the 2 eps. and hongki chasing her while still eating his ice cream was precious. XD

      • Lmao, the whole time he was running, I thought that he was going to trip and fall on his ice cream HAHA

        Yea, I think that some parts are meant to be really unrealistic XD

  6. :D I think this just might be the only k-drama I’ll actually watch in completion and like. I love your index ahhahaa I watch it on vikii and the random user comments that pop up on the top keep me occupied during boring bits (like when she’s hesitating too long XP).

    • The last kdrama I finished was BOF…and that was painful XD Actually, now that I think of it, BOF is the only kdrama I’ve ever finished LOL. I blame HyunJoong :P (though his character had no personality at all)

      Omg, that hesitating bit made me want to fast-forward XD

  7. Ugh. I’d watch this if only I didn’t have 1927398243 other dramas/shows/blah to catch up on. Can you believe I have yet to finish Wild Bunny? DX

    • I am shocked and horrified. But maybe Jay will come back soon and the production team will release the final ep :D? Then you can have a WB marathon and properly finish the show ~~~

  8. hahaha! this is fun! really clever idea.. :P

    i was just recently informed of hong ki’s existence [just became a kpop fan so, a loser..haha..] and i really liked him here! the role suits him well..haha..clueless..super dense hong ki.. puhahaha!! really played the part well.. and yeah.ep2 is soo much fun!

    • Awww it’s ok :3 Despite being the admin of LAEC, I’m still a huge kpop noob HAHA You just need to watch some variety shows and learn some names, then you’ll be full-pro ;)

      Lol a Hongki fan said that Jeremy = Hongki irl, so it’s not actually a challenge for him to play Jeremy XDD I hope they’ll give him a Nakatsu-like role…that’d be so cute ~~~

  9. good drama. love all 3 guys. shinhye’s voice irritates me thou… n she totally fails as a guy! even after tying her boobs, they still show! n wut guy talks wit such a whiny voice… gosh… she totally reminds me of yesung (SuJu).

    geunsuk’s hair… i dont have to start on that now do i.. >< hongki is shooooocute! n yonghwa! gosh.. again i wish the writers would let the girl go wit the 2nd male lead.

    • Yea, I was surprised that she didn’t even *try* to sound like a boy =.= Seriously, her voice is higher than mine XD

      Omg the flat hair DDD; Have you seen the other promo pictures where he has nice, fluffy hair? IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER DDD; I hope they’ll change his hairstyle soon…

      I love neat-freak TaeKyung, but Shinwoo FTW <3

  10. lol this is my new found love drama. The Shin Woo guy is so hot (I like anyone who’s like Ji Hoo from BOF lol).

    I had my moments where I laughed and then I had my moments where “WHY didnt they get someone more realistic…like Amber!? Amber makes a convincing pretty boy with a pretty boyish voice.” Then again I realized she debuted recently and her Korean’s limited XD.

    Hong Ki’s so cute and Geun Seuk needs new hair XD. But the episodes were more enjoyable reading the comments on the screen (people saying how Geun Seuk’s hair is like Narsha from BEG XD)

    • I like all the second guys, but I didn’t really like JiHoo :/ Idk, I think Oguri Shun’s “Rui” set the bar too high XD Though for me, BOF << HYD in general :P

      Have you seen the tw Hanakimi? ELLA LOOKED LIKE A BOY XD So I'm glad that Mi Nyu actually looks like a girl pretending to be a guy…though like you said, she looks TOO unboyish XD They just can't seem to find the balance, can they ;)

      I hope the stylists change JGS's hair soon…the flat hair reminds me of Draco MAlfoy XD

  11. your Awesome Index is awesome XD~

    I’ve watched the first 2 episodes and it’s just hilarious! fail hongki is sooo adorable *o* and the other guy (shinwoo was his name? Xx) who’s just like jihoo sunbae~ argh <333 totally stole my heart there @.@

    as for the airport thingy~ kekeke~ they totally mixed jap. and kor. fans XD i mean..there were loads of girls who were just looking and giggling at them? i've heard that jap. fans would do that since they are too.. embarassed? but kor. fans would totally ask for at least an autograph or whatnot ^^''

    though shin hye is an AWESOME actress *lovelove* i totally agree that amber would have been the PERFECT mi nam X'D

    • :DDDD

      Shinwoo is quite similar to Jihoo, isn’t he? I read his character description, and he sounds a lot like a mix of Jihoo and Kim JungHun’s character in Goong *___*

      HAHA IKR, Korean fans would never just STAND and WATCH them walk past, those boys would’ve been bowled over, for sure. HAVE YOU SEEN VIDEOS OF YAMAPI IN KOREA? ;__;

      Park ShinHye is sooooo adorable! I love her cheeks :3

  12. Hongki has got an outrageous fashion sense (which is almost as disastrous as Heechul’s). Well, at least we all know where that comes from. A reminder to everyone: hanging out too much with Heechul will convert you from a normally dressed person into someone who can’t thell the difference between a pair of jeans (or other good travelling pants) and pajamas. What Hongki was wearing in the airport is just so……fill this in yourself, will you?

    Thanks for convincing me to watch. It’s pretty funny so far and I’m gonna keep watching.
    By the way, about the mp4 player, I think the girl turned up the volume when Minyu told her to turn it off. That little girl is 1 stubborn girl, I’m telling you.

    One more thing: in the airport, when Minyu picked up Taekyung’s mp4 player and Taekyung picked up her ticket, did the mp4 player come with a pink headset? I was thinking where she got that headset from since I’m pretty sure the mp4 player didn’t have it when it fell. And, Minyu didn’t return the headset to Taekyung when she snuck into his bedroom later. I’m confused.

    • LOL, in that case, TaeKyung would’ve been influenced by Heechul too, cos Jang Geun Suk and Heechul are quite close friends XD But I agree with you about Hongki’s questionable fashion choices (or his stylists questionable choices, whatever) Red shoes should never be worn with orange tops DDD; And I HATE it when guys wear their pants rolled up. IT LOOKS BAD D;

      I’m glad you liked it :D Like I said, I never finish dramas, but I’m hoping to stick with this one cos it looks really good so far~

      Ahhh, thanks for pointing the headset thing out! I remember watching that bit and thinking “why does TaeKyung have pink headphones for his pmp T__T”. Maybe MiNyu got her own headphones out of her bag? But then if she had headphones, she would’ve had her own mp3 player to go with it…hmmm :/

  13. where did you download this with chinese subs, i’m dying to watch ep 5

  14. hi, i just watched you’re beautiful now. i usually skipped this part when reading LAEC. and now i’m started to read it. my friend told me to read this after watch every episode ;) i’m up to ep.4 now.

    i have to say this is awesome. you can read my mind. O.o

    sorry for being LAEC silent reader for long time XP

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