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2009 Dream Concert

A picture of 2PM because their performance wasn’t broadcasted. Fancams I saw were wonderful. They were a good sports for standing on stage performing and the fan chants seriously gave me goosebumps. ♥♥

The concert went more smoothly than expected and all the fans were amazing, cheering other groups on :DD The list of performers is huge with T-ARA and Supernova, f(x), Chae Yeon, Wheesung, Park Hyo Shin, 4minute, SHINee, 2AM Super Junior, SJM, Jewelry, Kara, MC Mong, Kim Tae-Woo, SNSD, 2NE1 and Big Bang. Lol, I’m not going to even bother pretending that I watched all of them cuz I didn’t, especially with my assignment due tomorrow T_T But I’ll put up whatever I did watch XD

Intro Lol I think Heechul kissed Donghae’s hand after he walked down the stairs XDD Also, Suju alone takes up the stage when they were lining up to bow HAHHAHAAHA

T-ara & Supernova – T.T.L(Listen.2) Talk about explosive beginning! I love this song, remix or not. Except, the additional members should have at least gotten a part cuz they’re like back up singers =_= I mean if it’s live then they can afford to give Qri and Boram some lines right? Still, it was a great performance, the T-ara girls have better stage presence these days <3

f(x) – Lachata EVERYONE IS SO AMBER BIASED LOOOOOOOOL The screams for her were exceptionally loud haha. They look great. No baggy clothes for Luna yay :D Good performance and I’m glad they got lots of cheers despite not having a big fanbase.

2AM – A Friend’s Confession What can I say? They sounded fkn amazing live!!! And once again, the fan cheers were very heartwarming. Is it just me or does Jo Kwon look really teary? :333

SHINee – Juliette Remix They’re all wearing caps/hats to cover their new hairstyles I presume. And I still have no idea why Jonghyun’s hair is black again. :/ I would actually rather they broadcasted Replay than Juliette haha and I’m going to get killed by Candychu but…is this really a remix? It sounds exactly like the original hahahaha ^^”’

Wheesung – Trickling I’ve been slowly listening through his recent album and I’m really liking it so far. Very RnB-ish <3 This song is one of my favourites from the album and it really helps display his talented vocals. But um his hair hehehe.

Mc Mong – Indian Boy B.I is back yo <333 That kid is adorable! Mc Mong always does a great job at making the crowd all hyped up. It’s also probably because his songs are so funnnnn.

MC Mong & Kim Tae Woo – I Love U Oh Thank You/So Fresh
Both songs are favourites of mine from MC Mong so I’m glad they performed it and broadcasted it too!! LOL Mc Mong looks so cute and small next to Tae Woo hahaha. Anyways, watch. Mc Mong is love.

Super Junior M – Super Girl Donghae needs a haircut, really badly! Sorry I just had to get that out of my system T___T And I got to see his “He’s not super man, he must be mama boy” in action and HAHAHAHAHAAHA ROFLMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA FOREVER. It’s their…2nd performance of this I think and some parts could be slightly better but whatevers, they looked good. Especially digging Henry with his sunnies and Hankyung *_______* And Kyu and Wook didn’t fail to deliver :D

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (Remix ver) I couldn’t see the beginning dance ;_________; Stupid lights! They shouldn’t be wearing black when the stage is pretty dark itself already though them in suits are a plus haha. I love the dance interlude because Hyuk is so hot there <333 And the remix part at 3.05 was pretty cool. Was that Teuk’s or Heechul’s background voice?

SMTown – Let’s Go On A Trip I think this was the most watched clip for me because so much was stuff was happening at the same time that I had to keep rewatching it to notice different stuff. But pretty much Donghae with Minho is SUPER WIN!!! Seeing the f(x) girls having fun with the rest was sweet. The Hyuk-Hyoyeon-Shindong combo made me SMILE ^___^ Henry-Hankyung-Sungmin was adorable. Yea ok, everything was adorable and sweet and cute so go watch it now!!!!



    • You better be. I could have failed my assignment because of this :D hahaha <3333

  2. I only watched a handful of performances myself T__T but…

    2AM’s performance was amazing, Kwon really did look teary eyed though, regardless it was still beautiful. They’re so good live ;__; and Seulong got a lot more screams than the others idky

    HUMANIMAL, wichur boy B.I I love that kid!! And MC Mong! And the song itself! (But I think Circus is my #1 MC Mong to get up and dance to)

    • I didn’t have time to sit through every performance haha so this post is all sorts of bias XDDD

      I think the fact that he looked touched and teary made it so much more beautiful. They always put so much soul into their performances, I love it. Lol Yea I realised that too. I think people are starting to notice him more cuz of his Dirty Eyed Boys performances XD

      Hm. I’ve got so many favourite MC Mong songs, I wouldnt know which one to pick :D

  3. omo Jo Kwon looks super teary and super fierce and masculine….must be since it’s their first dream concert and the cheers were so loud for everyone, fans coming together….Jinwoon, Changmin & Seuloung x_x looked amazing! I liked their performance so much!

    • The fans were fantastic and gave them a lot of support. I was glad :D They looked great and needs to release something new soon. :(

  4. since everyone here was lyk pimping 2AM’s performance, i went to watch it (homg my first time seeing their live performance) and WHOA it was rly good, i just had to come back here n pimp it s’more XD
    im glad that they added 2AM to teh artist list :D it made me happy amongst all the sucky-ness that we have to deal with this yr (no DBSK–>no red sea, no jaebum–>no complete 2PM)

    • Omg you’ve been missing out! Lol I’m glad you finally went to watch it though. IT WAS SO AWESOME RIGHT?! THEY ARE AMAZING, TRULY! <333333

      Yea this yea hasn't been the best year for boy bands. Let's hope everything works out by the end of this year. That meaning that Jay Park better get his ass back :D No pressure haha.

  5. :DDDDD

    I only watched SuJu, SJM, SHINee, and Wheesung. :3 (Must remember to watch 2AM).
    Basically I just loved it all. D: Wheesung’s perf. was the first time I heard the song, so I liked it. :D
    I love the remix of Sorrysorry so much. *____* Can’t describe how much I love it. ♥ But yeah, I couldn’t see their dance. ): I got so sad, because it was Hyuk, Donghae and Sungmin. ):
    I think Juliette, only the beginning was remixed, and the rest was just… normal? Or that was what I picked up. D:

    OMG, DONGHAE”S “He’s not superman, he must be mama’s boy”. LOL. AHHAHAHAHAHA. I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING.
    His hair is the same as Heechul’s. ):

    YES I’LL STOP NOW. D: idek what I was saying.


      Oh you should listen to Wheesung’s full album. There is this absolutely amazing song on there which I do not know the name off as it is in Korean haha. But the whole album was pretty impressive itself.

      Remix was awesome but camerman and lighting was not. DDD: I wanted to see more choreo and faces and bodies T_T

      Lol. You’re not a SHINee expert either so puh-lease bb don’t act like you know what you’re saying XPPP haha.

      Lol at Donghae. Just LOL

  6. I’ve only watched fancams but judging from those, i bet the concert was fun. XD
    i am so looking forward to “he must be a momma boy” in action. i could die laughing!~ XDDDDDDDD

    and oh, all the smtown interaction!!!

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